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Fim Review – GET OUT

Get Out


Jordan Peele wants both cultures ( majority culture and that of people of color) to feel like they are on the same page. We see ourselves in those moments and we trust the premise enough to be patient as the story rides out.


But the key here is portraying the overreaching white culture as the villain. (Spoiler alert) they so much want to adopt and assume black culture and ability that it is in white families and their neighbors’ interest to inhabit black bodies in the twilight of their lives to remain immortal. Herein lies the dilemma.

True – Whites want to erase minds and adopt advantages, but there is no room for people of color.

Fiction – Whites are doing this as mad scientists and not as assimilators of the culture itself.

As author and social essayist Greg Tate so aptly once put it, {whites} want “everything but the burden” of being black.

They are already assimilating the culture successfully and from afar. Only in “La La Land” is the white pianist saving real jazz, while the characters of color sell it out.

Only in “Get Out” is the TSA agent, played by a actual comedian”, naturally suspicious of white sincerity.

The natural order is upended by black characters only subservient because they are inhabited by white family members. In real life, class is the distinction, not merely racial identity. In the film, being a different skin is only an accident when it is not by choice. They want black people, they just don’t want the real African-rooted culture black people represent. Once blacks are dead, they are free to rule.


Technical aspects of the film follow the Blumhouse formula – tight contained script with few characters in a contained environment. A plot that can be described in terms simple enough to provide marketing by word of mouth. No actual stars to overwhelm or outweigh the mechanics of plot.


Jordan Peele ( of alleged comedy duo Key & Peele) provides a serviceable script that he ably directs with appropriate date night scares, twists and reversals. But Key & Peele are the only people of color who hate black people more than white people do. Their act is comprised of explaining or buffooning African American culture and examining white observations of the buffoonery. Minstrely without the burnt cork.

Unlike, say Dave Chappelle, they provide the white perspective of black culture, not as much satirizing it as examining the white take of the supposed deficiencies or contradictions. This is “Dave Chappelle Light” – none of the actual content, just the appearance of it.


It’s scary, but only because its demonization of the majority culture is a false one, not a metaphor of the actual problem. This is a world where everyone applauds and admires “Moonlight”, but actually buys the tickets only for “LaLa Land.” Just like real life but portrayed ironically, as if we expected otherwise.


The actual subtext of Get Out is the demonization of the white liberal as the sellout, not the demonization of the actual conservative corporate majority culture that destroys black bodies as it completely erases any culture that is not the mainstream.


White culture can be the villain, but not because it loves and admires non-whites too much.


Peele wants everyone on the same page, but that page must always be a white one. The “them” in “them or us” will always be foreign/alien/African at its root.



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