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Another Tanimaru RAVE!


The opening 20 minutes of just the first person account of the day the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima is gripping. Recounting the bombing and caring for her dying sister in the days that followed. The interview completed, in the park the director meets a young woman from Hiroshima. With the sounds of the summer insects accompanying them, she tells him more about the tragedy of Hiroshima. The film has a documentary feel as they walk the busy streets seeking a okonomiaki restaurant for lunch. She is persuasive as they navigate to find a place to eat but she is clearly leading the way with a passion for things that are old. Finding the right place, they are treated to a history lesson from the owner and it sets the woman into a new pensive mood. Suddenly she grabs his hand and they run to catch a train to the seaside. It is there while meeting a young boy and his granddad that she reveals her name – Takeda Michiko, the same name as the sister of the interviewee. They decide to join the granddad and grandson for dinner – somehow meeting his crew has been forgotten. Akihiro has joined an alternate reality on the day Obon is celebrated, the festival for the ancestors. It turns out that Michiko is a ghost – the sister who passed away. The fable ends as Akihiro explains it all to the little boy. 


Even though the dialogue is a bit stiff and on the nose at times, it is good to see that the film was included, even though the director was not Asian. Like DAGUERROTYPE, the creative work is showcased regardless of ethnicity or nationality. Kudos to “Japan Cuts” for pushing the envelope for the second time in the festival


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