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Dance – Houston Ballet Dancer HARPER WATTERS

Harper Watters 2
Harper Watters has a passion for being bold and unapologetically being himself, as evidenced not only in his onstage dancing as a Demi Soloist for the Houston Ballet but in is viral heel treadmill videos. Watters has 65K+ followers on Instagram and created the YouTube web series ’The Pre Show’ which highlights behind the scenes life of professional dancers. Watters has worked with photographers Mike Ruiz, Gerardo Vizmanos, and Ryan Pfluger for the NewYorker. He’s proud to standout and collaborates with people, brands, and artists, who aren’t afraid to either.
<Harper Watters Headshot.jpg><IMG_8381.JPG><Harper-Watters.-Photo-by-Mike-Ruiz..jpg>
Harper has a viral video, This High-Heeled Dancer Will Literally Cast A Spell on You, that has reached nearly 5M views, shared by ELLE and Marie Claire.
His unique story; adopted, black, gay, and a soloist for the Houston Ballet is the ideal human interest story.
Harper Watters 1

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