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By Tanya Young

Contributing Editor, Business, West Coast

Call of DutyWorld of Warcraft. Mortal Kombat. Halo.

These top titles are ballooning the video game industry. The Fall 2016 Digital Hollywood Summit indicates the gaming industry is in the midst of intense capitalization to the tune of $23.5 billion in domestic revenue in 2015. The Los Angeles Times recognizes that games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 even have the potential to outgross the biggest Hollywood blockbusters.

The actors strike started with a message slipped silently into union actors’ email boxes on Friday, Oct. 22.  Then the strike whistled with a bang as SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris robocalled members to join the picket line at Electronic Arts Productions (EA) Monday morning Oct. 24th at 9:00am.  And 350 actors rained their displeasure down upon the Playa Del Rey gates of EA, marching and chanting in the autumn sun. Carteris led members in chanting: “Hey hey, shut it down, L.A. is a union town!”  The turnout included members of Local 399 of the Intl. Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 47 of the American Federation of Musicians and members of the Writers Guild of America West.

No lie, SAG-AFTRA has declared its strike against eleven video game publishers that produced games after Feb. 17, 2015. The target companies include some of the heaviest hitters of the industry:

Activision Publishing, Inc.

Blindlight, LLC

Corps of Discovery Films

Disney Character Voices, Inc.

Electronic Arts Productions, Inc.

Formosa Interactive, LLC

Insomniac Games, Inc.

Interactive Associates, Inc.

Take 2 Interactive Software

VoiceWorks Productions, Inc.

WB Games, Inc.

The last contract was the Interactive Media Agreement that expired in 2014. Nineteen months and no progress on a new contract. So President Carteris decided it was long past time to strike.  The goal to provide residuals, transparency in hiring and on-set safety.

On Twitter, supporters of the labor action were urged to use #PerformanceMatters to show solidarity, particularly during the picket on Monday morning.


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