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Her debut novel, A Calculated Life, was a finalist for the 2013 Philip K. Dick and Kitschies Golden Tentacle Awards. Her second novel, Sleeping Embers of an Ordinary Mind, was published on 1st December 2015 by 47North.


Interviews with the author

December 2015
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History is story telling

But some stories remain untold

In fifteenth-century Italy, Paolo Uccello recognizes the artistic talent of his young daughter, Antonia, and teaches her how to create a masterpiece. The girl composes a painting of her mother and inadvertently sparks an enduring mystery.

In the present day, a copyist painter receives a commission from a wealthy Chinese businessman to duplicate a Paolo Uccello painting. Together, the painter and his teenage daughter visit China, and in doing so they begin their escape from a tragic family past.

In the twenty-second century, a painting is discovered that’s rumoured to be the work of Paolo Uccello’s daughter. This reawakens an art historian’s dream of elevating Antonia Uccello, an artist ignored by history because of her gender.

Stories untold. Secrets uncovered

But maybe some mysteries should remain shrouded

Published by 47North. Cover art by M S Corley


The author has already signed a contract with 47North for Dreams Before the Start of Time. This novel is a work-in-progress and publication is due in early 2017! More here.


“The Adoption”

Phantasma Stories—edited by J.D. Horn and Roberta Trahan

My contribution is a near-future science fiction story titled “The Adoption.”

The full list of contributors:

Anne Charnock (author of A Calculated Life)

J. D. Horn (author of the Witching Savannah series)

Jason Kirk (author of Reverb:Poems)

Kate Maruyama (author of Harrowgate)

Jodi McIsaac (author of the Thin Veil series)

Roberta Trahan (author of The Dream Stewards series)


Book Trailer by theBookDesigners

We Recommend this woman as our Author Of The Month!


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