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As we saw in mid Atlantic region past weekend that power outages are very common during snowstorms and other extreme weather situations.  Many countries face rolling blackouts almost every day.

SmartCharge 2.0 – LED Light which works even during power outage!!

Intrigued by the First one in the world to develop an ultra energy efficient  LED light bulb which works like a normal light bulb even during a power outage? SmartCharge is integrated with a rechargeable lithium ion battery and patented switch sensor technology.

The user can turn it ON/OFF from the same wall switch even during a power outage. SmartCharge doesn’t require any hardware changes or rewiring—it fits right into standard light sockets.

It works on a wide range of supply voltages, thus it is applicable to every country in the world.  Its built-in backup battery provides 4 hours of light. These 4 hours of charge can be “extended” by turning the bulb off if there’s no need for light at the moment. When the power comes back, SmartCharge automatically recharges the battery.


The award winning (winner of CleanTech Open Sustainability Award, & Winner of IFNC Grant) SmartCharge 2.0 has several improvements over its original version introduced in late 2014 and now ready for mass production.


SC_LED_Bulb_Metallic_120314 High Res



Second-Generation SmartCharge Light Seeking IndieGoGo Supporters to Fund Mass Production

They have just launched a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo to raise fund for first batch of mass production where people can pre order.

Support with a Pre-Order:


As an emergency kit, every home can use few of these SmartCharge bulbs and keep lights ON.


Watch the review of David Pogue on Yahoo Tech! – “Seems like magic”


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