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Articulating an Ethos and Aesthetic of the Movement– One Day Conference -ART OF JUSTICE — 11/7/15 *nyc

Articulating an Ethos and Aesthetic of the Movement

A One-Day Conference


“We knew we heard Monk and Mongo differently; Trane’s tenor seized our spirit, shook our consciousness while Miles blue thru a cold trumpet that cooled the asphyxiating heat of our collective hell in America… Ours was the first American aesthetic revolution.”

Felipe Luciano


It is essential to understand how art has been utilized in the quest for social and political justice. Especially In the age of Ferguson, it is important to remember that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is part of an ongoing historical struggle. Currently cell phones/cameras have provided the evidence to stimulated a new political consciousness through their ability to document social and political conditions in real time. And, Hip-Hop culture, with its’ fusion of ‘the beat’ and social commentary, has provide the musical environment for the contemporary social activism. But this marriage of aesthetics and politics has a long history in the Americas, especially in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Black, Latino and Asian arts movements. Movements which were inspired and influenced by the Civil/Human Rights Movement in the United States, and by the freedom or anti-colonial movements in Africa, Asia and the Americas.


Performers/Visual Artists

  • Antonio David Lyons- Global ARTIVIST
  • Hiram Maristany- Photographer
  • Randy Weston- Renowned Pianist
  • Taiyo Na- Musician, Writer, Performer and Educator


Presenters and Moderators

  • Felipe Luciano-Poet, Chairperson Young Lords Party
  • C. Daniel Dawson- Visual Artist, Curator, and Arts Administrator; IRAAS, Columbia University and Gallatin School, NYU
  • Amun Ankhra- Photographer, and Artists Black Arts Movement
  • Robert O’Meally- Professor Zora Neale Hurston Professor of English and Comparative Literature, and founder and former director of the Center for Jazz Studies, both at Columbia University
  • Ademola Olugebefola- Visual Artist, Cofounder WEUSI Artists Gallery and Academy, Dwyer Cultural Center & NYNCA
  • Jack Tchen- Basement Workshop, Co-Founder Museum of Chinese in America, Associate Professor NYU
  • Valerie Maynard- Artist Activist
  • Diane Fraher- Founder and Director of Amerinda
  • Elizabeth Yeampierre- Executive Director of UPROSE
  • Woody King Jr.- Founder of New Federal Theatre/National Black Touring Circuit
  • Ed Spriggs- Former Director of Studio Museum, and Founder of Hammonds House Museum
  • Caron Atlas- NOCD for Appalshop
  • Dindga McCannon- Artist and Activist
  • Nester Otero- Artist
  • Monica Montgomery- Founder of the Museum of Impact
  • Monifa Bandele- Founding Member of the Malcom X Grassroots Movement
  • Robert Stam- Professor of Cinema Studies at NYU
  • Shola Lynch- Filmmaker, Producer of “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners”, and Curator at Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
  • Charles Rice Gonzales- Executive Director of BAAD
  • Lumumba Bandele- Senior Organizer of the Criminal Justice Project at NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund
  • Marta Moreno Vega- President and Founder of Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute
  • Kathy Engel – Chairperson Department of Art and Public Policy, New York University
  • Jaïra Placide- Associate Director Institute of African American Affairs New York University


With a particular focus on the Black and Nuyorican Arts Movements, The Art of Justice: Articulating an Ethos and Aesthetic of the Movement conference is dedicated to presenting the ideas, and aesthetics of those earlier movements using the first hand voices of those involved. There will be an emphasis on group discussion and audience participation. Some of the essential themes to be discussed are: the universality of the struggle for justice and the art that served it; the continuity of the struggle with others like the Negritude Movement, the Harlem Renaissance, Marcus Garvey’s and the UNIA, and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam; the celebration of historic activist, including Marcus Garvey, Carlos Cooks, Elombe Brath, Amiri Baraka, Mario Bauzá, Frank ‘Machito’ Grillo, Tito Puente, Asadata Dafora, Pearl Primus, Katherine Dunham, Diego Rivera, Baba Osergiman, Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu, Babatunje Olatunji, Syvilla Fort, Max Roach, Abbey Lincoln, Sun Ra, Nina Simone and others; the reassessment of current movements like Nuyorican Poets Cafe, La Raza, American Indian Movement, the Asian Arts Movement and the Guerrilla Girls.


The conference is being produced by the Caribbean Cultural Center-African Diaspora Institute, the Institute of African American Affairs and the Department of Arts and Public Policy, both of New York University and by the Institute for Research in African American Studies at Columbia University. The conference will consist of a series of three gatherings. The first will take place at NYU on Saturday, November 7, 2015. It will be composed of a full day gathering with three daily panels and a keynote address. There will be a focus on the art that was created by artists involved the in the movements. The panels are constructed to stress open discussions as opposed to a lecture format, and to display a selection of the visual arts produced by the participants. Those who were personally active in the political arts movements will facilitate the discussions. The events of the day will conclude with an evening concert.

The Art of Justice-1


THE ART OF JUSTICE – November 7, 2015


Program: Part 1 of 3 part series artist roundtables


Registration: 8:30 AM to 9: 15 AM – Light Breakfast


Program Subject to Change Without Notice


Time                           Activity                                                                      End


9:15 AM                     Homage – Amiri Baraka                                        9:30 AM


9: 30 AM                    Welcome : Kathy Engel, Chairperson,                 9:40 AM

Department of Arts and Public Policy

Jaïra Placide, Associate Director
Institute of African American Affairs
New York University; Robert O’Meally,

Institute for Research in African American Studies, Columbia University


9:40 AM                                                                                                         9:50 AM

Slide Show: Kwame Braithwaite, Patrice

Lumumba Coalition, African Jazz Art Society & Studios-AJASS



9:55 AM                     Introduction/Context – Felipe Luciano,               10:10 AM

Poet, Chairperson Young Lords Party


10:15 AM                   Antonio David Lyon – Performance                     10:20 AM


10:25 AM                   Roundtable 1 – Unifying Visions of Justice     11:25 AM

Ademola Olugebefola, Visual Artist, cofounder WEUSI Artists Gallery and Academy, Dwyer Cultural Center & NYNCA; Jack Tchen, Basement Workshop, Co-Founder Chinese in America Museum, Associate Professor NYU; Valery Maynard, Artist Activist; Diane Fraher, Amerinda; Elizabeth Yeampierre, Uprose


Moderator: C. Daniel Dawson. IRAAS, Columbia University, Gallatin School, NYU


11: 30 AM                  Q & A                                                                         12:00 noon



12:00                          Lunch                                                                         1:30 PM



1:35 AM                     Slide Show: Hiram Maristany, photographer, Young Lords Party


1: 45 PM                     Roundtable 2 –The Need for Institutions in Our Image


Woody King Jr., Founder, New Federal Theatre/National Black Touring Circuit; Ed Spriggs, Former Director, Studio Museum, Founder Hammonds House Museum;

Caron Atlas, NOCD for Appalshop; Dindga McCannon, Where We at Black Women, Artist, Activist; Nester Otero, Artist; Monica Montgomery, Museum of Impact;


Moderator Amun



2:40 PM                                  Q & A


2: 45 PM                    Art and Public Policy Student Presentation


3:25 PM                      Roundtable 3 – “Stancing” for Justice:              

                                    The Right To Our Humanity!

Monifa Bandele, Malcom X Grassroots Movement; Robert Stam, Cinema Studies, NYU; Shola Lynch, Filmmaker and Curator, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture; Charles Rice Gonzales, BAAD , Taiyo Na, Poet


Moderator: Lumumba Bandele, NAACP Legal Defense Fund


4:30 PM                      Q & A



5: 00 PM                     Taiyo Na, Presentation


5:05 PM                      Summary : Robert O’Meally, Zora Neale Hurston Professor of English, Columbia University


Black Box Theater    Gallatin Theater


6:00 PM                      Performance  Randy Weston                                  6:45 PM


7:00 PM                      Closing Reception                                                   8:00 PM




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