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Before Grace Jones, the reigning Queen of outre was Betty Davis. The upcoming MILES AHEAD by Don Cheadle shows before and after Miles Davis, but not the woman who turned his head and introduced the funk to the previously King of the Cool. Betty Davis reigned unheralded but Supreme.

It behooves Everyone who listens to music to pay tribute.

The true story of Betty Davis, the elusive 70s funk queen who blazed the way for women in music.


An aspiring songwriter from a small steel town, BETTY MABRY DAVIS
arrived on the scene to break boundaries for women with her daring personality, iconic fashion style and outrageous funk. She befriended JIMI HENDRIX and SLY STONE, wrote songs for the CHAMBERS BROTHERS and the COMMODORES and married MILES DAVIS – turning him from Jazz to Funk and then went on to ignite stages in the 70s with her sassy sexed up mix of hard rock and bluesy funk, inspiring countless artists from PRINCE to ERYKAH BADU  to KAREN O and PEACHES. Then she vanished…

Betty was the original Nasty Gal, breaking boundaries and blazing the way for others to follow.

Funk diva Betty Mabry Davis was a songwriter, fashion model, and cultural groundbreaker whose career soared in the mid 70s, fueled by her outrageous song lyrics and aided by her many famous collaborators. But Betty’s life was more than her music, her striking looks, and the talented people she knew – there was another, more mysterious and deeply private side to this sassy icon who changed the landscape for women in music. With the direct participation of the once elusive Betty, now breaking her silence after 35 years of self-imposed solitude, our film will tell the exciting, inspiring, truly extraordinary story of this empowered, free-spirited funk goddess for the very first time.

Betty’s concerts were legendary and broke new ground for female performers

Betty and her band FunkHouse by an award-winning production team with exclusive life story rights, NASTY GAL is an original feature-length film that revisits and rediscovers the real Betty Davis, a cult figure in popular music whose little-known, incredibly rich life journey touches on issues of gender, race, fame, spirituality, and the role of liberated women in American society. Although substantially based on vital present-day testimonies from Betty’s closest confidantes, we will tell this story using never-before-seen archive, interviews, and fact-based, cinematic reconstructions performed by a high-profile actress/music personality and scripted with Betty’s own words. Within the film there will be moments of a large-scale, professionally produced Betty Davis tribute concert in her hometown of Pittsburgh, performed by members of her ’70s bands, legendary contemporary artists, and many of the interviewees in the film. This benefit concert, whose proceeds will go to help Betty herself,  we hope will be the first time that Betty shows herself to the public again.

Betty in New York 1974

Betty herself wants to make this film now while she is “still here” and wants to do it independently and with a trusted team.  The struggles she faced, of resisting commercialization, of being true to one’s inner voice  and the battle of public and private identity is as pertinent as ever to all of us living in an image obsessed culture in 2015. Our film will show that Betty Davis was a woman ahead of her time—and that she suffered for her uncompromising independence. Betty broke and flouted taboos resisting what was deemed “respectable” for women, leading the NAACP to object to her music and commercial radio stations to ban her songs. Betty always refused to compromise, always remaining true to her art and voice rather than give up her creativity.  She knew she ‘was different’ and she suffered for that. This still untold story, set to the greatest funk music America has produced –  will set the record straight and finally give Betty her legacy.

Betty’s control of her image and music was unprecedented, pushing boundaries that led to boycotts and bomb threats

By the early 1980s, Betty —  the vivacious spirit who commanded attention wherever she traveled — had disappeared from the scene, leaving her whereabouts a complete mystery.

Betty’s life has always been shrouded in mystery

We found Betty living in the same small steel town where she spent her childhood. After years of building trust, she wants now to reflect back on her life and the difficult circumstances that resulted in her leaving not only the public eye but also making herself inaccessible to former friends and colleagues for over three decades. As the film unveils Betty’s childhood, as well as the isolative years of her post-career life, we will explore how she rose above many dire challenges to remain fully and spiritually true to herself with a sensitivity that honors our subject. In the 21st century, as her music continues to be discovered and Betty is cited as a major influence by artists as diverse as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Nona Hendryx, Erykah Badu, Questlove, Karen O, Ice Cube, and many more, the story of this “black panther woman” (Carlos Santana) will finally be told, and the mystery of her fall into oblivion made comprehensible, even to those closest to her, for the very first time.

Betty’s battle as a female artist breaking stereotypes, resisting commercialization and trying to be true to herself is a conflict played out endlessly today. Help us tell this important story and support Betty in a time of need!

We have been working as a small, self financed team developing this film with Betty for over two years — driven by her compelling human story and our passion for her music — but we have now exhausted our own means to keep producing the film in an authentic and independent manner and realize that the only way to ensure we can continue to keep NASTY GAL in this vein is through donation. We are determined to make this film in the tradition and spirit in which Betty Davis also approached her music: to be creatively independent, to be true to Betty’s own story and to avoid having to comply with a formulaic format made solely for TV. We need your help to retain that freedom for as long as possible in order to realize the film we’ve envisioned with Betty’s input. Only then do we envisage partnering with broadcasters and other investors who have already shown great interest in the film.

Ultimately, INDIEGOGO support will allow us to push the film substantially forward. This is how:

1. FINDING UNIQUE NEW ARCHIVE: During our 2+ years of research and outreach, we have sourced  a trove of previously unpublished photos, old demos and never-before-released live recordings, and more! Your support now will let us SECURE this and also, vitally, obtain the rights. We are also on the trail of the only existing high quality 35mm footage of Betty performing live – this is incredibly exciting. Your support will give us a  crack team of archivists to search through private collections, libraries and personal collections around the world and get all this into the film.2. SECURING THE MUSIC: A successful campaign will allow us to license Betty’s extensive song catalog – we want viewers of the film to discover her music as part of the story we’ll tell. We want this to be one of the greatest funk films ever – with a fantastic soundtrack. Even at this early stage, we need to clear a substantial amount of master rights which are very expensive. Your help will allow this.

3. GETTING THE UNTOLD STORY: Betty Davis is not just an American but a global icon – she touched many lives and inspired many careers, in the U.S., U.K., France, Japan, and Australia. Your donations will finally allow us to meet and interview Betty’s friends and artistic colleagues in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Tokyo and Pittsburgh who will reveal untold parts of the Betty Davis story and shed new light on her character and mysterious later years.

Both Betty and all the team are eager to continue and make this something incredible — but we can only take the next step with your help. Thank you. 

Filmmakers  Phil Cox and Damon Smith and Producer Giovanna Stopponi have premiered their feature films and trans-media work at festivals such as Sundance, the Berlinale, IDFA, Toronto, New York and many others. We are a committed, experienced, passionate and independent team –  and for the last three years have been dedicating ourselves to working with the amazing Betty and preparing this movie to become a reality!

The film team in Pittsburgh casting for the young Betty Davis

What are you going to do with this money? The production has been self funding for three years and now needs specific help to jump forward on the search for archive, music licensing and principal photography. See our Betty pie chart for a specific breakdown of where the money will go!

What happens if you don’t reach the total?
However much we raise, every dollar donated will go to making this movie happen!

How is Betty involved? It is Betty’s wish to now cement her legacy and she is collaborating with us every step of the way across the project.

When do I get my perk? Please note that delivery times may vary but estimates of delivery are stated beneath each reward. The date of the film’s release might be subject to change but have not doubt we shall honor every single pledge.

What about my limited edition movie t-shirt size? We will be in touch with you towards the end of the campaign to know your personal size and style!

I want to get involved and support Betty’s legacy and this movie more! This would be brilliant! We need YOUR help and ideas and backing  – feel free to contact the team at

I have old photos and video of Betty performing. What do I do with them? Get in touch! We’d love to take a look at anything you have in your personal collection — it might find its way into our film.

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235 backers
26 days left

Contribute Now

Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Your Name on the Movie

    Your name will appear in the end credits of the film, and you’ll have the joy of knowing you helped bring Betty’s story to life on the big screen! We’ll also give you a personal shoutout on our social media when the campaign ends.

    14 claimed

    Estimated delivery: November 2016

  • $15USD
    Exclusive Betty LIVE in Tokyo!

    Exclusive bootleg never before heard recording of Betty performing live in Tokyo! A single track download – together with a stunning original BETTY IN JAPAN digital artwork by award winning designers KASH. Also includes your name on the movie!

    6 claimed

    Estimated delivery: November 2015

  • $20USD
    NASTY GAL Download

    (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD) You’ll get an HD digital download of the film when it is commercially available and a personal thanks in the tail credits, along with the exclusive I’M WITH BETTY movie logo.

    22 claimed

    Estimated delivery: November 2016

  • $25USD
    Betty-Curated Digital Mixtape

    (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD) EXCLUSIVE BETTY DAVIS CURATED MIXTAPE. You’ll receive a personal mix list of Betty’s favorite music — 15 songs — curated by Betty Davis herself! PLUS: Movie logo / Download of the finished film / Your name in the tail credits

    24 claimed

    Estimated delivery: November 2015

  • $35USD + Shipping

    Get a LIMITED EDITION T-shirt with the exclusive Jon Daniel–designed ‘BETTY’ movie logo on it. Just choose your size! PLUS: Digital mixtape / Movie logo / Download of the finished film / Your name in the tail credits.

    89 out of 150 claimed

    Estimated delivery: January 2016

    Ships Worldwide
  • $50USD
    Rare Betty Archive Materials

    (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD) RARE INTERVIEWS AND IMAGES. We’ve compiled a very special collection of hard-to-find interview materials from defunct magazines, including some never-before-seen images of Betty performing live. We’ll deliver the bundle as a PDF. PLUS: Digital mixtape / Movie logo / Download of the finished film / Your name in the tail credits

    21 claimed

    Estimated delivery: November 2015

  • $100USD
    A Personal Letter to Betty

    TELL BETTY WHAT SHE MEANS TO YOU. Write a letter to Betty (max. two pages) and we will read it out loud to her. This is your chance to communicate directly with the elusive Funk Queen. PLUS, PDF archive / Digital mix tape /Movie logo / Download of the finished film / Your name in the tail credits.

    3 claimed

    Estimated delivery: November 2015

  • $200USD
    RARE Nasty Gal CD – Signed

    OUT OF PRINT NASTY GAL CD. You’ll receive one copy of Light in the Attic’s out-of-print CD reissue of NASTY GAL, signed by Betty Davis – who donated these from her personal stash! Truly a collector’s item, the CD contains liner notes, original artwork, complete lyrics, rare photos and interviews, all in a beautiful color booklet. PLUS: PDF archive / Digital mixtape / Movie logo / Download of the finished film / Your name in the tail credits

    0 out of 5 claimed

    Estimated delivery: January 2016

  • $300USD
    Video Chat with Filmmakers

    A one-hour Skype/Google Hangout chat with filmmakers Phil Cox and Damon Smith, who have been working across three years in collaboration with Betty Davis. They can tell stories or answer questions about Betty, chat about movies and music, or share war stories from the wild world of documentary filmmaking. PLUS: PDF archive / Digital mixtape / Movie logo / Download of the finished film / Your name in the tail credits

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $500USD
    Unique Betty NYC Guided Tour

    Join us for an exclusive guided tour through Betty’s old haunts, homes, and favorite stomping grounds in NYC! Led by one of the filmmakers, this will be a true insider’s tour into Betty’s life and times circa 1966 to 1973. Travel and transportation not included. PLUS: PDF archive / Digital mixtape / Movie logo / Download of the finished film / Your name in the tail credits

    0 out of 10 claimed

    Estimated delivery: April 2016

  • $750USD + Shipping
    Anthony Barboza Special Print

    LIMITED EXCLUSIVE PHOTO PRINT. You’ll receive a large-format, art-quality color photo print [60cm x 86cm] of Betty Davis modeling a truly dazzling cape given to her by the late Jimi Hendrix, shot by famed photographer Anthony Barboza. PLUS: PDF archive / Digital mixtape / Movie logo / Download of the finished film / Your name in the tail credits

    1 out of 15 claimed

    Estimated delivery: January 2016

    Ships Worldwide
  • $1,000USD
    Invites to the World Premiere

    WORLD PREMIERE ACCESS. You’ll receive two tickets to the US or UK premiere of NASTY GAL (travel and lodging not included), two tickets to the after party, and a personal update from the filmmakers at each stage of production. PLUS: PDF archive / Digital mixtape / Movie logo / Download of the finished film / Your name in the tail credits

    1 out of 3 claimed

    Estimated delivery: November 2016

  • $1,750USD + Shipping
    Signed original print of Betty

    A beautiful large original Betty Davis print by world famous photographer Anthony Barboza (60cm x 86cm) personally signed and dedicated to you by Betty herself. PLUS: PDF archive / Digital mixtape / Movie logo / Download of the finished film / Your name in the tail credits

    1 out of 10 claimed

    Estimated delivery: January 2016

    Ships Worldwide
  • $3,000USD
    Betty Davis Exclusive Package

    LIMITED EDITION ANTHONY BARBOZA PRINT – SIGNED BY BETTY + WORLD PREMIERE ACCESS. You’ll receive a special poster print of an Anthony Barboza iconic black-and-white portrait of Betty (60cm x 86 cm), signed by Betty herself + plus two tickets to the film premiere in Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh or London (travel and lodging not included), and personal updates from the directors of the film as production unfolds PLUS: PDF archive / Digital mixtape / Movie logo / Download of the finished film.

    1 out of 5 claimed

    Estimated delivery: November 2016

  • $5,000USD
    Betty Davis Gold Movie Package

    DINNER AND PREMIUM ALL ACCESS / Four tickets to the premiere in Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh or London, dinner with the filmmaking team, and a special CONTRIBUTING ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit. Direct access and personal updates from the directors of the film as our production unfolds. PLUS, a limited edition Anthony Barboza special poster print of Betty, signed by Betty Davis herself! PLUS: PDF archive / Digital mixtape / Movie logo / Download of the finished film

    0 out of 4 claimed

    Estimated delivery: November 2016


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