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DANCE — INCEPTION TO EXHIBITION — 2015-2016 Season Features Theater Premieres, Film Screenings, Free Outdoor Concerts, 3rd Annual Dance Festival and 6th Annual Gala Celebration

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Inception to Exhibition (ITE) is launching their 6th season opening next week with a full calendar of collaborative theater, dance, film and festival events! Directors Tiffany Rea-Fisher, a major choreographer in her own right with Elisa Monte Dance, and Matthew Fisher aim to provide ample resources for artists to create and showcase new work throughout the year and provide audiences with close and personal looks at new and emerging artists and cultivating a sense of appreciation and support within the arts community.


2015-2016 Season Features Theater Premieres, Film Screenings, Free Outdoor Concerts, 3rd Annual Dance Festival and 6th Annual Gala Celebration

Inception to Exhibition (ITE), NYC’s only interdisciplinary arts organization fostering artist incubation, celebrates its sixth year with an evident mission to support outstanding artists through customized residencies and performance opportunities to further their creative ambitions. Curated and presented by ITE, the 2015-2016 Season will provide audiences with an up-close view of professional New York artists at the peak of their creative powers. The intimate and unique offerings showcase the journey a work takes from studio to stage. The season also features two festivals: the Annual ITE Dance Festival and the curating partners of Bryant Park’s Modern Dance Series.

“Inception to Exhibition is committed to working with the artist in a collaborative fashion to continue to bring new work to our audiences that is challenging yet tangible.” Remarks ITE’s Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Tiffany Rea-Fisher. “This year will yield a wide and diverse showing of innovative emerging artists in dance, music, theater, and film and provide them with the tools they need to propel their visions forward.”

ITE ‘s facilitators show a keen eye for discovering talent and helping those artists bring their work to the public through space grants, season performances, larger festivals and collaborative events. ITE space grants are an integral part of the organizations mission. This year’s winners include TOES FOR DANCE (Dance Education), Old Sound Room (Theater), and Stephanie Batten Bland (Dance). With boards composed of experienced artists from both the creative and performance sectors at the helm in addition to business professionals and other artistic advocates, ITE has supported 43 different organizations and 140 individual artists through programming and grant opportunities over their 6-year history of the organization.


October 4, 2015: TOES FOR DANCE
2015 Space Grant Winner TOES FOR DANCE will hold two exclusive ITE showcases featuring works from their upcoming international festival with a spotlight on the collaborative process between choreographer/rehearsal director and dancers from various younger contemporary companies from the New York and Toronto dance scene. With a 2-week intensive and immersive rehearsal process for these works, The TOES FOR DANCE festival draws upon each collaborators’ unique artistic visions and presents work that is accessible and physical in nature to evoke curiosity and interest about contemporary dance to a wide range of audiences.  Ailey Studios, 405 W. 55th Street, 5th floor. 4:30pm & 7:00pm shows, $10 tickets,

November 7th, 2015: Film screening of Blackenuf by filmmaker Carrie Hawks
Filmmaker Carrie Hawks’ work addresses gender, sexuality, and race. And her medium ranges from paintings, drawings, dolls, to video. Fresh of the heels of her Brooklyn Museum premiere ITE is thrilled to add this extremely talented filmmaker to our roster.

January 23rd, 2016: Old Sound Room Showcase
Theater collective Old Sound Room will hold their first ITE exclusive showing. Old Sound Room is a performance ensemble that builds new work and reveals stories that spark thought and inspire action. In honoring the past in order to reach the present and striving to remind audiences of their universal existence the work aims to celebrate a shared existence with courageous abandon.

March 9-13, 2016: 3rd Annual ITE Dance Festival
ITE’s third annual festival of emerging and established choreographers will feature solo, duet and trio works by noteworthy dance makers in NYC. This year’s daily themes are: “the Mad Men of ITE,” “Rosie the Riveter” and “Where the Wild Things Are.” Last year featured Sidra Bell, Francesca Harper, MADBOOTS, Daniel Gwirtzman, The Steps Repertory Ensemble, Renegade Performance Group to name a few and this year’s line up will not disappoint.

April 2016: ITE Annual Gala (date TBC)
In ITE’s most immersive event of the year, the evening will feature a 6-year audience favorite retrospective of stimulating artists and works. To raise funds for future artist programs, space-grants and artistic development initiatives, the night will offer a cash raffle, food and drinks and a chance to mingle with ITE’s diverse artists and patrons.

June-July 2016: ITE ModernDance Series in Partnership with Bryant Park
ITE will round out their 2015 season by curating and co-presenting the Modern Dance Series on the Bryant Park Stage in Summer 2016. Presenting some of the most exciting modern dance companies in the city to perform their latest works spread throughout the month of June and July, free for New York dance enthusiasts.

About Inception to Exhibition
Founded in 2009 it is the mission of ITE to provide a space where artists of diverse disciplines can freely conceive, rehearse, and perform their work, providing a holistic arts experience from inception to exhibition. It is the vision of Inception to Exhibition to grow into a high impact arts organization built around the creation of an environment where the unbridled sense of collaboration, which defines the conservatory experience, is, once again, available to those entering the professional performing arts community in New York City. To learn more about ITE and its programs please visit


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