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Must See Work: Chandler Levack & Jeremy Schaulin Rioux | Pup ‘Guilt Trip’ & Kyungmin Woo | JohnnyExpress from Saatchi & Saatchi | New Directors’ Showcase

Saatchi & Saatchi celebrated 25 years of a New Directors’ Showcase highlighting 25 new directors.

We absolutely recommend these individuals. The work of this year’s showcase can easily be found on YouTube.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Everybody involved.


Chandler Levack & Jeremy Schaulin Roux: We have met Chandler. She is individually gifted with enormous talent and a winning personality. Absolutely a director with an infinite future.

Chandler Levack & Jeremy Schaulin Rioux | Pup ‘Guilt Trip’

Based: Canada

About the film:
We had made a DIY video for PUP’s debut single Reservoir (which was also our first music video) that turned out really fun and became good friends with the band. The video played with (and hopefully added to) the legend of their crazy live shows. So when we started working on the Guilt Trip video we wanted to continue to build on that idea of band mythmaking. The concept for the video came from hearing about the band’s actual do-or-die choice of all quitting their jobs the same day to move back in with their parents, and fully commit to the insane life of a touring punk band. We love classic coming of age movies like Stand By Me and Over The Edge, and wanted to make these kids just as tough and powerful as the real life band members. Something that was super exaggerated but also raw and kind of real.

We were staying in Vancouver at the time and found a great location for the story in the back woods of nearby Squamish, British Columbia. We brought on a group of mostly old friends to help crew up the video, and lucked into a really great group of badass kids (who were all brave enough to go on an adventure with us in the freezing rain and mud of a pacific Northwest winter). The best part of the story is that we found out a few months after the video wrapped that some of the young actors who played young PUP in the video have formed their own youth punk band! Guilt Trip is one of four videos for PUP’s debut record that we’ve worked on, and we’re happy to be continuing to collaborate with our friends in the band on a fifth – an all animated piece we’re in production on now.

Johnny Express: Haven’t met the individual. Absolutely love the film.

Kyungmin Woo | JohnnyExpress

Based: Seoul, South Korea

About the film:
Johnny, a space delivery courier is traveling through space to deliver a package. His ship soon arrives on a very small planet where he needs to deliver the package. It is so small that he has to look through a magnifying glass to see it. Johnny walks around the planet looking for the recipient. However, he can’t find anyone or anything anywhere.
What Johnny doesn’t realize is that this advanced alien civilization is actually microscopically small, so small as to be nearly invisible. As Johnny is moseying around the planet looking for his package’s recipient, he is destroying entire tiny purple alien cities.
Alfred Imageworks


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