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FANTASIA 2015 — Film/Festival — COP CAR – Review

FANTASIA 2015 Alert!

Filmgoers everywhere: LuckyGirl MEDIA recommends this film.

We often forget how satisfying a well executed film can be. COP CAR restores your faith in independent film and the power of good acting and assured directing. Watching this film reminds one of the first time one encountered the work of Billy Bob Thornton in ONE FALSE MOVE or the Coen brothers in BLOOD SIMPLE — this is what film should be — stripped of all artifice and full of surprises.

There is a natural authenticity to all the performances in COP CAR that, when Camryn Manheim Appears on screen, one reflects on how much one misses her ability to just knock it out of the park and on how wonderful that this film can deliver that too. Natural and affecting performances from children, an uncoiled and ferocious performance from Kevin Bacon, a rare and uncomplicated believable story, a director who doesn’t get in the way of a great story – this small film deserves awards and attention.

cop car poster


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