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FANTASIA 2015 — Film Review – OJUJU

Zombie film from Nigeria.

For some folks – that is all we need to hear – we are seeing it!


But those for those who need a more conventional review, this entry which unspooled at the glorious FANTASIA 2015, belies its no-to-low budget origins with a momentum which charms, even as the Nollywood (Nigerian Hollywood) badge may mislead. This film is not static, the film does not rely solely on dialogue to move the story’s plot points, as many Nigerian based films were prone to do. On the other hand, this is not the magnificent vistas and surreal vision of TOUKI BOUKI or Sembene.

But for many cinephiles you may have seen the titans of African cinema, the cinema of director CJ “Fiery” Obasi is something different. This is not the meditation on time of traditional African cinema. Obasi catches the wave of the new African cinema. This is a filmmaker who will one day make a blockbuster, using whatever materials he has on hand. For OJUJU, he has made a zombie film with the simplest of materials. And it has its moments.


A small but pleasant cast, presumably non -professionals, gets in the way of a water-borne ecological mishap which renders its blocked-in ghetto an overnight study in the dangers of proximity. Slow moving zombies are not harmless in a small, walled-off, marijuana-choked neighborhood with narrow streets and no protective doors. Knowing the neighborhood like the back of your hand offers little respite when the neighborhood is surrounded. And for the main protagonist whose brother is entirely too voluble to the pregnant wife, zombies are only the latest evidence that he has entirely outgrown his neighborhood and his early dreams.

The residents, like the nation, are easy prey for all sorts of lures and predators.

Temptations and strangers will kill you.

So will the things you have been taught to trust.


This is not exactly the season finale of #THEWALKINGDEAD. but you really are not going to confuse it with #TheBrothersMcMullen.

BRAVO TO #FANTASIA2015 for bringing it to North America.


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