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DANCE — This is the show to see: Sketches, this Friday August 7, 2015 Sarah Chien & FLOOR FRIENDS — #CPR, *bklyn

Great show this Friday.

Sarah describes it:

SKETCHES is a show I´m producing and performing in this Friday, Aug 7th at 8pm at CPR. Its deeply personal work and it’d mean a lot to me to see you there!
I’ve been lucky to have a lot of meaningful dance work this year, but I’d say this is THE show to turn out for. Its work where you are guaranteed to see why I love to do what I do.
Its the first one I’m producing with longtime mentor/collaborator Elia Mrak and 4 other amazing dancers. The structure of the show is a unique experiment: we’re presenting an “album” of short improvised sketches. Each of the ten scenes is pure movement- simple, fun, honest, accessible. The premise is just to be ourselves, and bring you along for the ride.
We are keeping this simple tickets sold for $15 at the door- I’d just say get there a bit early since its a smallish house.
August 7, 2015 at 8pm

361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Tickets: $15 at the door (cash only)

Performed by: Elia Mrak, Sarah Chien, Hannah Wendel, Carmen Caceres, Stephanie Lee
Produced by: Floor Friends

Sketches is an improvised performance. An improvised performance of short stories. 11 short stories. Solos, duets, trios, quartets, and quintets. It is a performance that plants seeds, a microcosm of larger ideas that have been distilled down to their essence. Each scene proposes one clear focused idea, develops it in one direction, transforms it one time, and then finishes. Think of it like scenes in a theater play.

The work is physical, based on the techniques of Flying Low, Breakdancing, Contemporary Dance Techniques and Theater. We use floorwork, we run, we pause, we touch and we play. We manifest what is in our imagination through our bodies so that you can literally see our imagination. This is our definition of dramaturgy through the body: How the body can react, question, answer, talk, propose, touch, move and communicate a story. In real time. And in doing so, we find spontaneity, surprise, and honesty.

These are not finished novels, but they are complete novelitas. We want it to be accessible, to make it easy for you to opt-in. We hope to engage you and invite you into our world, to see our sketches, and share in the search. These are unfinished, yet complete. Clear, and yet not certain. This is our dance.

We enjoy it. We hope you do too.



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