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A new Review by Tanimaru:

MAKEUP ROOM starts off as if you are watching the surveillance camera of a room that will soon become the makeup room and dressing area for a typical Japanese “adult video”.

Makeup Room_main

What happens in a slow but entertaining pace is the life of the people who work in this world – the young woman who perform sex, the crew, and the central figure – Make-san, the makeup artist. There are delays and faux pas’ throughout the shoot, but the film just grows on you and we don’t want the shoot to end.

Makeup Room_04

What was also done in a teasing way is the use of nudity – very much in your face in a real adult video, but in this film, off camera, the women are almost shy and reserved.

Like the film BE MY BABY that begins with a typical gathering of today’s young people in Japan, this film also shows us the side we don’t get to see – the real struggle of young people to carve out a living in post bubble Japan.


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