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We Recommend Crowdfunding the film A Moving Image : A Film about Gentrification #Indiegogo

A Moving Image : A Film about Gentrification

We occasionally recommend various crowdfunding projects. We support this film on #Indiegogo and strongly suggest you do so as well. We support the call for diversity and female empowerment everywhere in the world.
We also LOVE their IMPACT statement.
A multimedia feature film about Gentrification in Brixton and South London
Shola Amoo
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Hi I’m Shola Amoo I’m a writer/director. I graduated from The National Film and Television School where I currently work.

As a lifelong south Londoner I’ve seen the communities I’ve lived in grow and change. Gentrification has taken hold of London.  This film will focus on areas such as Peckham, Brixton and Elephant & Castle where I currently live.

The housing crisis has meant that many people are facing eviction and being removed from their communities. “Reclaim Brixton” was a locally led protest that showed people’s dissatisfaction with many of the changes.  It placed a spotlight on those in the front lines and echoed people’s fear of losing the diversity that makes places like Brixton a vibrant area to live.

Our story follows Nina, a young stifled artist as she returns to her community after a long absence – she is soon accused of being a symbol of gentrification.

We follow her as she strives to create a piece of art that can bring her community together. On her journey we speak to real people affected by Gentrification in Brixton, blurring the line between fiction and reality with shades of Afrofuturism.

We shot some amazing scenes during Reclaim Brixton but WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO FINISH PRODUCTION. We need £7000 to cover the remaining costs, including, crew, locations and equipment.

We have some amazing perks waiting for you –  so check them out!

Tanya Fear ( Kick Ass 2)

This will be my second collaboration with our actress Tanya Fear (Kick Ass 2) you can check out our last film: Touch.

Touch played festivals worldwide, it also toured the UK as part of the BFI Sci fi Season and won shooting people’s film of the month competition, selected by Oscar nominated cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto (Wolf of Wall Street, Brokeback mountain)

THE PRODUCER: Rienkje Attoh

Rienkje is a National Film and Television School (NFTS) graduate. Whilst at school she produced a mixture of fiction, documentary and animation. She is one of three inaugural Prince William scholars supported by Bafta and Warner Bros.


Recently statistics have shown that since 2006 Minorities working in the UK media has declined by 30 per cent.

The lack of diversity has seen people such as Lenny Henry and the group Act for Change launch campaigns to address it.

We’re proud to boast a cast and crew that reflects the diverse nature of London.  It’s time we take control of our own image and tell our stories.


In the mainstream there aren’t enough stories with Female leads with agency,  with this project we are re-addressing that balance in front and behind the camera. This film will pass the Bechdel test.


We will be working with local charity Iconic steps’ll be mentoring young people whilst working on the project, gaining them skills for employment. This is another thing I’m passionate about. I’ve been involved with working with young people in several charities in South London such as

We’ve already raised some funds privately and have support from institutions like The National Film and Television School

This will help make our modest budget go a long way.  All of the money we raise with this campaign will be seen on screen.

So help us

1. Place a microscope on Gentrification

2.  Tell the stories from the BAME community in the UK

3. Support young people to gain employment in the industry

With your support we can achieve all this and much more!

Other Ways You Can Help

  • If you can’t donate please spread our campaign as far and wide as possible
  • Remember please use the Indiegogo share tools!
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raised by 88 people in 12 days
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18 days left
£7,000 GBP goal
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    Digital Revolution

    Access to the digital download of the film

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  • £25GBP
    The Collector

    You will receive a digital download of the film, plus exclusive behind the scenes footage, Cast/Crew interviews and Poster Art.

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  • £50GBP
    Delve Deeper

    Have a 20 minute skype discussion with the Director/Producer to answer any additional questions you may have about the project

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    The Red Carpet

    Receive VIP treatment at our exclusive preview screening in London

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  • £500GBP
    Behind The Scenes

    Come join us for a day and see how we make it all happen.

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    Star Quality

    Your time to shine – feature as an extra and have lunch with the cast.

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    Associate Producer

    As well as being credited as the Associate Producer, you get to work on the ground with the cast and crew to bring this film to life.

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  • £3,000GBP
    Executive Producer

    Congratulations you just greenlit this film. As well as getting all the other perks YOU get to be credited as the executive producer of this project.

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