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The TinyStic Story


Carlton Bush reports:

We first championed TinyStic when it was in its crowdfunding campaign. We are now lucky to have the entrepreneur who created the product describe his journey for us in the hopes that some of us can glean some entrepreneurial and marketing insights.


Eric Hamilton:

My name is Eric Hamilton and I am the founder of TinyTec Inc.  My company’s 1st consumer electronic product is called TinyStic which is a wireless device that allows you show run your apps on your flat screen TV.  The idea came to me in October of 2013.  I was wondering why I had a smartphone that harnessed the power of a 2GHz processor, a laptop at home which harnessed a 2GHz processor and a gaming system that harnessed a 3GHz processor.

Why couldn’t I have a device that allowed my smartphone to be a laptop and a gaming system?  I decided to search for such a device without success.  I mentioned my difficulty finding this device to a mentor and he suggested that I create the device by leveraging the power and pricing of overseas manufacturing.

The original TinyStic was called The Dockinator and it had wires, it was bulky, and it had a crazy looking clamp that held the smartphone.  There were a few issues with this design.

  1. It looked cheap
  2. It was heavy as it was made out of metal
  3. iPhone and Android required different connection wires
  4. It was not easy to use

smart dock me lazypod-3

The Dockinator 2013



In early 2014, I decided to abandon The Dockinator and pursue a wireless solution.  After months of looking, I found a manufacturer who could create the device that I was seeking.  The device was a USB sized device that plugged into the HDMI port of any display.  The device was designed to toggle between Android/Windows mode and iOS mode.


white tinystic jpg

The TinyStic 2015


Next, I had to prove that there was a demand for the new wireless product that I called the TinyStic.  We launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and raised $18,934.00 as pre-orders.  In addition we’ve seen tens of thousands of dollars worth of orders online and offline.



TinyStic and Gaming


We’ve found that teens primarily use TinyStic for games, communication apps like FaceTime and social media apps like Instagram.  Movie lovers use TinyStic with apps that are not compatible with Chromecast/Amazon/Roku such as Popcornflix and Spuul.  Realtors love using TinyStic to present visual property listing to clients.  Business people use TinyStic to present presentations.

Currently, we are working to do a distribution deal with a major wireless carrier.  We are launching a 6 store test in the Atlanta, GA market during the summer of 2015.  We are hoping to have TinyStic in 3700 retail store by Christmas of 2015.


TinyStic on Shark Tank?
TinyStic on Shark Tank?
In the world of streaming sticks, the landscape is beginning to get crowded.  Players like Google, Amazon and Apple dominate the space.
As TinyStic approaches closing a deal with a major mobile retailer, we felt that the time was right to venture into the “tank”.  On July 7, 2014, we will be auditioning for the ABC show Shark Tank.  The show features a panel of potential investors, called “sharks”, who consider offers from aspiring entrepreneurs seeking investments for their business or product.
We will keep you posted on our progress.  Wish us luck!
Eric Hamilton
Founder TinyTec Inc.
How are you using your TinyStic?
Do you have a unique use case on how you are using your TinyStic device?  If so, do a video and send it to us at
For more information visit us at
We appreciate you supporting our product.

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