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We know you are intelligent, worldly and adventurous. Come join us at some of the most stunning examples of the Dance world this June in New York City.

We recommend you attend as many of these as your heart will allow.

Saint Joan of the Stockyards, Irondale Theater Ensemble

Now through June 13

Wednesday-Saturday 7:30PM | Saturday 6 & 13 3PM


Acclaimed German director, Peter Kleinert directs the Irondale ensemble in a production of Bert Brecht’s master-work Saint Joan of the Stockyards. A darkly comic tale of romance between a meatpacking tycoon and a Salvation Army worker set amidst the milieu of unemployed workers, high-rolling millionaires, and corporate greed.

Theater mania says: “clever and watchable” “simultaneously nimble and hard-hitting” “This is how you do Brecht.”


10027, Dances For A Variable Population

10027: A Traveling Performance in West Harlem

Four Locations in West Harlem:

Morningside Gardens | Grant Houses | Manhattanville Community Center | Old Broadway
June 11 – 12, 6pm
June 13, 5pm

Celebrating aging and creativity with guest artists Loretta Abbott, Karen Brown, George Faison, Sandra Genter, Bruce Heath, Walter Rutledge, Gus Solomons jr., Alice Teirstein, Robin Williams, the multi-generational DVP co. and seniors from Harlem. A cast of 50 dancers, aged 25-85, present a 3-night celebratory and immersive project linking residents of three distinct West Harlem communities who share a single zip code.



milkdreams: Alexandra Beller/Dances (part of LaMama Moves!)

June 11-13, June 18-20 at 8PM

June 14 and 21 at 4PM

Alexandra Beller/Dances’ newest work milkdreams strips the performers of veneers of ego, agenda, and shame – laying bare the authenticity of their present moment. The work separates the habits and inhibitions of the trained dancer, recovering sensation, desire, joy, curiosity, and love. To mine this territory, the company has meticulously recreated the dances of a 14-month and 5-year old (Alexandra’s children), as well as from the experience of watching a baby sleep/dream. The company also collaborated with developmental movement experts, including Martha Eddy (BMC, CMA), to engaged in a creative process in which they use the baby material to create a unique vocabulary that bypasses intellectual and neurological patterning, and reveals a dimension to movement that is magical, unconscious and utterly personal.


*You might have seen her video of these rehearsals that went viral —



Bryn Cohn + Artists

June 25-27, 8PM at Danspace Project

Skin confronts deeply universal themes and critically challenges these issues. Six mannequins occupy the space as voyeurs, observing the entire performance but lacking the human ability to participate. This emotional and multifaceted journey strips us all of our fabricated spectacle and leaves us bare, in our own skin, to reveal a sacred truth about ourselves in conflict and harmony with our world.


* check out Bryn’s images of this work…they are stunning.



Bryant Park Presents Modern Dance, Inception to Exhibition

Presented in collaboration with Bryant Park, twelve prestigious and celebrated modern dance companies will be presented on four Friday’s, June 19 through July 10:  10 Hairy Legs, BARE Dance, Carolyn Dorfman Dance, Cornfield Dance, Mosley’s Diversity of Dance, Francesca Harper Project, Jennifer Muller/The Works, Loni Landon Projects, Manuel Vignoulle Dance, Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company and Steps Repertory Ensemble.


Friday, June 19, 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Steps Repertory Ensemble, Loni Landon Projects, Francesca Harper Project.

Friday, June 26, 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Renegade Performance Group, Carolyn Dorfman Dance, Cornfield Dance

Friday, July 3, 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Earl Mosley’s Diversity of Dance, BARE Dance, 10 Hairy Legs

Friday, July 10, 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Manuel Vignoulle Dance, Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company, Jennifer Muller/The Work spirit.



Dance Enthusiast, Enthusiastic Event, Dance-Art-Fusion

Tuesday, June 30, Gibney Dance, 280 Broadway


Dance Enthusiasts’s 3rd Enthusiastic Event, “Dance-Art-Fusion, “ offers a summer evening of creativity, history and fun. Meet, greet, and eat some tasty treats with world-renowned dancers and visual artists. Learn the latest Hip Hop moves with Chrybaby Cozie from Harlem; jam with the Brooklyn Ballet; create Art with Chinese-American Visual Artist Hu Bing; and discover how African drums and Calligraphy figure into the work of Visual Artist, Wei Jia — all to the sounds of DJ Alberto Dennis. What better way is there to be introduced to the power of art!


Hudson River Dance Festival

Elisa Monte Dance
Buglisi Dance Theatre
Jennifer Muller/The Works
Monte / Buglisi / Muller – LIVE!
New York Live Arts
219 West 19th Street
New York, NY 10011
June 16 – 20, 7:30pm
$40 (limited seats at $20)

Elisa Monte Dance, Buglisi Dance Theatre and Jennifer Muller/The Works join forces to present Reflections on Water….. in a series of five shared program performances featuring four pieces, two world premieres, 26 Dancers and six noted designers.

Three distinguished choreographers at the height of their careers, each with a powerful original voice offer observations on water – the source or destruction of life. The programs includes four diverse pieces and features two world premieres.

The three choreographers create work from three unique points of view, yet share a sensibility that combines virtuostic movement with an expressive edge that moves minds and hearts – work that dances full out yet speaks of both individual experiences and shared humanity.

The 26 extraordinary performers push physical capability, standing out as an individuals yet working in cohesive ensembles.

Monte/Buglisi/Muller LIVE! offers the opportunity to experience three acclaimed dance companies together on one stage!

Alchemy (Muller/World Premiere) is a piece about the crucible of change. Originally a forerunner of chemistry, alchemy concerned itself with transformation. The physical transmutation of matter became an analogy for the internal alchemy of spiritual revelation  Just as new growth forests are created by controlled burning, personal evolution often needs a violent catalyst to create a glimmer of enlightenment. Alchemy is a cutting-edge collaboration with immersive projection designer Mark Bolotin of Hyphen-Hub, seconded by Edward Roth fashion designers Marco Pizzato and Nairi Barseh and Tony award-winning lighting designer Jeff Croiter.

Hurricane Deck (Monte) “Hurricane Deck is a piece of conflict and turmoil, emotional upheaval. Love gone wrong. The 4 couples embrace and combat simultaneously  seeking the truth and trying to regain trust.  Alternative endings have been created, each is left to the performers to choice at the conclusion of the piece of each performance. Will trust and love or doubt and enmity be that evenings outcome?”  ~Elisa Monte. Music by Pulitzer Prize winner David Lang, one of the most highly-esteemed and performed American composers writing today. His works have been performed around the world and in many of the great concert halls.

Sand (Buglisi) is the first of Buglisi’s environmental trilogy. Set to Philip Glass’s brilliant and beautiful string quartet, the ballet is inspired by the beauty of the desert and the soil of the earth we so cherish for our existence.

Sacred Landscapes 5 (Buglisi/World Premiere) In a world in upheaval by climate change and economic turmoil, where the teachings of religion and science collide, we seek to rediscover and restore our ancient connection to the sacred landscapes that have grounded and inspired us.  Set to a commissioned score by the visionary composer Paola Prestini with projection design by Jack Mehler, Buglisi’s new work, dedicated to the boundless flow of our planet’s water, explores the belief that sacred landscapes are passageways that facilitate access to a higher realm.

Elisa Monte Dance, Buglisi Dance Theatre and Jennifer Muller/the Works’  presentation at New York Live Arts is made possible through New York Live Arts’ Theater Access Program. The Theater Access Program is a comprehensive subsidized rental program benefiting a diverse group of dance and theater companies and producing organizations


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