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INDIECADE EAST 2015! Submissions OPEN through June 1, 2015 #games #ArtWall


IndieCade Festival 2015 Submissions are now open!

IndieCade encourages submissions of all platforms and genres, be they digital, non-digital, tabletop, installation, or hybrid experiences on traditional platforms, new platforms, or never-before-seen platforms. If you can make it or invent it, we want to see it. We see artistry in all. Works in progress as well as completed or released work are eligible for consideration. 
Visit Submission Page

Submissions are now open through June 1st for inclusion and recognition in the IndieCade Festival 2015 Awards.

IndieCade East 2015 was by far the best, biggest, fullest, and most inspiring yet! Thousands of attendees came from across the country, the East Coast, Europe, Canada, and South America, braving the cold to gather together to celebrate independent games in fashionable IndieCade style.

Excitement buzzed throughout the Museum as people played and showed games in every corner, cheered at eSports, got wild at Night Games, and shared ideas that will – no doubt – be echoed in future discussions throughout the games community. IndieCade East continues to be a most important and special place to pioneer, curate, and bring together the most innovative indie games from around the world.

Check out the games!

Here are some round-ups of the event that have been circulating the interwebs:

Check out the talks!

Write-ups of the talks have popped up on the internet!

Thank you to our energetic attendees, legendary organizers, inspiring speakers, rock-your-socks-off gamemakers, generous sponsors, and hard-working volunteers. We would not be IndieCade without you all.

Thank you for the best Valentine’s Day, ever!
Team IndieCade

IndieCade Handshake…

Want to learn it? Let’s call it… the heartshake.
It arose from one stranger’s beautiful encounter with another at Night Games. Read about it on this Storify.

Share your art!

Our #ArtWall theme: Love & Rejection. Send original art or pieces from your game and get discovered by your indie game soul-mates. Visit Tumblr



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