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Choreographer: Stefanie Batten Bland
Music: Olafur Amalds
Dancer: Stefanie Batten Bland

Re-staged, Germe is an experience that redefines boarders. It is the seed of an idea, the beginning of possibilities. Germe takes place in the moment before definition takes hold. The meeting place of art and science, Germe allows an intimate experience with the tendrils of an organism growing and in search of more.

Choreographer: Sidra Bell
Dancer: Jonathan Campbell

A re-staging of a previously presented work, Inside is an athletic and dynamic contemplative male solo.

Choreographer: Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz
Dancers: Jonathan Campbell + Austin Diaz
Inspired by text on suicide and drug culture, this work in progress deals with the vibrant delusion and numbing loneliness of death. A demented, yet lucid ride of monotony, self-implosion, ecstasy, intimacy and narcissism, the work exemplifies life and death as what it is—a series of fleeing moments in time and space.

The Spire | US Premiere
Choreographer: Brendan Duggan and Mallory Lynn/ LoudHound Movement
Dancers: Shelby Terrell and Dan Walczak

The spire is an excerpt of a full-length work entitled, “The Span.” This work captures the journey of everyman through various physical and temporal landscapes. Inspired by surrealist photographic self- portraiture, the work explores the path between beginning and end, and the choices we make in between that define our varying landscapes and perspectives.

Consider Water
Choreographer: Davalois Fearon
Music: Mike McGinnis
Dancer: Davalois Fearon
Additional Design Credit: Jaqi Medlock and Deborah Castillo

“Consider Water” is an evening length piece inspired by my experiences of limited access to clean drinkable water, when visiting family in Jamaica. The opening solo, “Everything Water”, explores unique attributes of water through dynamic physical fluid movements.

The Space Between (excerpt)
Choreographer: Lane Gifford
Music: Compilation by Lane Gifford, Solo Cello / Composed and Performed by Sean Grissom     Dancers: Michelle Giordanelli, Brandon Welch, Grace Whitworth, Ming Xie
This work delves into questions regarding interaction and communication today in an expanding digital world. The counterpoint provided by an electronic soundscape layered against solo cello segments, provides a background discourse to our physical convergences and diversions, exposing the constructive and destructive nature of communication in a technological landscape. The narrative based actions of the performers intertwine with this diverse audio backdrop to present a dynamic debate regarding contemporary dialogue as translated through an environment of movement conversations versus complex internet focused exchange.

Choreographer: Daniel Gwirtzman
Music: Stars of the Lid
Dancer: Daniel Gwirtzman

Mapping finds inspiration from the prescription of so much of our lives: from the specific pathways of our daily commutes, to the global positioning systems that track us everywhere and anywhere in the world. In Mapping, Gwirtzman has created a solo for himself that explores this literally and metaphorically, the idea of leaving the grid, of getting lost, themes of limitation versus liberation. Both exacting and freeing, the solo spools between precision and lushness.

Excerpt from Confirmed Dances
Choreographer: Francesca Harper Music: John Adams
Dancers: Eriko Iisaku, Lane Halperin, Cara Certosimo, Amanda McCormick, Amanda Sachs

To See Myself?
Choreographer: Thomas House
Music: Kayla Cashetta
Dancer: Thomas House

Inspired by personal experiences, this work in progress journey encapsulates the unique toll that life can take on one’s mind. The work explores the coordination of passion and education while swimming in a overwhelming internal emotional landscape. This solo is to be a therapeutic journey for the performer and a shared experience with the audience.

Untitled| World Premiere
Choreographer: ChristinaNoel Reaves/ ChristinaNoel & The Creature
Music: ChristinaNoel Reaves & Aeric Meredith-Goujon                                                              Dancers: Liz Beres, Jasmin Simmons, Jonathan Matthews, Mark Willis, Courtney Baron, MK Hartung

Choreographer: David Norsworthy
Music: TBC
Dancer: Robbie Moore

In this work in progress, one dance moves alone with specific spatial and musical tasks.

Excerpt from Battledress
Choreographer: Jenny Rocha/ Rocha Dance Theater
Music: Joseph Rivas
Dancers: Jillian Hollis, Leanne Smith

“Battledress involves two costume concepts: the cage and the use of transparent fabric. The costumes and dancers  work together as armature – a framework that provides structure and stability as well as protection. The costume and movement themes explore the notion of feeling stable at a moment and then unstable the next.

Imagined Architecture
Choreographer: Sydney Schiff
Music: John Murchison (bass), Kaveh Haghtalab (kamancheh), Nicole DeVault (voice)        Dancers: Leigh Schanfein
A work in progress, Imagined Architecture is a series of vignettes depicting New York City spaces in sound and movement.

World Premiere
Choreographer: Bradley Shelver and Jae Man Joo/ Steps Repertory Ensemble
Music: Oboe Quartet K370- Mozart                                                                                               Dancers: Dan Pahl, Malik Kitchen, Aurelien Peillex, Gabriela Soto, Katherine Sprudzs, Joseph Wamp
This collection of works include a solo from Le Monde Est Fini, Pas De Panique, The duet Longing choreographed by Jae Man Joo, and She and Him, Him and Her, He and I, Us and Them, by Bradley Shelver.

Ground Up
Choreographer: André M. Zachery/ Renegade Performance Group 
Dancers: Orlando Hunter, Riccardo Valentine, André M. Zachery
A work-in-progress collaboration between artistic director André M. Zachery and visual artist LaMont Hamilton, this project is looking at the lineage and relevance of “dapping” as a gesture of love and solidarity between Black men that exist in a time of urgency regard the presence Black lives in the world.
Festival Tickets are $15. A VIP pass for all 5 shows are available for $60 using the code ITEPASS. Tickets can be purchased online at the ITE homepage:

Shetler Studios and Theatre is located at 244 West 54th Street
between Broadway & 8th Avenue, New York. All ITE Spring Festival performances will take place in Theatre 54 on the 12th floor. It is accessible by Subway: 1, N, Q, R, B, D, E, C

Festival Line-up:
Wednesday, March 11, 8:00 p.m.
MADboots (Austin Diaz and Jonathan Campbell)
Lane Gifford
Danielle Russo
LoudHoundMovement (Brendan Duggan & Mallory Lynn)
David Norsworthy

Thursday, March 12, 8:00 p.m.
Daniel Gwirtzman
Christina Noel & The Creature (Christina Noel)
Jenny Rocha
Sydney Schiff
Nøa Dance (Nelly Van Bommel)

Friday, March 13, 8:00 p.m. (ALL MALE NIGHT)
MADboots (Austin Diaz and Jonathan Campbell)
Joe Celej
David Norsworthy
Thomas House
Renegade Dance Group (Andre Zachary)

Saturday, March 14, 8:00 p.m.
Stephanie Batten Bland
Sidra Bell
Davalois Fearon
Francesca Harper
Bradley Shelver/ Steps Ensemble

Sunday, March 15, 2:00 p.m.
Solo show for Facebook Contest Winner, Christina Noel & The Creature


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