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Choices and Trends for Women "from Teens to Grandmothers"


Joyelle McSweeney reads on January 23rd (with Sally Wen Mao) at the Poetry Project in NYC.


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As we settle into 2015, we also want to express gratitude to all our new members and donors who contributed to our recent winter fundraising drive, as well as all our renewing supporters – thank you immensely! If you missed it, know that it’s never too late to become a Litmus Press member or donor.
As always, all contributions – big or small – are welcome and greatly appreciated.In 2014, we published more books than we ever had in a calendar year, including three titles in November/December.
These titles are now available at Small Press Distribution:
Suzanne Doppelt’s Lazy Suzie (translated by Cole Swensen),
Joyelle McSweeney’s Dead Youth, or, The Leaks (winner of the 2013 Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers),
and the second edition of
Meanwhile, our docket is burgeoning:
we are preparing
Hugo García Manríquez’s Anti-Humboldt,
a bilingual project on the NAFTA treaty,
February co-publication with Aldus Editorial (Mexico City).
Magdalena Zurawski’s much-anticipated first full-length poetry collection, Companion Animal, will come into print at last.
We’ll also publish two of our first collaborative artists books –
Actualities by Marina Adams and Norma Cole,
and Fabulous Feminae by Susan Bee and Johanna Drucker.
Leonard Schwartz’s edited collection of interviews with writers and artists, Conversational Poetics: The Radio Interviews will come in the fall,
as will our second Leslie Scalapino Award winner,
Khadijah Queen’s Non-Sequitur.
Finally, if you miss Aufgabe, not to fear: our first six issues are available for download (or a donation, if you’re inclined) online, and we look forward to continuing digitization of additional issues this year.Finally, mark your calendars New Yorkers:there are several Litmus readings coming up at the Poetry Project!First up: Joyelle McSweeney reads on January 23rd (with Sally Wen Mao);

our editor Jen Hofer on February 4th (with Robin Coste Lewis;

Jen will also lead a workshop in NYC  that week);

and finally, Hugo García Manríquez on February 9th (with Jackqueline Frost).

We hope to see you at one of these events, if not all three.


Thank you for reading and supporting us — and remember to tuned for our projects in the months to come!




The Litmus Press Staff 




A Litmus Press / O Books Second Edition

with new introduction by the author and postface by Andrew Joron

“…André Breton wrote that for surrealism, ‘life is elsewhere’; Towards the Primeval Lightning Field 
takes us in pleasure and terror along the way to that range, shimmering beyond grim power,
‘where the waters and the suns are both kindled by splendour.” BARRY MAXWELL

120 pp. | $15.00 | ISBN: 978-1-933959-20-7

Purchase via Small Press Distribution








Winner of the First Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers


“Like all of Joyelle McSweeney’s work, Dead Youth refuses to settle into any easy category,  delivering a theater experience that’s simultaneously transgressive, classical, visionary, political, and gothic. Although built for the stage, these words still slip, skid, pop, and burrow throughout the page, creating a daisy chain of unexpected associations and indelible effects.” JEFF JACKSON


90 pp. | $15.00 | ISBN: 978-1-933959-24-5

Purchase via Small Press Distribution







Translated from the French by Cole Swensen


“…sight changes matter, probes below the surface. It ‘presumes a slight fissure,’ and ‘starting to paint [or photograph] means piercing a hole’ through which to watch. Fittingly, Doppelt’s text is punctured by her paired photographs. Some are of words, switching roles with this text about seeing. None are illustrative, all, like the text, intriguing and beautiful.” ROSMARIE WALDROP


80 pp. | $15.00 | ISBN: 978-1-933959-24-5

Purchase via Small Press Distribution


Litmus Press is committed to fostering and facilitating international literary and artistic international literary and artistic exchange.This is made possible by you – our loyal members, dedicated readers, talented writers, translators and artists.Members ($95/$125) and Friend-level contributors ($150+) receive all titles published in 2015, including a copy of Towards the Primeval Lightning Field

see our Sales & Donations page for a brief list of 2015 titles,

which includes works by Hugo García Manríquez, Magdalena Zurawski, Khadijah Queen and Leonard Schwartz, and artist book collaborations by Marina Adams/Norma Cole and Susan Bee/Johanna Drucker.

Contribute to Litmus Press (any amount helps!)


2015 US Litmus Press Membership ($95) 


2015 International Litmus Press Membership ($125)


Though we receive institutional funding, we still need your help. As public arts support continues to be cut across the country, contributions from individuals like you are becoming increasingly important. Your contribution safeguards our dedication to our writers and artists and ensures the publication of original creative work. Thanks for your support!

Litmus Press is a program of Ether Sea Projects, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit literature and arts organization. Dedicated to supporting innovative, cross-genre writing, the press publishes the work of translators, poets, and other writers, and organizes public events in their support. We encourage interaction between poets and visual artists by featuring contemporary artworks on the covers of our full-length books and formerly, in the pages of our literary journal Aufgabe. By actualizing the potential linguistic, cultural and political benefits of international literary exchange, we aim to ensure that our poetic communities remain open-minded and vital.




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