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HARLEM ARTS FESTIVAL 2015 deadline to apply for #HAF2015 : January 31, 2015.


Join us on January 8, 2015 for our Artist Application Q&A, where we answer any and all questions about the 2015 festival. Learn more here and RSVP:

The deadline to apply for #HAF2015 is January 31, 2015. So get a move on it!

Apply now >


Harlem Arts Festival Application 2015

The Harlem Arts Festival (HAF) Application for 2014 is now closed. We are currently accepting applications for the 2015 Festival and for our HAFSessions series.Artists are selected for the Harlem Arts Festival through an application process, vetted by HAF’s Artist Selection Committee. Artists that are selected each year join the HAFamily, which gives them a number of benefits. These include:- Performing at the Harlem Arts Festival, which is attended by more than 6,000 people each year
– Showcasing their work regularly in venues around New York City
– Conducting workshops, classes and residencies in local schools,
– Media and photography footage that can be used to create EPKs
– Rehearsal space,
– Recording studio time,
– Establishing relationships with mentors and professional artists to provide guidance for their careers.
– Being seen by the individuals that program some of Harlem, and New York’s leading performing institutions, including The Apollo, Harlem Stage, the Hip Hop Theater Festival, and more.All opportunities for HAF Artists are compensated with honorariums. The Harlem Arts Festival also has a number of relationships with organizations and individuals that become part of the artists’ network as well.Before you begin, please be sure you have read through our FAQ’s and all information about the application. Once you begin this application, you will not be able to save your work or go back. If you are not able to complete this at one time, copy the questions on to a separate document, fill it out there, and fill in your answers when you have time. Once you fill out the application, be sure you pay the $25 application fee. Only applicants that have submitted payment AND completed the artist application will be considered for the festival.

You can email us any time with questions:, or call (347) 619-3823.

* Required

Contact and Artist Information

Artist Name *
First and Last. This person will be your point of contact unless otherwise stated.
Phone Number *
The best number to reach you.
Mailing Address *
123 West 123rd Street, Apt.123 New York, NY 10027
Email Address *
What is your primary artistic discipline *
You can select more than one if your work is inter-disciplinary.
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Theater
  • Visual Art: Painting, Drawing, Photography, etc.
  • Poetry, Spoken Word
  • Sculpture, craft, jewelry, artisanal work
  • Multi-media
  • Other:
Artist Bio *
Tell us about yourself. In 2-3 paragraphs, please provide a brief bio and a description of your artistic practice and significant recent work. If your application is selected, this text will go on our website. Please proofread.
Scheduling Conflicts *
Please list any major conflicts you have in the last two weeks of June. For the last two years, our festival was the last weekend in June, and we anticipate the dates will be June 27-28, 2015. This is subject to change pending Parks Dept. approval.

Project Description

Billing Information *
Along with your bio which talks about who you are, this information will go in the program and on our website to describe the work you will present. Include the name of artist or group, all performers names, and titles of the pieces being performed. Please proofread.
Description of Project *
Explain what you aim to present. Be as descriptive as possible.
Technical Requirements *
Provide stage plot, sound equipment, and any specific technical needs, etc. We will provide select sound equipment, backline, mics, and chairs. There will be Marley flooring on the Mainstage only. Second Stage is approximately 12 X 12 platform with 1 ft. rise, tent, and no backstage area. Refer to the Artist Info Packet for more detailed information about what we provide and stage information.
How does your work align with the mission and vision of the Festival? Based on this, why do you feel your piece should be presented this year? *
Be concise, specific, and honest. Talk about your connection to Harlem and how your aesthetic will reverberate in this community.

Project Media and Work Samples

**Please note, all applications sent without work samples are immediately disqualified. We need to be able to see your work to accept your application. You can send us links to personal websites (excluding Facebook), emails with attachments, downloadable files, or mail us a CD or flash drive with digital material. All materials must be in a digital format. Send all work samples to, subject line: “Work Samples: Your Name”**
List your website address (if you have one)
Links to video
Please list links for up to 5 minutes of video of your work. If footage of your proposed project is not available, please choose footage that demonstrates your style and artistic vision.
Links to Photos *
Please list links for up to 10 photos of you or your group and your work. We prefer high resolution images (300 dpi or higher). If images of your proposed project are not available, please choose photos that demonstrate your style and artistic vision. You can send image files to, subject line: “Work Samples: Your Name” For large files, please share photos in a zip file or through a photo sharing website (like Google, Flikr, or Snapfish)
Project Text
Theater/Spoken word/Poetry artists, please provide a sample of your text.
Have you presented this work before? *
  • Yes
  • No

Community Relations

How did you hear about the Harlem Arts Festival *
Social Media? Harlem blog? HAF Artist? Let us know!
Have you ever attended an HAF event? *
check all that apply
  • I attended the festival
  • I attended the gala
  • I attended another fundraiser
  • I attended an open mic, or an HAF session
  • No, I have not attended any HAF events.
  • Other:
Describe your relationship to Harlem *
Do you live, work, or study here? How does it inspire or affect your artistic practice?
Would you be interested in any of the following? *
Please check all that apply
  • Post-performance talk backs
  • Workshops with kids
  • Workshops with adults
  • Interviews with press
  • Appearing in our marketing material (photos, video, website, emails, etc)
  • Performing at our Gala in February

Have you paid the $25 application fee yet?

Only applicants that have submitted payment AND completed the artist application will be considered for the festival. After submitting your application, open this link in a new window and submit your payment.


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