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RED JACKET FUJI APPLE JUICE and TART CHERRY JUICE will make you love nature!

This juice is GREAT! UNBELIEVABLY TASTY! Natural Sweetness and Careful unfiltered wild pressed sweet pear-like flavors provide 100% fruit juice. Never from concentrate, all natural juice. The Fuji Apple juice will make you believe in Mother Earth as your new best friend.

Even if you never particularly had a fondness for apple juice, this RED JACKET juice will make you love apple juice.




  • Simply the best Cold Pressed Juice on the planet. All of our ready to drink beverages contain ONLY fruit; none of that shelf stable fake stuff.
  • For over 50 years, we have been Fresh Industry Leaders with an unparalleled branded program of sustainably-grown summer fruits and apples, including the largest stone fruit orchard on the East Coast.
  • Nothing says “I care about you and your health” more than a box of Red Jacket Orchards fresh fruit, juice or specialty items from the Finger Lakes.
  • If you love Red Jacket as much as we do, wear it! You can choose from our selection of custom T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and more!

Located in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York State along the rolling hills of Seneca Lake, Red Jacket Orchards has mastered the art of harvesting and pressing premium fruits and juices. Three generations of the Nicholson family have grown apples and summer fruits, including berries, currants, cherries, peaches, plums and the largest apricot orchard on the East Coast. Founded in 1958, what began as a local apple farm has grown to a 600-acre family orchard. In addition to producing fresh fare, we offer a range of cold-pressed, all natural juices and pantry items.


NYC Greenmarket

Metro New York Farm Markets

Union Square (8am-6pm)- Year Round

Bronx Borough Hall (8am-4pm) – 6/3/14 to 11/25/14
Brooklyn Borough Hall (8am-6pm) – Year Round
Fort Washington (8am-4pm) – 6/3/14 to 11/25/14
125th Street Market (10am-5pm) – 6/3/14 to 11/25/14

Albany Street (8am-5pm) – Year Round


New York Botanical Gardens (9am-3pm) 6/18/14 to 11/26/14 
Rockefeller Center (8am-5pm) 9/10/14 to 10/8/14 
Union Square (8am-6pm) 6/18/14 to 11/26/14


Bowling Green (8am-5pm) – Year Round
Rockefeller Center (8am-5pm) 9/11/14 to 10/9/14



West 97th Street (8am-2pm) – Year Round

Rockefeller Center (8am-5pm) – 9/12/14-10/10/14



Abingdon Square (8am-2pm) – Year Round
McCarren Park (8am-3pm) – Year Round
Fort Greene Park (8am-4pm) – Year Round



Forest Hills (8am-3pm) – Year Round
Cortelyou Rd. (8am-4pm) – Year Round
Tompkins Square (9am-6pm) – Year Round

79th Street –Year Round


On occasion, Red Jacket Orchards may not be able to attend certain markets. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For even more details about these markets, please visit the market schedule calendar on our Facebook page.


Starting with our roadside stand in 1958, Red Jacket Orchards has always sold direct to the consumer, a relationship we value highly because it provides us with instant and honest consumer feedback. Today we’ve taken direct marketing to its ultimate level by participating in NY City Greenmarkets.The Council on the Environment sponsored markets allow us the chance to connect directly with many New York communities that otherwise would not have access to fresh, quality, local produce. These daily interactions also help build mutually rewarding relationships as we grow together.Red Jacket Orchards participates in Greenmarket year round, bringing our farm fresh summer fruits, apples, and freshly-pressed 100% fruit juices and ciders to the city in better condition than can be found in any local store. Additionally, direct to the consumer sales strengthen this country’s agricultural base by providing producers with more share of the final sale, rather than countless middlemen and retailers.

We recognize the importance dedicated consumers like those we meet daily in Greenmarket play in helping to make our family business a success. We are especially grateful for our dedicated customers who seek us out regularly during their hectic day. We proudly serve all five boroughs of The Big Apple and appreciate the benefits that open-air, European style farmers’ markets create in the urban fabric. We owe much thanks to New York City Greenmarkets which were developed by city planners and have continued to prosper throughout the five boroughs ever since their introduction in the 1970’s. We are also very pleased to be a part of the recent planning progressions across the East River supporting the Williamsburg and Greenpoint sections of Brooklyn. We consider this area our home in the city and it is where we opened our first distribution outlet in 1998. We have since outgrown the Hope St. facility and now are located in a larger building in Greenpoint.

We look forward to continuing to serve the urban communities of New York City and appreciate the patronage of our many loyal customers over the years. Please check our market schedule above to see where and when you can find us, and drop by for some of the best tasting farm-fresh products you can find in the city.

The Nicholsons

Council on the Environment of New York City

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Elements of IPM (pdf)

For more information about Red Jacket Orchards’ Greenmarket operations contact:

FMD Manager: Aaron Wilson

Tel: 646-201-2171



Check Out Our Excellent Ratings In The Zagat Marketplace Guide! (pdfs)
Zagat 2010
Zagat 2008
Zagat 2007
Zagat 2005
Zagat 2003

Farm Store

Continuing a long tradition of selling farm fresh fruits and juices direct to the public, our Farm Store is stocked with Red Jacket Orchard products along with a curated selection of local and regional fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, and other specialty pantry and sundry items.

957 Route 5 and 20
Geneva, NY 14456

New Holiday Hours!
Monday-Wednesday: 9am-6pm

Thursday-Saturday: 9am-7pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm

Now Selling:
Gift Packs, Gift Baskets and Mail Orders
Our Orchard Fresh Fruits
100% Cold Pressed Fruit Juices
Finger Lakes Specialties

The Nicholson Family

The apples didn’t fall far from the tree!

Joe Nicholson

Chairman of Red Jacket Orchards, returned to the farm in 1972 after working as a junior security analyst with Bache and Co. on Wall Street in N.Y.C. Prior to Wall Street, Joe served on a U.S. Navy mine sweeper attaining the rank of Lieutenant J.G. He received a B.S. in economics from Villanova University (1964) and an M.B.A. from Xavier University (1966). Joe has been an active industry leader serving in various capacities, including President of the former Western NY Apple Association and recently as trustee to the U.S. Apple Association. After 40 years in the business, his passion continues to be experiencing great food, growing unique, top quality flavorful fruit and planning that next orchard. When not at home or abroad, Joe can be found out pruning or sailing.

Brian Nicholson

President & CEO – graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Marketing and then settled in NYC for six years. Engaging the city originally as a grand “experiment with fate,” Brian quickly realized that after starting the family’s distribution business… opportunity called from within this great city. He settled into an advertising career with storied firm Jordan McGrath Case and Partners. Here he learned the trade of “engaging consumers,” working on Proctor and Gamble’s iconic Bounty paper towel business. Finally returning to “greener pastures” on the farm in 2000, Brian has led the company during its ongoing 12-year growth period. Partnering with his family, he has focused efforts in product expansion, retail/distribution development and brand expansion (particularly with the beverage business) resulting in a 6X growth factor. Brian also serves currently as Chairman of NY Apple Association and on the board of Premier Apple Coop. He resides in the Finger Lakes with his wife and 3 children. He enjoys triathlons, golf, sailing, goofing with the kids and growing an innovative family business.

Mark Nicholson

Co-Owner – Mark rejoined the family business in 2002 after working in agriculture policy in Washington, D.C., and today is part owner of Red Jacket Orchards with his brother Brian and father Joe.  His responsibilities at the family owned fresh fruit and juice business over the past 10 years have included managing farm operations, launching sales of a branded juice product line, and since 2012, managing all fresh fruit sales.  Prior to Red Jacket, Mark’s D.C. careers included working as the Industry Information Manager for the U.S. Apple Association (USApple), and as a Marketing Specialist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service.  Mark currently serves as the chairman of USApple’s board of directors.  He is a 1994 graduate of Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, receiving a B.S. in Pomology.


As an extension of our base IPM commitment, RJO has established several acres of transitional organic orchards and hopes to dramatically increase organic production over the next few years. RJO’s proprietary organic production methods combine traditional and cutting-edge production techniques, including holistic & biodynamic practices. In 2006, RJO installed nearly two acres of high-tech high tunnels, which provide an advantageous environment for tender crops. RJO is one of very few orchards in the eastern United States that grow tree fruit in this way, and is exploring similar approaches for different crops.


Located on the shores of Seneca Lake in Geneva, NY, RJO’s juice building is LEED certified and partially dependent on solar energy. RJO grows over 500 acres of tree fruit, including over 300 acres of apples and nearly 250 acres of apricots, sweet cherries, plums, strawberries and many more delicious fruits!

By delicately managing soil fertility, RJO avoids excessive weed growth and maintains the balance of the orchard’s ecosystem. RJO’s fertility practices increasingly rely on natural fertility and organic-based inputs, such as seaweed-based foliar materials. RJO cooperates with its beekeepers to minimize threats to honeybee and local native pollinator populations. In 2012, RJO installed bee boxes around its orchards; these bee boxes will help attract & establish populations of native pollinators to augment the activities of traditional honeybees.


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