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Holiday Guide ! Gifts! Elegant Handcrafted Pieces! Style! MegsBrokenWings has it All!

We love the simplicity and elegance of handcrafted jewelry and have pointed out various artists at the Artisan Group collective whose work speaks to us with a pure and understated glamor. This artist clearly moved us with her handcrafted works.

MegsBrokenWings has a way to collaborate with all.  Allow her personalized pendant line to make mommy smile!  Bring along her most elegant pieces to dazzle your best vacation outfits.  Let her forged rings fancy your fingers as you grasp that wine glass at a most prestigious wine tasting event.  Let her earrings compliment a make-over, or be a great conversation piece at dinner.  …and with fitness and lifestyle, it’s often the journey – embrace it in style!

Clover Princess - Patina Citrine Wire MegsBrokenWings
Megs describes her work:
I like things that are”girlie-girl” and “natural-organic”.  Jewelry became an artist outlet for me, as I come from a difficult past.  My childhood struggles were great, which inevitable critiqued the woman I’ve become.  I am strong, as I know what it takes to survive.  I naturally love and nurture most things, as I understand the need to be loved.
With my jewelry I’ve attempted many things on my own, but I’ve learned it takes much more publicity to become well known.  My items have been on the red carpet and on the big screen!  However, I haven’t quite found the knack yet in how to capitalize on my participation, so with this I seek the experts!
As Seen on Heart of Dixie grande MegsBrokenWings
Because my work is handmade, I like to use the term “perfectly-imperfect”!  This by no means describes quality, as I do not sell anything I would not be proud enough to wear myself (and do!), or gift to my most beloved and closest friends.
hand forged and wire wrapped Opal Drop earrings MegsBrokenWings
With that, I encourage your reply!  Feel free to browse my collections at MegsBrokenWings

Below take a look at some of my most recent involvements, and also a sneak peek at my popular winged stackable gemstone stretch bracelets if you haven’t seen them!  They’re lovable and fun, and with most things associated with wings ~ inspirational!
lapis lauli gemstone stretchbracelet MegsBrokenWings
So excited to share this with you!

simple sierra round filigree  and Wire earrings MegsBroken Wings


We highly recommend browsing the catalog and gifting more than a few pieces for friends, relatives and yourself.


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