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VideoGame Design and VideoGame Business –Conference– NY Games Conference — 9/8/14 *nyc, Digital Media Wire





09:00 AM – 09:15 AM

Welcome to the Conference

Ned Sherman, CEO, Digital Media Wire

09:15 AM – 10:00 AM

View from the Top: The State of the Game Industry

Industry leaders discuss the current state of the game industry as the business continues its transition towards a digital future. What does it take to make a successful game these days across platforms? What emerging gaming platforms will be the most important in the years to come? How do you make money in this more and more complicated gaming universe with new digital platforms competing for the time and pocketbooks of consumers?

Liam Callahan, Director, Games Industry Analyst,The NPD Group
Chris Early, VP, Digital Publishing, Ubisoft
Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO, Next Games
Peter Levin, President, Interactive Ventures & Games, Lionsgate
Michael Worosz, SVP, Corporate Development & Strategy, Take-Two Interactive
Moderator: Eric Goldberg, Managing Partner,Crossover Technologies

10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Keynote Conversation

Dan Morris, Director of North American & Mobile Games Partnership, Facebook
Interviewed by: Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors

10:30 AM – 11:00 AM

11:00 AM – 11:40 AM

MONETIZATION PANEL: Monetizing Games through Free to Play

This panel will discuss free to play and freemium models for games. What works? What doesn’t? What’s the right mix in deploying free to play?

Bjorn Book-Larsson, CEO, Reloaded Games
Ari Brandt, CEO, MediaBrix
Greg Costikyan, Senior Game Developer, Loot Drop
Steven Sadin, Head of Product, PlayDots
Moderator: Joost van Dreunen, CEO & Co-Founder,SuperData Research

DISTRIBUTION PANEL: The Rise of the Tablet: What does the Future Hold?

This panel will discuss the future of gaming on tablet platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows 7. The focus will be on the unique considerations (including development, marketing, and user behavior) for tablet games and the future of the platform. What are the considerations and strategies in plotting a successful game for the tablet market?

Noemie Dupuy, Co-CEO, BUDGE Studios
Antti Sten, CEO, Boomlagoon
Fraser Townley, President, Wikipad
Moderator: Michael Cai, SVP, Games & Digital,Interpret

11:55 AM – 12:35 PM

MONETIZATION PANEL: The Evolution of Digital Pricing Models Across Consoles, PC and Mobile/Tablets

This panel of experts from console, PC and mobile/tablet gaming will discuss the evolving digital pricing models, including revenue shares and the current and future landscape across the various platforms (Consoles, PC, Mobile/Tablet, etc.)—from feemium to freemium to premium and everything in between. The panel will focus on the specifics of how the industry is changing due to emerging platforms and how people are monetizing on them.

Chris Early, VP, Digital Publishing, Ubisoft
Rick Sanchez, VP, Product & Marketing, OnLive
Paha Schulz, Director, Business Development, Games-as-a-Service, Crytek GmbH
Moderator: Nate Nanzer, VP, Frank N. Magid Associates

DISTRIBUTION PANEL: Making Successful Games for Mobile Platforms

This panel will discuss how to make a successful game for iOS, Android and emerging mobile platforms and the metrics that matter when judging product success.

Mark Ladd, CEO, LyteShot
Margaret Wallace, CEO, Playmatics
Jill Schneiderman Wilson, SVP, Game Development, SGN
Sean R. Scott, Founder & Managing Director,GameDevMasters
Moderator: Stephanie Llamas, Senior Analyst,SuperData Research

12:35 PM – 01:35 PM


Luncheon Featuring A Discussion of “Women in Gaming”

Jessica Rovello, President & Co-Founder, Arkadium
Teresa Lu, User Acquisition Manager, Tilting Point
Koh Kim, Business Development, Google Play
Moderator: Christine Lee, Director of Business Development, Americas, Chartboost

Hosted by: chartboost

01:35 PM – 02:15 PM

Game Marketing Leadership Roundtable

This panel of leading game marketing executives will discuss the mix and techniques being used to market games today and how they see this changing in the years to come.

Matthew Bromberg, Group General Manager,Electronic Arts
Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, General Manager, Mobile,Perfect World Entertainment
Moderator: Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors

02:20 PM – 02:40 PM

Featured Presentation

Koh Kim, Business Development Manager, Google Play Games

02:45 PM – 03:05 PM

03:10 PM – 03:30 PM

Keynote Conversation

Fireside Chat
Tommy Palm, Games Guru, King
Interviewed by: Arseny Lebedev, Founder, Signus Labs

03:30 PM – 04:00 PM

04:00 PM – 04:40 PM

MONETIZATION PANEL: Madison Avenue & Games: Opportunities at the Intersection of Content and Technology

This panel brings together a mix of companies and executives from the advertising and games industries to share ideas about relationship between games and advertising and how to create new business opportunities at the intersection of these two exciting media industries.

Jon Dworkin, SVP, Digital Strategy & Business Development, Warner Music Group
Geoffrey Greenblatt, North American Gaming Director, Mindshare
Lisa Marino, CEO, RockYou
Andy Wing, CEO, Fuel Industries
Moderator: Neal Sinno, SVP, Strategy & Business Development, Optimatic Media

DISTRIBUTION PANEL: Social Casino Games: Winning Strategies

This panel will discuss casino games, social casino or real-money gambling. What do traditional casino game developers need to learn in order to successfully compete in the social space? What effect will the legalization of real money virtual gambling have on the existing non-real money virtual casino games? In an increasingly crowded social casino space, how will future leaders stand out?

Nick Bogovich, Executive Director, Mobile, GSN Games
Tim Gronkowski, CTO, Furywing
Sean Kane, Partner, Interactive Entertainment Group, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz
Jamison Selby, VP, Games, bspot
Eugene Youn, CRO, Ninja Metrics

04:45 PM – 05:25 PM

MONETIZATION PANEL: Video and Game-related Content

This panel will discuss the growth of game-related content on video platforms. What are the opportunities to connect with the gamer generation through video content?

Matthew DiPietro, VP, Marketing, Twitch
Alexander Macris, SVP, Emerging Brands, DEFY Media
Martin Schulman, Director, Production & Digital,Conde Nast Entertainment
John Sutyak, Executive VP, Business Development,Digital Development Management
Moderator: Grant Johnson, CEO, Interpret

DISTRIBUTION PANEL: The Battle to Be Discovered and Acquire Users in Mobile Games

With so much competition in mobile games today, the App Store, Google Play and other mobile game marketplaces have become vicious battlegrounds where the winners reap huge monetary rewards and the losers often perish. With costs rising to acquire users that monetize and provide a solid LTV, it is crucial to have a winning strategy and partnerships for discovery and UA. This panel will discuss the marketing technologies, platforms, analytics, social outlets and traffic sources needed to succeed in the competitive mobile games landscape today.

Christian Calderon, Head of User Acquisition,Playdots, Inc.
Nick Fidler, Senior Director of US Sales, East,Fiksu
Cristina Fuser, Director, Product Marketing,Arkadium
Christine Lee, Director of Business Development, Americas, Chartboost
Max Rollinger, Membership Programming Manager,Application Developers Alliance
Moderator: Alan Avidan, CEO, Bees and Pollen

05:30 PM – 07:30 PM


Hosted by:



CEO, Bees and Pollen

Alan brings vision and experience to Bees and Pollen positioning it to be the world-leader in predictive personalization optimization. A successful serial entrepreneur, Alan is focused on growing Bees and Pollen by connecting with dominant key customers and investors, and on bringing future generations of predictive personalization products to market via strategic partnering. Alan holds 3 engineering degrees from Carnegie Mellon and CUNY and an Executive MBA from NYU/Stern.


Executive Director, Mobile, GSN Games

Nick Bogovich is Executive Director, Mobile at GSN Games. Joining the company in 2011, Nick oversees business and product development of GSN’s mobile initiatives, including the GSN Cash Games mobile-optimized site and the free GSN Casino app on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Previously, Nick served as Director of Engineering at Curata where he led the company’s product development efforts. Prior to that, Nick was Co-Founder and President of mStyle, a mobile marketing boutique.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


CEO, Reloaded Technologies

Bjorn Book-Larsson is the CEO of Reloaded Games Inc, the parent company of the free2play portal, the casual games site and the studio subsidiary Reloaded Productions. Mr. Book-Larsson became the company’s CEO in 2012 after previously serving as its COO and CTO. Prior to Reloaded Games, he was the CTO at FUNTechnologies (TSX:FUN, LSE:FUN) later purchased by Liberty Media, and he served as the CIO and co-founder of SkillJam, a subsidiary of Inter Mix Media (NASDAQ:MIX). Reloaded Games, through its predecessor K2 Network, is a pioneer of free2play® games in the Western Market, launching the first western free2play Massively Multiplayer Online Game in 2004.

Today serves over 30 million free2play hardcore gamers, serves an innovative blend of casual collaborative social games, and Reloaded Productions designs and develops hit MMO games like All Points Bulletin: Reloaded®, Fallen Earth® and Hailan Rising / KingOnline™

Reloaded Games also operates a game platform business, giving third party developers unparalleled access to tools, game distribution, data analytics and global payment and monetization systems for use in their own games.


CEO & Co-Founder, Media Brix Inc.
Ari Brandt co-founded and is CEO of MediaBrix, the industry leading advertising platform that delivers immersive brand messages during Breakthrough Moments™ (BTMs™) in social and mobile games. He is a seasoned media executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building profitable digital businesses and advertising technologies.

Before founding MediaBrix, Brandt was the CEO at Linkstorm, an advertising technology company, where he led the company through consecutive years of triple-digit growth and global expansion. He has also worked as the head of digital media for Condé Nast Business Media Group and held management roles at DoubleClick and Yahoo!.

Brandt regularly speaks at industry conferences and most recently has been a featured speaker at ad:tech, MediaPost’s OMMA Global, FutureM and DMW LA Games Conference. Additionally, he has contributed articles and been quoted in widely read media outlets such as iMedia, AdWeek, Forbes, MediaPost and Adotas.


Group GM, Electronic Arts

Matt is Group GM at Electronic Arts, where he oversees the Bioware and Waystone Studios, creators of such games as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Dawngate.

Prior to joining EA, Matt was president and CEO of Major League Gaming, where he helped create the world’s first digital sport, leading a start-up team that built the largest consumer video game events in North America; the largest web platform for competitive video gamers in the world; and live online broadcasts whose ratings in the young male demo exceeded those of major cable television.   He also spent 5 years in a number of roles at AOL: SVP and GM of MovieFone, GM of Consumer Products, and GM of online gaming. Prior to AOL, Matt led the TechWeb Network at CMP Media during its IPO and subsequent sale. He began his career as head of sales and marketing for Lexis Counsel Connect, a pioneering online service later sold to Bruce Wasserstein.   He holds a B.A. in English from Cornell University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.


SVP, Games and Digital, Interpret

Michael Cai serves as Senior Vice President of Games and Digital for Interpret, a leading media and technology research firm. He leads the company’s gaming vertical, providing a wide variety of market research and analysis products to help clients gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer gaming habits and interest and make strategic decisions.


Head of User Acquisition, Playdots, Inc.
Christian Calderon is a data-minded marketer with a passion for econometrics and video games. His professional specialty lies in user acquisition and predictive modeling for freemium games. Christian received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Berkeley then started his career as an investment banker and held roles at Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan and Needham & Company, where he specialized in the gaming industry. He later held revenue and marketing roles at KIXEYE and Dots, where he is now the Head of User Acquisition. Since joining, the Dots team has more than doubled their install base to over 35 million users across their mobile games network.


Director, Games Industry Analyst, NPD

Liam Callahan is an industry analyst for Video and PC Games at NPD. Besides producing day-to-day analysis for clients and developing presentations, Liam is primarily responsible for the Games Market Dynamics reports which quantify consumer spending activities beyond new physical purchases at retail, specifically digital spending. Liam advises ongoing enhancements to the surveys and products along with producing the key finding for reports. Liam has worked at NPD for 9 years in a variety of roles covering new product launches, product management and consumer surveys.

Liam’s perspective is highly sought-after and has been quoted in news outlets such as The New York Times, USA Today, MSNBC, and industry sites such as Gamasutra, GamesIndustry International, and Joystiq. He has previously presented at industry events such as GDC.

Besides his strength in finding meaning behind the numbers, Liam is an avid gamer with firsthand knowledge of digital gaming.


Senior Game Developer, Loot Drop

Greg Costikyan has designed more than 30 commercially published board, roleplaying, computer, online, social, and mobile games, including five Origins Awards winners; is an inductee into the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame; and is the recipient of the IGDA’s Maverick Award for “tireless promotion of independent games.” Most recently, he was Senior Game Designer for Disney Playdom’s San Francisco studio. He has something of a reputation as a scholar of games, and The Mit Press published his book, UNCERTAINTY IN GAMES, earlier this year. He has lectured on game design at universities including the Copenhagen ITU, Helsinki University of Art & Design, RPI, and SUNY Stonybrook; and his writings are used in game studies course across the globe. In addition to academic publications, he has written on games, game design, and game industry business issues for publications including the Wall Street Journal Interactive, the New York Times, Salon, Game Developer Magazine, and Gamasutra. He founded the NYC chapter of the IGDA, and is the author of four published science fiction novels. His personal website may be found at


VP, Marketing, Twitch

Matthew is VP of Marketing and Communications at Twitch, the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. Prior to Twitch, Matt launched and managed marketing for Socialcam, a stand-out social mobile video application acquired for $60 Million in July 2012. From 2007 to 2010, Matt was Director of Marketing and Communications at Federated Media, which he helped become one of the leading voices in new media. He joined Twitch Interactive in 2010 prior to the launch of the brand. In 2014, The Wall Street Journal cited Twitch as having the 4th largest peak internet traffic in the U.S.


Co-Founder and CEO, SuperData Research

Joost is co-founder and CEO of SuperData Research, a research firm specialized in the digital, mobile and online games market.

As one of the first academics to study video games, Joost also has over fifteen years of commercial research experience in interactive entertainment and technology industries. Before receiving a doctorate from Columbia University on the topic, Joost worked as an analyst on both the financial and consumer-side of the games industry.

Anticipating the shift to digital games early on, he founded SuperData in 2009. Today SuperData is a leading games industry researcher, collecting digital point-of-sale data from almost 3 million online gamers every month. Clients include publishers such as Electronic Arts, Activision,, IGT, Zynga and Pokémon and all the major Wall Street firms.

Joost is a recurrent speaker at major industry events such as GDC and Casual Connect, and is regularly quoted in both industry publications and mainstream press. In addition to his business adventures, Joost teaches at the NYU Game Center. He lives in the East Village in New York, with his wife Janelle and son Maximus.


 Co-CEO, Budge Studios
With over 20 years of experience in Digital media, Noemie drives the growth of Budge Studios. She has a strong record of success in both Mobile App Development, Publishing and Digital Marketing. She solidified partnerships with Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Bros, Mattel, Crayola, DHX, Sanrio, Sony and American Greetings. In the past year, she helped position Budge Studios in the top 10 Entertainment and Kid App Publisher Worldwide with over 40 million app downloads. 

She was nominated as Quebec’s top 5 Women Entrepreneur in 2011 and talked about Mobile Apps at TEDx in 2013.

 Budge Studios leads the industry by providing entertaining apps for kids through innovation and creativity. The company develops and publishes apps for smartphones and tablets played by millions of children worldwide.


SVP, Digital Strategy & Business Development,Warner Music Group
Jonathan Dworkin is Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy & Business Development, Warner Music Group, a role in which he helps develop and implement global digital strategy for the company. His responsibilities include forging relationships with digital start-ups, negotiating with new services, and driving the expansion of WMG’s partnerships with existing players. Dworkin joined WMG from Nokia, where he was Global Head of Business Affairs and Strategy in the entertainment division. Among other achievements, he licensed and launched Mix Radio, which is currently available in more countries than any other digital radio service.

Having joined Nokia in 2008, Dworkin was instrumental in growing Nokia’s music services – including Nokia Music Stores, Comes with Music and Mix Radio – across 38 countries. In 2004, he joined Lagardere SCA to help launch US operations for its mobile division, creating original content brands BlingTones and BarrioMobile. Prior to that, he launched Brick House Music, a boutique management company, looking after the careers of artists and producers including J Dilla, Pete Rock, Memphis Bleek and GoodandEvil. Dworkin started out as a session guitar player and sound engineer.


VP, Digital Publishing, Ubisoft
Chris Early joined Ubisoft’s San Francisco office in February 2010 as vice president of digital publishing. Early spearheads Ubisoft’s digital publishing initiatives, where he oversees digital game commerce, operations and player engagement in North, South and Central America territories. Early brings an impressive breadth of experience with prior roles at Microsoft, most recently serving as the general manager for Windows Gaming Technology where he led development efforts designed to extend game experiences across multiple platforms and grow Microsoft’s casual and core gaming audiences. Early also served as president and chief operating officer of GameSpy and executive vice president and general manager of Mplayer. Early’s entrepreneurial exploits include founding Corporate Computer Rental and being a ComputerLand franchisee. Early holds a BA in Economics and a BA in International Management from Claremont Men’s College.


Senior Director of US Sales, East, Fiksu
With over a decade of experience working with technology companies specialized in media, analytics, adtech and mobile, Nick brings in depth experience and knowledge to the mobile game space. As one of the first hires in the sales and marketing teams at Fiksu, Nick has contributed feedback and strategy input to key products and offerings which have helped to position Fiksu as a leader in mobile user acquisition. In his role as US Sales Director, Mobile Games, Nick manages a nationwide team focused on bringing solutions for the games industry to companies throughout the Americas.


Director, Product Marketing, Arkadium

Cristina Fuser is a mobile marketing executive with a decade of experience launching hit games.  In her current role at Arkadium, a top developer of online, mobile and Windows 8 games, Cristina is responsible for crafting unique go-to market strategies for the Company’s cross –platform games.Before joining Arkadium Cristina held marketing positions at Playfish, Glu Mobile and Electronic Arts.

Eric Goldberg


Managing Director, Crossover Technologies

Eric is a 30-year veteran of the game, consumer online, and wireless data industries, serving in capacities ranging from game designer to executive.

Since 2002, Eric is or has been a board member of, advisor or consultant to AOL, AT&T Wireless, Centerscore, Digital Chocolate, Electronic Arts, Exponential Entertainment, Gaia Online, HipLogic, In-Fusio, Juice Wireless, Kayak (dba Blaze), Lifetime, LimeLife, Meredith, Mforma (dba Hands-On Mobile), Moloon, Openwave, PaymentOne, PickTeams (fka GoCrossCampus), Reaxion, rmbrME, Thumbplay, Unplugged, Vindigo, Warner Music, YouPlus, and two US venture capital firms.

Eric was most recently the President and Co-Founder of Unplugged, for which he secured distribution with four of the five largest North American carriers. Previously, he served as President and Founder of Crossover Technologies, one of the first consumer online companies, for which he secured AOL, BMG, Discovery Channel, Intel, Microsoft, Prodigy (IBM/Sears/CBS joint venture), Random House, Sony, Time Warner, and Viacom as clients and distribution partners; and, prior to that, as President of West End Games, the adventure game company for which he published, among 40+ titles, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and Junta. His award-winning games include Paranoia, Tales of the Arabian Nights, The Tom Peters Business School in a Box, and MadMaze, the first online game to draw one million players. He is a three-time winner of the Origins Award for Best Role-Playing Game and a two-time winner of the Game Designers Guild Select Award.

Eric is a regular speaker at the major North American games, wireless and online conferences, including CTIA, MECCA, Internet World, The Conference Board, DMW, GDC, GDC Mobile, MES, AGC, MGC, LA Games Conference, and E3, and has served as a programs advisor or advisory board member for the latter six conferences. He was previously a board member for the New York New Media Association and New York University’s Center for Advanced Digital Applications.


North American Gaming Director, Mindshare

Geoffrey Greenblatt, a ten-year media agency veteran with extensive experience in gaming space development, delivers innovative gaming-oriented strategies and executions within the larger communication planning architecture for clients throughout North America.

In his role, Geoffrey has worked with brands such as Unilever, ampm, and Sprint to launch gaming programs spanning the Xbox, Playstation, GameStop, Wild Tangent, EA, Zynga, and Facebook platforms.

Geoffrey has authored two Mindshare-published whitepaper books: The Current Gaming Landscape And Beyond and Let’s Play: A How-To Guide To Winning In Gaming.  He has also been awarded back-to-back Cannes Media Lions Shortlist Awards for his work in gaming.


CTO, Furywing
Tim has been leading innovation and new product teams for the last 15 years. Currently, he is a Founder and CTO at Furywing. overseeing the company’s advances in mobile gaming. Previously, Tim has provided research and consulting services to the casino gaming industry with Jordan Gaming after serving as Director of R&D at WMS Gaming. Prior to WMS, Tim was a product manager of video operations for AT&T, guiding development on U-Verse.


CEO & President, Transgaming
Expertise, passion, and engageability for the electronic entertainment industry are what CEO & President of TransGaming, Vikas Gupta, bases his professional ethos on. He has transferred these tenets to every project he has undertaken, from leading TransGaming’s strategic endeavors to his advisory and mentorship ventures such as sitting on the Intel Consumer Board of Advisors and the Board of Directors of Interactive Ontario. With exceptional leadership and insight and a thirst for transformation, Vikas has led TransGaming from a provider of innovative enablement gaming software to its emergence into an interactive media powerhouse that is catalyzing the revolutionary delivery of video games into the connected living room.Vikas is a member of the prestigious global organization YPO (Young President’s Organization), Chairperson of the non-profit organization, The McLuhan Festival of the Future, and sits on the Board of Advisors for N4 Systems and Interscope Directories. In addition he is a frequent speaker and lecturer at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Business and Ryerson University’s Business and Technology program. In 2008, Vikas was the recipient of the Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award and has also been featured in a broad range of print and television media. Vikas is a graduate of the University of Waterloo, Canada’s premier technological educational institution.Vikas’ success in the interactive media industry is merited by the time-honored relationships that he invests in with his colleagues and associates who often describe him as charismatic, profound, determined, and humorous. With his unique industry proficiency and inspiring personality, Vikas is an unstoppable force behind the active growth of the digital media industry.


CEO, Next Games

Teemu leads Next Games’ business development and heads the company’s strategic direction. Teemu is determined to build Next Games into the next big thing in mobile gaming and is also a firm believer in an open work culture. With 15+ years of games business experience, most recently he was with Rovio leading mergers and acquisitions and selected corporate development efforts. His previous roles include EVP Mobile, Business Development and Communications with Sulake, the makers of Habbo Hotel as well as managing his own games company. Teemu is a Board member at MAG Interactive, a highly successful swedish casual mobile game developer.


CEO, Interpret

Grant is the Chief Executive Officer and a Co-Founder of Interpret, a market research and consulting firm focused on the convergence of new media, entertainment, technology and advertising. Grant has 15+ years of academic and consumer-based research experience across global video game, consumer electronics, mobile, home entertainment, theatrical, and music while at Nielsen Entertainment, Lieberman Research Worldwide, and Coleman Research.

Prior to co-founding Interpret, Grant was instrumental in launching Nielsen Interactive Entertainment, a unit that achieved profitability in its first year through Grant’s integration of innovative methodologies and advanced analytics. Grant also served as VP of Nielsen NRG International Theatrical and Home Entertainment operations, returning the International division to profitability in less than one year. Grant is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Oregon, majoring in philosophy, holds a Master’s in Psychology from Brandeis University, and conducted doctoral research in clinical psychology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


Partner, Interactive Entertainment Group, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC

Sean F. Kane is a partner in the Interactive Entertainment Group at Frankfurt Kurnit, where he represents a variety of companies in the video game and social media industries. Mr. Kane’s clients often are on the cutting-edge of media, content and technology creation where rapid innovation is leading to the birth of new products, companies and industries. He has considerable experience negotiating licenses, developer and publisher agreements, and in protecting the intellectual property rights of video games and related social media applications, including trademark and copyright protection, clearance and enforcement.

Mr. Kane has worked at the forefront of the interactive entertainment industry for the past decade and has represented clients on transactional matters involving various business segments, such as console and PC video games, virtual worlds, online gaming, social gaming, mobile and tablet gaming, virtual currency, mobile apps, social media, computer software and the Internet. Mr. Kane’s clients range from start-ups to the largest developers and publishers in the video game industry. He counsels and works with clients to structure, negotiate and implement complex content acquisition, development and distribution deals. Mr. Kane regularly advises clients on licensing, co-branding, consulting, advertising, content monetizing, publishing and distribution transactions. He also has experience litigating complex business and intellectual property disputes in federal and state courts at trial and appellate levels and in ADR forums throughout the country.

Mr. Kane is a founding member of the Video Game Bar Association. He is a member of the American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law, where he recently served as Chair of the Computer Games and Virtual Worlds Committee. Additionally, he is a member of the Section of Science & Technology Law, where he served as the founding Chair of the Virtual Worlds and Multiuser Online Games Committee.


Business Development Manager, Games, Google Play
Koh is currently a Business Development Manager for Google Play Games where she leads international market strategy and industry influencer outreach. As a hardcore gamer, she works with game developers from all over the world to create best user experiences, building player communities, and launching sustainable businesses on Google Play. She also advises game companies on international expansion and recently spent last year starting the Play business development team in Korea.


Co-Founder, Signus Labs

Arseny Lebedev co-founded Signus Labs, where he manages marketing and partnership strategy. Since its founding in 2009, Signus Labs grew organically to a full development studio that releases multiple platforms to millions of players. Arseny focuses his energy on creating memorable story moments for players. Signus develops adventure, puzzle and casino games on web and mobile platforms with major publishers.


CEO & Co-Founder, Lyteshot
With over 22 years of management experience leading design and technical innovation for large multi-national companies and emerging services companies, Mark is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in operations, strategic planning, and business development. Adept in sophisticated virtual design and construction environments, he is an entrepreneur of design and information technology with a forte in planning and developing digital solutions in highly creative and design oriented settings.

Mark is Founder and CEO of LyteShot, a cloud-based mobile gaming platform for alternate reality gaming (ARG) in the real world with sensor-based game play connected through the internet – think Wii© for everywhere. LyteShot’s platform digitally connects multi-player physical gaming through the internet via user’s mobile devices using LyteShot’s hardware called the Lyter© and LyteStrip© to link with mobile gaming apps on smartphones for a fully immersive live-action gaming experience. The cloud-based platform integrates features such as augmented reality, heads up display (HUD), and geo-fencing to create game boundaries and allow in-game advertising. Mark provides executive leadership for all aspects of LyteShot’s business functions, implementing the company’s strategic plan of its platform, and oversight of design technology research and development.



Director of Business Development, Americas,Chartboost
Christine Lee manages the North America Business Development team at Chartboost, the largest revenue platform for mobile games. In her current role, Christine oversees all North America publisher relations, strategic partnerships and advertiser relationships. She previously managed entertainment and games at AdMob, and continued to work with both console and mobile game developers when the company was acquired by Google. Prior to her work at Google/AdMob, Christine supported the Digital Advertising Solutions team at Microsoft. Christine is a graduate of UC Berkeley and spends her weekends teaching flying trapeze at the Circus Center in San Francisco.


President of Interactive Ventures & Games,Lionsgate

Prior to his current position, Levin served as CEO and Co-Founder of Nerdist Industries, a multi-platform creator of genre and popular-culture content. He also served as Co-President of Legendary Entertainment Digital after Legendary Entertainment acquired Nerdist Industries in July of 2012.

Prior to Nerdist Industries, Levin served as President and Co-Founder of Intel Capital, Dentsu, Softbank and DoCoMo-backed Bellrock Media Inc., a mobile and broadband entertainment company creating and distributing premium content for mobile and broadband platforms throughout North America and Japan.



Senior Analyst of Consumer Insights, SuperData Research

Stephanie Llamas is Senior Analyst of Consumer Insights for SuperData Research, where she oversees projects on all segments of digital gaming. With more than seven years experience in social and digital media, she brings a unique combination of academic acumen and business savviness to the industry. Prior to joining SuperData, Stephanie oversaw online marketing campaigns for clients in the law, hospitality, and non-profit sectors. Most recently, she headed the social media marketing campaign for New York University’s Steinhardt School, while writing her Master’s thesis on the relationship between interactive media and extremist groups. Stephanie regularly speaks at both academic and industry events, and holds degrees from Northwestern University and New York University in digital art and video game theory.

SuperData is a leading games industry researcher, collecting digital point-of-sale data from over four million online gamers every month. Clients include publishers such as Electronic Arts, Activision,, Microsoft and Zynga, and all the major Wall Street firms.


User Acquisition Manager, Tilting Point
Teresa currently manages user acquisition campaigns and strategies for all Tilting Point game development partners. She joins Tilting Point from directing performance marketing and UA campaigns at DeNA West. Prior to working in gaming, Teresa came from an ad agency background, managing creative strategy and integrated media campaigns for top banking and health care companies at a woman-owned agency.


SVP, Emerging Brands, Defy Media
Alexander Macris is Senior Vice President of Emerging Brands at DEFY Media, which includes The Escapist, GameFront, GameTrailers, CagePotato, Crushable, DamnYouAutocorrect, Everyjoe, Gurl, PopHangOver, Screenjunkies, The Gloss, and Teen. Alexander co-founded The Escapist in 2005, and DEFY Media acquired it in November 2012. Prior to the acquisition he served as CEO of Themis Media, The Escapist’s parent company.

Under his management, The Escapist was named one of Time Magazine’s 2011 Top 50 Websites. The Escapist has also earned three Webby Awards for Best Game Related Website, two People’s Voice Award for Best Game Related Website, a People’s Voice Award for Best Lifestyle Website, and a Mashable Award for Best Online Magazine. Additionally Themis was a 2010 CED North Carolina Company to Watch and 2006 Top 35 Wall Street Journal Winning Workplace recipient.



CEO, RockYou
Previously RockYou’s Chief Operating Officer, Lisa guided the company through its years as a social game developer, when it became one of the top five publishers on Facebook, and led its rebirth into a profitable in-game video ad network. She holds an MBA from Stanford, has been profiled on sites like VentureBeat and TechCrunch, and has spoken at GDC and Casual Connect.


Director of North American and Mobile Games Partnerships, Facebook

Dan Morris runs North American & Mobile Games Partnerships for Facebook. Prior to joining Facebook, Dan served as senior director for partnerships at DeNA, leading North American business development for the world’s biggest mobile-games publisher. He was previously director of strategy and development at Electronic Arts, and began his career as a journalist covering the video games industry.


Vice President, Frank N. Magid Associates

Nate Nanzer, Vice President at Frank N. Magid Associates, has over 13 years experience working in quantitative and qualitative research focused exclusively on interactive entertainment. Nate routinely conducts large-scale quantitative and qualitative research and strategy initiatives for many of the top developers and publishers across such as EA, 2K, Microsoft Studios, WBIE, Ubisoft, Zynga, and Kabam, among others. His research spans the US, Europe, Asia and South America. Nate brings his expert knowledge of the global gaming landscape, consumer segmentation and emerging technology to each engagement.


General Manager, Mobile, Perfect World
Fabien-Pierre Nicolas is General Manager, Mobile at Perfect World, the leading developer and publisher specialized in free to play online multiplayer games with hits like Dungeons & Dragon Neverwinter, Torchlight and Star Trek Online. In his role, he oversees the mobile publishing and content creation operation across the company’s portfolio of mobile games. Prior to his current role at Perfect World, Fabien was a DeNA, the world largest social mobile games company, overseeing their creative services, product marketing and user acquisition teams in the West across the company’s portfolio of mobile games. Previously, Fabien spent five years at Ubisoft where he handled strategic, brand and online marketing for major game franchises, including Far Cry, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia and Heroes of Might & Magic. Fabien holds an MBA from Grenoble Business School.


Games Guru, King
With over two decades of experience as a game designer and entrepreneur, Tommy Palm has earned the title “Games Guru” at leading casual social games company, King. He works in the forefront of the company’s prevalent cross-platform games initiatives taking games from social to mobile. During the more than 10 years developing mobile games at Jadestone, which he founded in 1999, his team has been awarded nine international awards and numerous nominations. In 2009, Jadestone’s mobile department spawned off into Fabrication Games, where Tommy was president. The company went on to be acquired by King in early 2012.


Membership Programming Manager, Application Developers Alliance
As the Alliance’s primary representative in New York, Max works with the Membership and Marketing teams to manage/ create new Alliance events and build relationships with existing and prospective members. Max is a veteran of the mobile industry event space, having founded the AppConext and Mobile Gaming USA conference series. He has also worked on events in the sports and government consulting industries in previous positions. He is a native of the Boston area and a graduate of American University in Washington D.C. with a Bachelors degree in Public Communications and a minor in International Studies. When he’s out of the office, Max enjoys throwback jams, standup comedy, rooftops, playing golf (poorly), and cheering on his beloved Red Sox and Celtics.


President & Co-Founder, Arkadium
Jessica Rovello is the President and co-founder of casual gaming powerhouse, Arkadium.  Founded in 2001, Arkadium has a library of over 300 mobile and online games and powers the gaming channels of some of the world’s biggest brands, including Comcast, CNN, AARP and many more.  In 2012 Arkadium announced a multi-game, multi-year deal with Microsoft that put the company’s games on over 500 million Windows 8 devices worldwide (tablets, phones, PCs). Before founding Arkadium at age 24, Jessica pioneered digital viral marketing as the director of online services for Artisan Entertainment, where she produced the website for The Blair Witch Project. has been cited as a ground breaking event in the history of film and the internet and was acknowledged as a key driver in making The Blair Witch Project the most successful independent film of all time.  Jessica is the winner of the American Business Award for Executive of the Year, the Stevie Award for Entrepreneur of Year, was named one of SmartCEO’s Future 50 and is a Crain’s New York “40 Under 40.”



Head of Product, Playdots
Steve Sadin is the Head of Product at Playdots –a fast growing, visual design focused mobile game studio. Their first two titles, Dots: A Game About Connecting, and TwoDots have each reached the top of the App Store. Before joining Playdots, Steve spent time as a Senior Game Designer at 5th Planet Games; a Monetization Consultant at Playnomics (acquired by Unity); and as a professional Magic: the Gathering player.


VP of Product and Marketing, OnLive

Rick Sanchez is a product and marketing executive with a deep background in games and consumer web.

He was a co-founder at IGN, where he served as VP of publishing for, GameSpy and Rotten Tomatoes. He launched the GameTap games-on-demand platform for Turner Broadcasting where he was the creative director and VP of Content, responsible for licensing and building a library of over 1000 games. Rick was also responsible for original game development at GameTap, including American McGee’s Grimm and the first two seasons of Telltale Games’ Sam & Max episodic series. Rick was also formerly VP of Digital for Trion Worlds, where he helped to launch RIFT, and General Manager of Rick has also consulted on product strategy, go-to-market planning and product licensing for a variety of technology and games companies. Most recently, he was VP of at Disney Interactive, where he ran the off-Facebook web product and brought games such as Marvel: Avengers Alliance and Pirates of the Caribbean: Isles of War from Facebook to

Rick is a prolific writer who has worked for DC Entertainment and written comics such as Resident Evil, Legends of the Dark Knight, Telara Chronicles and the Kickstarter-funded A Hero’s Death. His first novel will be released later this year.


Director of Production, Condenast
Martin Schulman was born and raised in Manhattan and recently returned home from LA. He attended Hunter College High School and proceeded to get a BFA in Film and Television at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. After Tisch, Martin moved to LA where he flourished, working as a writer, designer and storyteller for several video game and film studios. He worked as a writer/designer at Seven Studios on Fantastic Four, The Sopranos: Road to Respect, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Legend of Jack Sparrow. He then went to Warner Bros Animation, working on feature length DVDs based on the Thundercats and Scooby Doo. Having beaten the video game level of his life, he started working in film production at Moxie Pictures and finally as Director of Production at Condé Nast Entertainment. At Condé Nast Entertainment, Martin oversees the production of digital content for twelve Condé Nast brand channels and counting, communicates with some fifteen production companies negotiating budgets, and contracts. In the midst of all his directorial work, Martin has also found time to lend his storytelling magic and enthusiasm to projects within the CNE umbrella including coproducing WIRED’s Obsessed: Star Trek, Retrograde, and the Atari excavation of the famed ET video game which, was, in fact, buried in the New Mexico desert. Lastly, Marty won the first annual CNE Fantasy Football League last fall which didn’t really surprise his coworkers since he did write Fantasy Football for Dummies.


Director of Business Development, Games-as-a-Service, Crytek GmbH

Paha Schulz is Director of Business Development at Crytek.

Based in Crytek Frankfurt HQ, Paha is currently responsible for the business development side of international publishing of all Crytek’s Games-as-Service titles (including online free-to-play, mobile, and social). Recently he also took responsibilities for the mobile game business efforts of Crytek.

With over a decade of experience in the videogames industry – the majority of it centered on the online gaming market – Paha assumed his role at Crytek following stints in both Asia and Europe with companies such as Electronic Arts and NCsoft. His focus throughout his career has always been based on cross-cultural businesses, including work around various disciplines such as business development, market analysis, monetization strategy building, and publishing.


Founder & Managing Director, GameDevMasters
Sean is the Founder and Managing Director of GameDevMasters, a comprehensive online directory of games industry freelancers and consultants who provide services from development (audio, art, etc) to business (PR, legal, etc.). As a games industry entrepreneur who has held many types of positions (Development Director, Producer, Programmer, etc.), Sean has worked on over 40 published projects ranging from small to large multi-million dollar AAA games, across many platforms (iOS & Android, web, consoles, PC), for his own startup and large corporations (Nickelodeon, 2K Games). That experience has given Sean a deep and well rounded perspective on the business and technical aspects of game development which he uses to create games that excite marketing managers, media, and most importantly the players. Prior to the games industry Sean worked as a software developer on projects for major corporations (Merrill Lynch, AT&T) and obtained a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.


VP, Games, bspot

Jamison heads up the games team at bspot. He is a game industry specialist with years of expertise leading cross-disciplinary design and production teams in the creation of multiplayer social games and interactive entertainment. He founded and leads the International Game Developers Association’s Real Money Gaming SIG. In years prior, he launched the Monkey King Games consultancy and served as Senior Producer at TimePlay Entertainment, creating a new generation of location-based multiplayer gaming in casinos, cinemas, cruise ships, bars, clubs, and stadiums. He also adapted the hit TV show Deal or No Deal into a live, pay-to-play stage show and was a key creative and producer on The Real Deal interactive show at the Venetian Las Vegas, pitting the world champions of poker against an audience of their fans.


CEO & Publisher, Digital Media Wire

Ned Sherman is Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Media Wire and Managing Director of DMW Hexagon, a consulting and advisory practice providing research, business development and corporate strategy for digital media companies. He works at the center of the rapidly growing digital media industry, where he brokers relationships and keeps a tab on the most important developments shaping the industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Ned Sherman is more than the average pundit: He is an attorney and has an inside grasp of what is happening.” Ned is a frequent speaker at industry events and has been quoted and profiled in publications including The Wall Street Journal, American Lawyer, LA Times, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Billboard and interviewed and featured on C-SPAN and National Public Radio (NPR).


SVP, Strategy and Business Development,Optimatic Media, Inc.
Neal Sinno is a digital media executive with over 15+ years of online, mobile and market opportunity experience. Neal is currently the SVP of business development and strategy for Optimatic Media, a leading RTB video advertising platform. Prior to joining Optimatic, Neal was the SVP of business development at Arkadium. As a member of Arkadium’s executive team, Neal was responsible for leadership and oversight of the new web and mobile application product development, business development, account management and production.
Before joining Arkadium, Neal was the vice president of business development at Game Trust. There he developed and managed key new content syndication and advertising opportunities and was a member of the executive team responsible for the company’s acquisition by RealNetworks. Neal has also held key roles at Mellon Financial, The New York Times and Lucent Technologies. Neal also serves as an advisor for the Casual Games Association, Nickelfish IDM and Playbuzz Media.


CEO, Boomlagoon
Antti Sten is the CEO of Finnish Studio Boomlagoon, founded in 2012. He has a 10 year history in game development startups including Digital Chocolate and Rovio, and was on the team that brought the world “Angry Birds.” His experience as a technical lead covers various technologies like server architecture, dynamic content creation and AI, while also spearheading business development in rapidly growing startups. Boomlagoon released their first mobile game “Noble Nutlings” last year for iOS and Android; the game surpassed 600,000 downloads in the first week, and garnered positive reviews from both mobile enthusiast and game industry news outlets. Their second game “Monsu” is slated for release later this summer. Antti is a respected mobile veteran who has spoken on monetization, customer engagement, and player retention at a few recent events, including GameLab Barcelona, GamesFirst Helsinki, and Pocket Gamer Connects: Helsinki.


Executive VP, Business Development, Digital Development Management
John Sutyak has been an executive in the electronic game industry for 20 years, and has been involved in gaming for over 25. He has created, designed, sourced and acquired games, licenses, brands and businesses during the most dynamic time in the gaming business. As one of the founding members of Hasbro Interactive, (HI), the interactive gaming arm of the Hasbro Corporation, he served as Chief Creative Officer. With HI, John was responsible for company wide acquisitions and managing relationships with major licensors in the entertainment industry. John led HI in the acquisition of Atari, and played a key role in the purchase of Microprose and Avalon Hill businesses. Working with other publishers, brands, and development studios, John was a leader in building HI past $250M in annual revenue. John has had the good fortune to work with some of the most acclaimed intellectual properties in gaming such as, Monopoly, Scrabble, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, Frogger, and the Atari Classics. John has been with Digital Development Management (DDM) for the past several years leading the Games Industry Services Division, responsible for sourcing alternative funding and publishing initiatives. In this role he leads organizations, from start ups to recognized companies looking to expand their presence in the interactive gaming sector, establishing the vision and strategy for new product direction and growth. Relying on DDM’s representation business and beyond he sources and creates relationships with exceptional talent and brands in the game and entertainment industry to accelerate gaming and digital media initiatives for his clients.


President, Wikipad
Fraser Townley is the president of Wikipad. Wikipad is a US based award winning design and engineering business creating touch screen tablets and game controllers. Wikipad has offices in Shenzhen China, London, Hong Kong and new offices opening in Toronto. Its head office is based in Los Angeles. Fraser recently invented the Gamevice, which is a detachable gamepad controller for iOS, Android and Windows tablets and mobile devices. He created the Gamevice brand name in a move to open up the customer base of Wikipad to the mass market tablet consumer.​


President, Magid Advisors

Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors founded the Magid Internet and New Media research and consultation practice in 1995, with AOL and Excite as his first two clients. Mike’s team has completed over 2,500 engagements with over 100 Internet clients. Mike began the Magid Gaming Practice in 2001 with EA and Sony Online as his first two clients. The Magid Game Practice now works with most of the major game publishers.

Mike provides research and consulting services to a number of major traditional media companies in regard to their new media initiatives, as well as consulting a number of leading Internet and gaming companies. He has also provided advice to venture capital and private equity firms in regard to investments in the media space. Mike has been involved in strategic and tactical consulting, including the launch of new services and programming, as well as development and implementation of online and offline marketing programs. Mike has also been extensively involved in video and PC gaming strategies for a number of our companies, as well as the development of game concepts. Mike has consulted on a number of film projects such as You’ve Got Mail and The Matrix.

He holds a B.S. in psychology and sociology from Wesleyan University and has worked as a fundraiser and transfer of technology officer at the California Institute of Technology and the University of California. Mike also worked for the U.S. House of Representatives, The U.S. Senate, and for two Administrations in the White House.


CEO, Playmatics

Named in Forbes as one of twelve women in games to watch, Margaret Wallace is an entrepreneur focusing on the gaming, tech and digital media sectors. She is CEO of Playmatics, a company dedicated to bringing rich gaming & digital media experiences to a variety of connected audiences worldwide. Playmatics focuses both on branded and original IP — with an emphasis on creating refreshing and deeply immersive interactive experiences, many with connections to the real world with strong narrative tones.


SVP, Game Development, SGN
As SVP of Game Development, Jill (Schneiderman) Wilson oversees all aspects of SGN’s production, from concept through lifecycle. She is responsible for both the strategic planning and day-to-day operations of the company’s industry-leading cross-platform game development. As employee #3 (after founding partners), Jill spearheaded the company’s original expansion into game development and has grown their production team into the mobile-social leader it is today. Prior to SGN, Jill held a hybrid of business and creative roles at start-up board game company, Imagination Games. During her tenure with Imagination, Jill pioneered the company’s international sales and outbound licensing business and created several board games, including the Gossip Girl: Never Have I Ever game. Jill serves as an advisor to the Casual Games Association and is a regular speaker at industry events. In her spare time, she plays competitive backgammon in the Bay Area, where she currently resides. Jill graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California, and was born and raised in New York City.


Chairman of the Executive Committee and Co-CEO,Fuel Industries
Andy Wing is Chairman of the Executive Committee, Board Member and co-Chief Executive Officer of Fuel Industries. Fuel is a digital agency and game studio based in Los Angeles, CA and Ottawa, Canada providing services and products to advertisers as well as creating original entertainment content.
In addition, Mr. Wing oversees an investment fund focused on media and entertainment, mobile technology and information services. He is Chairman of Runtriz, the global leader in mobile hospitality technology platforms as well as Chairman of Interpret, a market research and advisory services firm specializing in the media and entertainment sector. Mr. Wing is also a Board Director of SoftKinetic, a Belgium based company who is innovating the 3D recognition and gesture technology space.
Mr. Wing is a former partner at global financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald, having overseen their entertainment practice as President & CEO, Cantor Entertainment, which included The Hollywood Stock Exchange. In this capacity, Andy participated in assisting the Firm secure federal approval from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for the Cantor Exchange. Previously, Mr. Wing served as President and Chief Executive Officer of VNU’s Nielsen Entertainment. Before joining Nielsen, Mr. Wing spent over twelve years at American Express in key general management, marketing, finance and business development roles.


SVP, Corporate Development and Strategy, Take-Two Interactive Software

Michael Worosz is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., where he is focused on identifying and pursuing new growth opportunities through acquisitions, strategic partnerships and investments.

Prior to joining Take-Two, Michael worked at ZelnickMedia (ZM), a private equity firm which owns interests in an array of media enterprises, including video games and interactive entertainment, television advertising, wireless network enabling software, business information, tradeshows and media-related business services around the world.

Prior to joining Take-Two Interactive and ZelnickMedia, Michael served as the head of business development for several divisions at CBS Interactive, the online division of CBS Corporation, where he led several acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Previously, Michael worked in a variety of product management, strategy, and business development roles at Microsoft Corporation.

Before beginning his career in digital media and technology, Michael was as an intelligence officer in the United States Navy, serving in the Kosovo conflict, making numerous operational deployments to the Middle East, and working as a staff intelligence officer at the Pentagon.

Mr. Worosz earned a BA degree with highest honors from the University of Virginia and received a MBA from Harvard Business School.


CRO, Ninja Metrics

Eugene is responsible for business development, sales and marketing for Ninja Metrics. Prior to joining the company, Eugene was the VP of Business Development for Rhyhm NewMedia (acquired by blinkx plc, 12/2013).  Prior to Rhyhm, Eugene worked in various business development roles at Disney Interactive.


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