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Share. Like. Buy. Minneapolis 9/15-16 Marketing & Millenials

Why attend Share.Like.Buy.? If you market to Millennials (ages 18-35) – and especially if you work in food, restaurant, entertainment, or retail – this is where you attain expert status.
Join fellow attendees from Target, Marriott, Red Robin, Garmin, and many more to hear this great lineup of speakers and content (partial list):
Millennial Identity
Vicki Draper AOL
“Beyond the Selfie: Millennial Women & Generation Revolution”

Jake Katz RevoltTV

“Debunking Millennial Myths & Declaring The New Rules”


Jeff Fromm FutureCast

“Myths & Facts of Hispanic Millennials? as New Parents”


Dennis Devlin Consumer Clarity

“What’s Happening with Today’s Hispanic Millennials?”


Millennial Eating
Mindy Armstrong FoodIQ
“A Day In The Life of a Millennial’s Eating Habits”
Erin Levzow Wingstop
“Using Digital to Build the Fastest-Growing Restaurant Brand”
Barry Westrum Dairy Queen
“Cultivating the Next Generation of Fans”
Millennial Giving
Darren Mastropaolo DoSomething
Zach Maurin ServiceNation
Brad Thompson Labels2Learn
“Activating Millennials By and For the Greater Good”
Millennial Innovation
Glenn Lehrman StubHub
Alisa Feinstein Ketchum
“The New Age of Social Commerce”
Millennial Entertainment
David McKillips Six Flags
“Re-Imagining Thrills”
Millennial Shopping
Steph Wissink Piper Jaffray
“Live Teen Panel”
Jon Breen Google
“NEW Realities of Retail”

Graham Grocochinski PineTree

“Secrets to Success in Today’s Millennial Retailing World”


Monday, Sept. 15, 2014  5:00pm – 7:00pm

Share.Like.Buy. Networking Reception

St Thomas University

1000 LaSalle Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55403

The reception will be held in the School of Law atrium. 

The entrance is near 11th St. and Harmon Place.

Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014  7:00am – 5:00pm

Share.Like.Buy. Conference

Piper Jaffray & Co.

800 Nicollet Mall, Suite 1000

Minneapolis, MN 55402






Welcome & Opening Remarks

Jeff Fromm / Founder / Share.Like.Buy.



“Beyond the Selfie: Millennial Women & Generation Revolution”

Vicki Draper / Director, Consumer Analytics and Research / AOL

Generational bashing in the media is nothing new – Millennials have felt the backlash just like their Boomer predecessors in the 1960s. But at 77 million strong, Millennials are forging their own cultural movement and transforming society. From politics and social issues to women’s rights and the workplace, AOL takes an in–depth look at millennial women to debunk the media stereotypes and reveal them as today’s cultural revolutionaries. 


“Myths & Facts of Marketing to Millennials as New Parents”

Jeff Fromm / President / FutureCast

Laurie Klein / Vice President / The Family Room

Jeff will reveal a massive new research study (July/August 2014) conducted in partnership with Consumer Orbit. This behavior-based study will cover the emerging new American Parent consumer. With more than 10 million American Millennial parent households and 10,000 new births daily, the American Family will be redefined in the next 24 months. Strong brands will get richer. Weaker brands will be replaced by affordable, well-positioned private labels. During his session, Jeff will reveal highlights from his new book on Millennials as New Parents (to be released Q1 2015). Which brands are winning and losing? Why?  How can you grow your brand in 2015? Stay tuned for more.


“Debunking Millennial Myths & Declaring The New Rules”

Jake Katz / VP, Audience Insights & Strategy / REVOLT TV

The Millennial generation is the most researched generation in US history – but the world’s focus has centered around what this generation is as “a people” versus “how” to actually engage them. As a new brand at the forefront of marketing to Millennials, Sean “Diddy” Combs’ REVOLT TV has launched a company initiative called Road to Truth. Conducting a series of ethnographies across the country, collecting perspectives from experts such as Jonah Berger to DJ Diplo’s manager, and culminating the journey in a major quant study – REVOLT brings the industry’s fascination with Millennials down to earth, debunking myths surrounding this group but also providing 7 “new rules” to engage them.


“Que esta pasando con . . . la nueva generacion de Hispanic Millennials?”

Dennis Devlin / CEO / Consumer Clarity

What’s happening with the new generation of Hispanic Millennials? They differ from non-Hispanic Millennials in many ways that should significantly impact your marketing. Dennis will share practical consumer and shopper insights and trends that will highlight these key differences, including their engagement with digital, mobile and social. You will gain a much clearer picture of what it takes for your brand to be successful among the new generation of Hispanic Millennials.





“A Day In The Life of a Millennial’s Eating Habits”

Doug Austin / SVP / Marlin Network

Mindy Armstrong / Director of Insights & Innovation / FoodIQ

FoodIQ brings a unique perspective on the “Day In The Life” of a Millennial’s eating habits within various cultures such as Western Europe, Canada, Latin America and Japan. FoodIQ will share key insights into how Millennials all over the world perceive food and what drives them to make purchasing decisions.  Additionally, they will share various global menus targeting this demographic and discuss how specific successful applications can be applied to innovative menu plan development in the U.S.


“DQ + Millennials: the Next Generation of Fans”

Barry Westrum / EVP, Marketing / International Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen celebrates its’ milestone 75th birthday in 2015. Through it’s Fan Food platform, this heritage brand is re-inventing itself as a modern and relevant dining destination for the next generation of millennial fans. DQ EVP of Marketing Barry Westrum shares how this global brand is developing strategies that turn customers into fans, inside the fiercely competitive quick-service restaurant category.


“Using Digital to Build the Fastest-Growing Restaurant Brand”

Erin Levzow / Director, Digital & eCommerce / Wingstop

Cherryh Butler / Business Development Specialist / BARKLEY (interviewer)



12:30pm (during lunch)

“Live Teen Panel”

Steph Wissink / Principal / Piper Jaffray & Co.

Join us in a live, interactive discussion with a panel of teens. Hear real-time feedback on what’s hot and what’s not with respect to lifestyle and restaurant brands and trends in retailing. Panel comments will be benchmarked relative to Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual Taking Stock With Teens collaborative market research project, a 14-year history of insights based analysis surrounding brand preferences, shopping behaviors, and influences.



“Activating Millennials By and For the Greater Good” (panel discussion)

Darren Mastropaolo / Business Development Manager /

Zach Maurin / Executive Director / ServiceNation

Brad Thompson / CEO / Labels2Learn

Lars Leafblad / Co-Founder & Principal / Ballinger | Leafblad (moderator)

Jamie Millard / Co-Executive Director / Pollen (moderator)



Chryssi Keller / Research Director, Innovation Lab / General Mills


“The New Age of Social Commerce”

Glenn Lehrman / Global Head of Communications / StubHub (an eBay company)

Alisa Feinstein / SVP, Group Director, Branding / Ketchum L.A.

Sarah Unger / VP, Insights & Strategic Planning / Ketchum

There’s a reason people are developing Facebook fatigue: there are only so many people we want to broadcast at, before all such interactions cease to be meaningful. Social networks must become contextually relevant by connecting and inspiring people with common interests to share their experiences with one another. Social commerce creates more engaging, inspiring, fulfilling commercial experiences. eBay, Amazon, Pinterest, and newcomers like WaNeLo, and StubHub are making window shopping as easy as possible, giving people ideas and inspiration about products, leveraging user communities to curate content in meaningful ways via contextually relevant experiences and networks.





“NEW Realities of Retail”

John Breen / Head of Industry, Retail / Google

In the old realities of retail, everything was anchored around the physical store. Foot traffic directed retail decision-making. We are in the midst of the next retail landscape shift, and Millennials are leading the charge. Millennials expect always open, anywhere, everywhere and do not feel constrained by location or store hours. John Breen, who works with many of the largest retailers, will discuss how Google is helping businesses capture Millennial traffic, both physical and virtual.


“Re-imagining Thrills: How Six Flags Adapts for Millennials”

David McKillips / SVP, Corporate Alliances / Six Flags Entertainment

In this session, you’ll hear how Six Flags Entertainment, with its 18 theme parks across North America, is adapting its guest entertainment, partnership marketing and decision making to attract and cater to Millennials. From restaurant concepts to ride names, special events and shopper marketing programs, Six Flags uses its in-house research and technology to deliver on what Millennials are demanding as an audience segment. 

– See what we’ve done with in-Line and in-Park Entertainment driven with Mobile Interactivity

– How we’ve changed our media mix & social strategies

– How we’ve adapted our season pass benefits for Millennials 

– Learn how to develop shopper marketing incentives for the Millennial mindset

– Learn how to adapt your decision-making and use research to meet Millennials’ needs


“Secrets to Success in Today’s Millennial Retailing World”

Graham Grochocinski / Marketing Director / Pine Tree Commercial Realty

Fueled by technological advances, demographic shifts and changing consumer attitudes, the retail growth model once successful with Baby Boomers has proven antiquated for Millennials. Smartphones, social media and online reputations have changed the retail landscape to a model as dynamic and open as the generation driving it. The future of retail will further blur the lines between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar experiences.




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