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TECHNOLOGY — TinyStic is a USB-sized device that turns your smartphone into a desktop computer

We frequently recommend crowdfunding campaigns and we always recommend innovative technology.


Support this campaign and obtain a valauable bit of tech for yourself or anyone with Android devices.



Meet The TinyStic

The device that turns your smartphone into a desktop computer.


The TinyStic is a USB-like device that turns your Android smartphone into a desktop computer.



The TinyStic device plugs into the HDMI port on your monitor or big screen TV.


Download our app and your Android smartphone is then converted into a desktop computer with “Windows-like” drop down menus.  All of your apps are still available.


Connect a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and you have a complete desktop computer experience right from your Android smartphone. TinyStic works with Android tablets also.


TinyStic is great for streaming live television, movies and playing games from your Android smartphone onto the big screen.  Check out our founder playing Grand Theft Auto using the TinyStic technology.


Tech Specs


Dual band technology – The TinyStic uses two (2) simultaneous network bandwidth features.  One at 2.4 GHz and one at 5 GHz.  This is designed to avoid interference and maximize throughput for smoother and faster video streaming and gaming.

Built-in Micro USB 2.0 Port – This port enables you to connect your TinyStic using a USB cable to your TV and provide power supply.

LED status indicator – This LED light indicates the current state of your TinyStic.

HDMI Connector – For hard to reach HDMI ports, the HDMI connector plugs into your monitor’s or TV’s HDMI port.


Mobile App Software Features

Start Button

Tap on the “start” button to open taskbar. Scroll up/down to launch apps.

Change Start Button Location

Click, hold, drag and drop start button to a new location.

Reorder Apps

Open settings, then drag the icons to change item order.

Hide Apps

Open settings then click hide to hide apps.

Create Folder

Open settings click add new to add new folder.

Select a Perk


  • $149USD
    TinyStic & Keyboard

    One portable TinyStic device in standard black and one sleek light weight Bluetooth keyboard. A single TinyStic device is perfect for the professional on the go, college student on anyone into light weight computing. Adding a Bluetooth keyboard allows for the ultimate complete usage of the TinyStic. Includes free TinyStic mobile app. (Free shipping in the USA).

    Estimated delivery: December 2014

    11 claimed

  • $5,000USD
    70 TinyStics

    70 TinyStics in standard black. 70 TinyStics in this package saves you $2030. A bundle of 70 is perfect for electronic shops and small businesses interested in selling TinyStic devices for a profit. Bundled purchases are also great for gift bags and corporate events. Includes free TinyStic mobile app. (Free shipping in the USA).

    Estimated delivery: December 2014

    1 claimed



    What We Need & What You Get

    We need your support in the form of a purchase/donation.  For your purchase/donation, you get a TinyStic device.  Your contributions will be used as leverage when negotiating with partners and manufacturers to create the best product for you.


    Risks & Challenges

    In order to scale our business and to protect our intellectual property, we need large numbers of pre-orders.


    The Impact

    Our founder, Eric Hamilton is a Detroit native.  Our 12-month goal for the business is to build a successful warehousing and distribution center for The TinyStic in downtown Detroit, MI. We are asking the residents of Detroit, ex-Detroiters,  and the residents of southeast Michigan to give us extra love by  spreading the word and supporting our campaign by purchasing a TinyStic.  Your donation/purchase could potentially create jobs in Detroit and help revive a great city.



    Other Ways You Can Help

    We kindly ask you to share our campaign with your friends, family and associates via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.



    Why do I need a TinyStic? Smartphones are great for checking email and running social media apps. But what about computing tasks that require a larger screen, keyboard and mouse? Today’s smartphones are 10X more powerful than the computers that we used to surf the web in 1999.  The TinyStic leverages the power that is already available on your smartphone and virtually eliminates the need for multiple computers.   If you are in your office working on a spreadsheet or a presentation on your laptop, then TinyStic provides for optimal portability by carrying a pocket sized device to continue your work at home.

    Will the TinyStic work with my iPhone or iPad? No, unfortunately The TinyStic only works with Android products.

    Why doesn’t The TinyStic work with Apple products? TinyStic is build upon the Miracast framework. Apple does not support the Miracast standards.

    What’s the difference between the TinyStic and Chromecast? Chromecast is great for streaming video to a monitor, but it does not allow for robust PC-like functionality. Chromecast will not convert your phone into a PC.

    What’s the difference between the TinyStic and a VPN/Remote Server? a VPN app can be used to control a remote computer in a remote location. With the TinyStic, no computer is needed. Your smartphone is the computer.

    What’s the difference between the TinyStic and Windows Surface? Windows Surface is a tablet that has PC functionality. The TinyStic converts your phone into a PC.

    Is the TinyStic a wired docking station from the phone to the monitor? No,the TinyStic uses wireless communications.

    What’s the difference between the TinyStic and Ubuntu? Ubuntu requires some systems administrative skills to install. Ubuntu requires you to reformat of your smartphone’s hard drive with their operating system. It’s not an easy task and it’s not easy to restore your original factory installation. The TinyStic uses a few simple apps to convert your phone into a PC.

    After I install the TinyStic app, how easy is it to uninstall? Uninstalling the TinyStic app is as easy as uninstalling any app on your phone.

    What’s the difference between the TinyStic and Motorola’s Atrix Lap Dock? Motorola’s Atrix Lap Dock is a wired solution and only works with one specific phone. The TinyStic is wireless and works with more than 600 models of Android smartphones and tablets.

    Is TinyStic an external storage unit for files? No, files cannot be stored on the TinyStic.

    Will my apps scale to new resolution settings once projected to my monitor? No, the aspect ratio will not be changed.

    How can I see if my smartphone or tablet is compatible with the TinyStic? The TinyStic works with over 600 Miracast Wifi-Connect certified smartphones and tablets. You can see an up to date list of certified smartphones and tablets here.

    Couldn’t I just buy a Miracast device from China and do this myself? Yes, you could possibly assemble the parts yourself and write software that converts your smartphone into a PC.  We’ve done all of work for you. Everything you need is bundled and ready to go.

    What’s the difference between the TinyStic and Roku Streaming Stick? Roku Streaming Stick is great for streaming video to a monitor, but it does not allow for robust PC-like functionality. Roku Streaming Stick will not convert your phone into a PC.

    What’s the resolution for TinyStic? TinyStic displays in 1080 pixel resolution.

    What Android version can I use with TinyStic? Version 4.2.X and higher.

    What’s the difference between Dell’s Wyse Pocket Cloud PC and the TinyStic? Dell’s Wyse Connect Pocket Cloud PC uses the internet to connect to your “real computer” in the cloud. Thus, an internet connection is required for usage. In addition, Wyse doesn’t have a large variety of apps and games.

    What’s the difference between Splashtop  and theTinyStic. Splashtop is a remote control technology that allows you to access anything on your PC or Mac. TinyStic converts your smartphone into a desktop computer.

    The founder, Eric Hamilton, is a native Detroiter, MSU Computer Science graduate, ex-Netscape employee and ex-Yahoo! employee.  Eric is an internet, web analytics & search marketing veteran with over 25 years of technology work experience. Eric is the founder of the Web Academy, an online web school which recently reached its 4000th enrollment.  Eric is the former CMO of Around The Way app and helped this app achieve over 30,000 downloads in less than 6 months.  Eric is passionate about technology and innovation.

    Eric applauds the success of Dr. Dre for successfully making “Beats by Dre” a multi-billion-dollar brand.  With all of Dr. Dre’s success, Eric believes that there is room for other consumer electronics success stories with African Americans at the helm.





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