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A Young Girl’s Puberty. Reflections in a One Woman Show. DEMERARA GOLD featuring INGRID GRIFFITH *7/17-19, 7/20, 24, 31, nyc

There are thousands of Guyanese and Caribbean immigrants living in New York, across America and all over the globe.  Demerara Gold is their story.   And it’s an account that is rarely told fully.

The show captures the voices, the exhilaration of promise and hope that immigrants from everywhere —  Ireland, Iran, Russia, Mexico, Guyana — who dreamed of moving to America share.  It also resonates with the story of the black migration in America from the South to the North.

Demerara Gold is about dreams but it is also about resilience.  A girl has been left behind in the clutches of her two grandmothers in Guyana and is finally reunited with her parents in America.  In her new home, her parents are not the people she remembers and her American life is not how it felt in her dreams.

Demerara Gold reaches across generations.  The play gives an audience that may know very little about Guyana a taste of the land and culture.  And leads the audience to examine gender roles and family dynamics while having a good laugh and a good cry.

With its tropical Guyanese flavor, Demerara Gold is transporting and is meant to stir the senses…

     “It’s Christmas time and flute players, drummers and flouncers dance in the street.”

The music and the language of the characters throb like the rhythms of a Caribbean masquerade.


For many young girls puberty is a confusing and sometimes scary time.  In an ideal world an older, wiser, kinder woman would be available to explain and help make sense of these physical changes and new feelings.


But in many cultures, even the acknowledgement that one is going through this change is taboo, much less any positive or celebratory discussion about it.


This holds true in old school Caribbean culture.  When a girl’s body starts to mature everyone goes on high alert.  The mission:  to keep her from becoming a ‘fast tailed girl’, a wanton loose child whose only desire is to chase after men and have sex.  So, this flowering girl and her new body and desires are held in check by any means necessary.  Harsh language, closely monitored movements are all viable weapons in the war against her sexual awakening and the power within it.


Puberty and its inherent power are among the themes explored in the one-woman Caribbean show DEMERARA GOLD.  Guyanese actress, Ingrid Griffith, brings to life the story of a young girl whose parents leave their native land to seek a better life in America. The girl and her sister are left behind with their strict grandmothers.  When puberty hits, the battle between the team of grandmothers and the young girl turns into a war.  DEMERARA GOLD is authentic, telling and hilarious!


I highly recommend that you check out the show DEMERARA GOLD, running for 2 weeks in NYC starting JULY 17th as part if the Midtown International Theatre Festival. Tickets are only $ 20 with group discounts available. You will not be disappointed.

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