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Korean Movie Night at Triibeca Cinemas: Series Four – Epic Action

We suggest you arrive Early.



Korean Movie Night

Series Four: Epic Action
July – August
Presented by Korean Cultural Service NY

Tuesday @ 7pm
Tribeca Cinemas
(54 Varick Street, on the corner of Canal Street, NYC)


All seating is first-come, first served.
Doors open at 6:30pm.


Special Screening – FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT

Tuesday, July 1st @ 7PM

(2013, 93min, New York Premiere)

Korean Cultural Service NY is proud to present a special free screening of the hilarious 2013 film FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT. As HA Jung-woo’s acclaimed directorial debut, a pop star, businessman, monk, and paparazzi photographer are among the passengers aboard an airplane when a typhoon strikes. Whereas one might assume the film then becomes tragic, it’s quite the opposite – the film embraces the brilliant comedic misadventures of the passengers and crew! The plot was inspired by the real-life experience of Korean actor RYOO Seung-beom.

If you want to experience more great cinema from actors-turned-directors, the 2014 New York Asian Film Festival, co-presented with Korean Cultural Service NY, will be screening PARK Joong Hoon’s directorial debut, TOP STAR, at The Film Society of Lincoln Center on June 28th! Tickets are available

Series Four: EPIC ACTION!

Summer is finally here and thanks to your friends at The Korean Cultural Service, things are about to get action-packed! Reviving one of our most popular film series of all time, we’re bringing you a fresh trio of brand new epic action films, each guaranteed to transport you through time – and beat you senseless along the way!

Korea has always known how to do period-set action and these three new films prove they’re only getting better with time! So come on down to Tribeca Cinemas and beat the heat with brand new blockbusters that are equal parts history, action, and heart – brought to you for free (as always!) by The Korean Cultural Service. It’s going to be epic!


JULY 29 – THE FATAL ENCOUNTER (2014, 135 min)

Given the seven assassination attempts on his life in his first year as king, young King Jeongjo was known by all as “The King of Misfortune” – a title he constantly hoped to escape from. Based on the Jeongyuyeokbyeon, one of the many assassination attempts on the king’s life in 1777, the film follows the 24 hours leading up to that incident. Jeongjo and his court servant Sang-chaek do everything they can to stay safe from assassins, but the king’s defense can only do so much against a constant barrage of attacks. In one such encounter, an orphan-turned-assassin has been ordered to execute the king, unaware that the king’s only friend and confidant – court servant Sang-chaek – was his own childhood companion!



AUGUST 12 – THE HUNTRESSES (2013, 107 min, US Premiere)

As a child, Jin-ok witnesses the murder of her father and narrowly escapes death. Ferried away by a legendary fighter, she and two other girls begin training in martial arts and become THE HUNTRESSES! Ten years later, the trio of young women have become the Joseon dynasty’s top bounty hunters. Commissioned by the king, they set out on a secret mission to search for the legendary stauroscope – an object that, if it were to land in the hands of evil, would grant absolute power to the holder and overturn the royal family! If you’re craving excitement, you can’t miss this hilarious, heartwarming action-fest that’s epically fun!




Things get totally epic in the brand new blockbuster, THE ROARING CURRENTS, which tells the story of Korea’s most astonishing military victory by the highly revered strategist, Admiral Yi Sunshin! With echoes of 300’s underdog story, in the midst of 1597’s Battle of Myeongryang, Yi Sunshin forms a devious yet brilliant plan that will lure over 300 Japanese ships into a deadly trap, where his tiny fleet of just 13 battleships hopes to turn the tides of war! Packed with suspense and intrigue, this mega-budget action spectacle is the perfect way to wrap up our series and the summer!

Korean Cultural Service New York
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