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ThrillerFest IX | July 8-12, 2014 | Grand Hyatt | New York (with CraftFest 7/8-10 & PitchFest 7/10)

A must for authors and practitioners of the craft at any level. HUGE Encouragement and support is always given to women.

The attention to detail and craft remains a key to successful careers. The lessons in technique offered here remain unsurpassed. A MUST for writers and beginning writers in the genre. There are sessions taught by Lee Child! A session on Medical forensics taught by a M.D.! Sessions by Brenda Novak! R.L. Stine/ F. Paul Wilson! Two entire sessions on correcting and avoiding factual errors when writing about firearms, specifically pistols! Seriously — how many conferences will you ever find that will offer this level of achieving mastery of the genre taught by Masters! We cannot recommend this weekend enough!

The same conference also hosts CraftFest and PitchFest the same weekend. AgentFest registration allows you to pitch an agent (or several, depending on availability) one on one and get serious feedback.

Separate Registrations are needed for these conferences. Please check the websites for details.




6-3-14 Master TF Working Grid-1(pg1)

6-3-14 Master TF Working Grid-2(pg2)



CraftFest is a one-of-a-kind intensive retreat on the craft of writing. Whether you’re a new writer or an established author, the talented instructors can help you hone your craft and take your work to the next level. Watch this space for the 2014 roster of teachers. Come join us!

CraftFest continues to grow and improve. This year we had nearly 500 enthusiastic students and next year this number should increase. Why? Because we have several special and exciting additions to the usual CraftFest line up:

1) We are expanding CraftFest to four tracks and adding more Wednesday Classes. This means more teachers and more choices for attendees.

2) We’ve added Master CraftFest on Tuesday, July 8th. This inaugural one-day, intensive workshop on craft is a unique opportunity to work in small groups under the tutelage of the following teachers: Steve Berry, Steven James, John Lescroart, and David Morrell.

3) Next year will see the publication of the next ITW anthology, FACEOFF. In it, 22 best-selling authors have been paired and have written stories that include each author’s iconic character, working in tandem, or in conflict with the other iconic character. What a great concept! CraftFest will continue this theme by offering a series of craft classes taught in tandem by the paired authors.

4) We are also looking into offering another series tentatively called: FACEOFF: Page Vs Screen. Here we will pair two classes on a specific craft topic, one taught by a novelist, the other by a screenwriter. The hope is to give attendees two divergent views on character, plot, dialog, and the other techniques crucial in crime fiction and thrillers.

If you’ve attended CraftFest before, you know how valuable it is. If not, join us and see first hand how your writing and storytelling skills will elevate to a higher level.

Sign up early. It will be two days that will kick your writing into high gear.



CraftFest Schedule (updated 6/03/2014)
(Click on the schedule to open and download as a pdf)




CraftFest Schedule (updated 6/03/2014)
(Click on the schedule to open and download as a pdf)

Master CF Grid 6-3-14-1(pg1)

Master CF Grid 6-3-14-1(pg2)


PitchFest is designed to put authors and agents together for the purpose of pitching projects. This will be an unprecedented opportunity for those writers looking to get or change agents. And where better to have this event than in the heart of publishing, New York City?

PitchFest is set up like a speed-dating event. You pitch your novel to an agent for a few minutes, get the agent’s reaction, and then move on to a different agent.

Please note: PitchFest is available only in a package with CraftFest. There are no one-day passes for Wednesday or Thursday only. Registering for ThrillerFest alone does not qualify you to attend PitchFest.

Read a sampling of the personal success stories of authors who connected with their new agents at PitchFest (formerly called AgentFest):

Vaughn Ripley

Simon Gervais

Donna Owczarek

Tips on pitching to an agent in person can be found here.




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