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Choices and Trends for Women "from Teens to Grandmothers"


We strongly recommend marketers and anyone interested in brands and branding take advantage of this Conferencece, back in NYC this Summer and also in Minneapolis in September. Tina Wells and Jeff Fromm are both excellent and could enlighten an entire conference just by themselves







































































































































































































































































onday, June 16, 2014

Time Inc. 8th Floor Terrace

1271 Avenue of the Americas (50th-51st St.)

New York, NY 10020

5:00pm – 7:00pm

Networking Reception

Millennial pop/hip hop group MKTO performs live and mingles

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Time Inc. 8th Floor Auditorium 

1271 Avenue of the Americas (50th-51st St.)

New York, NY 10020






Welcome & Opening Remarks

Jeff Fromm, Founder, Share.Like.Buy. 


Babes vs. Babies: How Millennial Life Stages Affect Searching, Sharing & Shopping

Stephanie Sladkus, Publisher, People StyleWatch

StyleWatch’s third annual research study of the Millennial generation focuses on the ever-changing purchase process: life stage effects, multi-platform shopping, and consideration & justification.


GEMS: Girls Engaged in Massive Spending

Carrie Reynolds, VP Sales and Marketing Solutions, XO Group (The Knot / The Nest / The Bump / Wedding Channel)

What changes when a Millennial woman moves in with her boyfriend, gets married, has a baby? These women become GEMs™… “Girls Engaged in Massive Spending” and they are the very heart of the Millennial market. These transformative events rewire their brains to rethink everything – how they share, what they like, what they buy. Carrie will share highlights of a landmark national research study that will reveal how these life-changing events change Millennial women’s attitudes about brands, their buying habits – and ultimately, their purchase decisions.


The Reset Generation 2014

Sarah Power, Chief Strategy Officer, Initiative Media

Millennials continue to be one of the most intensely courted consumer groups. They continue to reset our assumptions about how brands go to market, but their lives have also been reset by economic and political events. Now as they become mainstream consumers, the need to really understand what makes them tick is critical. Initiative’s global look at this generation – speaking with more than 10,000 Millennials between ages 25–34, across markets as diverse as Turkey and the United States, China and Egypt, Argentina and India, Thailand and Russia – identifies the mindset of a generation, and how the lasting effects of global recession impact how they use media and feel about brands.


Heart, Soul, Style and Class: An Expression of Customer Lifestyle

Rachel DiPento, Associate Manager, Customer Insights, Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters believes passionately that our customer is constantly evolving, bringing new ideas, new outlooks and new expectations to their world. Through a deep understanding of youth culture, learn how Urban Outfitters continues to evolve with them, by exploring customer values of creativity, individuality and authenticity.




Navigating the On Demand World of Millennial Shoppers

Sharalyn Hartwell, Executive Director, Frank N. Magid Associates

When dealing with Millennials, the notion of On Demand extends far beyond their cable TV service. An expectation of customization is just one of the many mindsets driving the attitudes and behaviors of these all-important shoppers. Discover how the unique Millennial mindsets apply across categories to give you a road map for success.

11:30 am

How fashion and accessories retail evolved to engage Millennials

Ennio Perrone, VP of Marketing & Merchandising, Sunglass Hut North America

There is no doubt that Millenial consumers are more digitally savvy than any other generation, and that the Internet plays a more important role in influencing their shopping behavior every day. To engage Millennials’ transformed expectations, fashion and accessories retailers are transforming their physical stores into a new medium of experience and entertainment, creating an ideal environment for Millennials to meet brands and build real and long-lasting bonds. These retail experiences have evolved into a new and complex communication system that blurs the lines separating the online and offline worlds.


Millennials Macro Trends

Jeff Fromm, Founder, Share.Like.Buy. and author, “Marketing to Millennials”

Jeff will present a lively look at Millennial macro trends that every consumer marketer must address, then take a deeper dive into fashion trends that leading retailers have developed to drive brand preference and uniqueness. This talk will include new theories grounded in consumer research and best-in-class examples of the brands that are drawing Millennials to them.





Music to a Millennial’s Ear

Elliot Lum, VP, Strategic Marketing, SONY Music / Columbia Records

The buying power of Millennials has never been stronger, and the need for marketers to connect with them digitally has never been more important. Their passion points are music and digital technology. Sony Music conducted a study of 31,000 consumers to study the music fan, and in this session you will learn how to talk to Millennials more effectively through music, how different kinds of music communicates to different segments within the Millennial population, and how the Millennial music fanatics respond to brand messages differently than casual music fans. In this session, Elliot will share the findings of how music, in particular digital music, can drive business results. 


Marmot’s Millennial Adventure

Tom Fritz, VP of Marketing, Marmot Mountain

Jason Parks, EVP, Barkley

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

More than any other generation, Millennials value adventure – even when it comes to the brands they buy. But how to convert the broad notion of ‘adventure’ into sales? Marmot has found that the word ‘adventure,’ surprisingly, is not synonoymus with the outdoor apparel category. Rather, research shows that there are very specific do’s and don’ts. Tom and Jason will share five ways to persuade Millennial adventurers to explore your brand.


How to Bridge the gap between marketing and finance…with Brand Love

Ryan Barker, Managing Partner, BERA Brand Management

Ryan will show us how to evaluate the current and future economic value of your brands among Millennials by leveraging the largest longitudinal brand survey in the world, and by linking financial KPIs to changes in product, pricing, communications, distribution and service. He will Focus on Millennials’ most loved brands, and provide examples of BERA data in the retail and fashion industries.




What I Learned About Tweens by Writing Middle Grade Fiction

Tina Wells, CEO, Buzz Marketing Group and Author, Mackenzie Blue Tween fiction series

These past couple of years has seen the rise of Generation C: Connected, Conscious, and Creative Consumers and Curators. It can be easy for adults to disregard the power of pre-teens, tweens, and young teenagers, but this generation has an incredible amount of agency in the way they present themselves and curate their image before others. They cannot remember a time before the Internet and all of its amenities, and they use those tools to become more informed and more powerful than any previous generation. As they have grown, I have learned to develop the character of Mackenzie Blue in a way that speaks to these young men and women – and I cannot wait to see where they all end up.


Generation EDGE

Kelli Johnson, VP & Research Director, The Sound

Caroline Fletcher, Research Director, The Sound

The youth cultural reign is passing from Millennial to Generation Edge – youths 18 and under. Despite the state of the world as they came of age, Millennials enjoyed formative years filled with prosperity, optimism and tea-cup parenting. In stark contrast are the Gen Edgers – all chaos and no opportunity, realists not idealists, competition trumping collaboration. This generation stands alone with a very different viewpoint of the world. Understanding what differentiates Gen-Edge from the Millennials before them – and, ultimately, what makes them tick – will be essential marketers, strategists and researchers targeting the youth market.


Live Teen Panel

Steph Wissink, Principal, Piper Jaffray & Co.

Join us in a live, interactive discussion with a panel of teens. Hear real-time feedback on what’s hot and what’s not with respect to lifestyle brands and trends in fashion and retailing. Panel comments will be benchmarked relative to Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual Taking Stock With Teens collaborative market research project, a 14-year history of insights based analysis surrounding brand preferences, shopping behaviors, and influences.





Choose summer, fall, or both!


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