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Just Add Feminism #+feminism #addFeminism

It’s not just a hashtag.

Madison’s Browne Fellowship hosted a great discussion at ad agency Deutsch at the end of April.

Mari and Miri explained their newest program #+feminism under the rubric “Is Feminism Dead?” What the majority of the participants in the room discussed was adding  “+feminism” to the things they identify with and love. By incorporating it as part of their daily life affirmations, they seek  to involve a rebranding of the word to reflect its addition to mainstream consciousness by positive consensus.

It’s not just a manifesto.

It is  considered mainstream to have parental leave rights in Sweden and a good part of Europe, even if it is not considered avowedly a “feminist” issue. Equal pay is considered more a point of fairness among millenials without the association of the “woman’s libber” codeword.

So by publicly increasing the list to include everything  you love and adding +feminism to the list, you are hopefully acknowledging  the hopes and ideas of feminism from archaic stereotypes and freeing it to evolve to a modern mainstream acceptance.

It’s a way of life.

We will have an interview with Mari and Miri later in the season.

See:  or


Mariam & Miriam

Mariam and Miriam, co-creators of Just ADD Feminism campaign, met as art directors at an advertising agency called Launchpad, in New York City. Despite the names, they initially thought they couldn’t have been any different: Mariam is a Muslim from Morocco and Miriam is a Jew from Philadelphia. But they became close friends through their love for advertising, and passion for diversity and human rights. When Mariam won the “Feminism is for everyone” contest, the two felt it was the perfect opportunity to extend the reach of the successful message and to support and promote the cause of feminism. Their passion for the cause brought them together and they believe that it can have the same effect on millions of people around the world.  Then they got together with VITAMIN W Media to bring Add Feminism to life.


We believe that feminism concerns each and every one of us – the more we embrace it, the faster we reach equality.

To us, feminism is not a club and doesn’t discriminate. It is simply the belief that everyone deserves to be treated equally.

We believe in human rights, individual rights and equality for ALL. We also believe in great company, lazy Sundays and karma. We are complex humans who are defined by many things.

So we decided to just add feminism to the list of things we already believe in—and we want you to do the same.

Let’s show the world we believe in equality for ALL. Will you join us?

Just add feminism to your list.


Take the pledge


Add feminism to the list
of things you believe in.

Customize your pledge in 30 seconds.

Get the badges

See what others have pledged.

Feel free to share.

The poster that started it all.

In September 2013, VITAMIN W Media, The 3% Conference and Miss Representation announced a competition called “Feminism is for Everyone” challenging people to “Rebrand” Feminism with new visual communication that would get everyone excited.

Mariam, an Art Director in NYC, who considers herself a feminist, learned about the contest and decided to give it a shot. After some thinking and lots of research, Guessous realized that many people have a negative view of feminism and most don’t fully understand the definition. So she decided to simply explain the concept and let decide whether it resonates or not. It’s a choice.

This poster won the contest and has been widely shared around the internet since then–thank you Upworthy. We realized that many people agree with us and believe feminism is a good thing, so we decided to take action and bring all our voices together.



Mariam & Miriam

Vitamin W

VITAMIN W is a woman-owned media platform which covers news, culture, social change, business tech, society and other fun stuff.  At our formal launch on February 2012, VITAMIN W donated to and partnered with six nonprofits including Our Bodies Ourselves, Women Action & The Media, Hollaback and the Soledad and Raymond O’Brien Foundation among others.

Vitamin W

Madison’s Browne Fellowship & Deutsch Inc.

The Madison’s Browne Fellowship is non-profit organization backed by Deutsch Inc.

MBF is on a mission to redefining diversity and establishing a new culture that unites creative communities. Started by advertising professionals as a passion project, Madison’s Browne Fellowship has grown tremendously over the last three years.

MBF is known for its thought provoking topics and for showcasing communities that may be overlooked.

MBF gained high praise last year with the creation of “Don’t generalize my generation” and “FREE-THE-TITLES” events.

MBF believes in diversity, equality and opportunity for all and is a big supporter and advocate for women across many industries.

Madison’s Browne Fellowship & Deutsch Inc.



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