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GIALLO Fans! REVEL in the Beauty! THE STRANGE COLOR OF YOUR BODY’S TEARS will Astonish You! 3/28 & 3/30 #ND/NF 2014

Okay, Ground Rules: Giallo is the ultra melodramatic noir style of Italian slasher film. We don’t go out of our way for slasher films. We certainly don’t go out of our way to review them, much less praise them. Giallo films are not for everybody. Moreover, we do not condone depictions of violence to women. We object to fetishistic glamorization or degradation of  women in film or images, frankly. We find it dangerous.

All that prefaces our remarks.

Now this is ONE HELL of a movie. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful Giallo film ever made. This is a slasher film done as a VOGUE shoot by Helmut Newton. This is the style of film that reminds you of the surreal qualities of ERASERHEAD. If David Lynch continued to work in film, this is the type of film you would hope he would make. The images, art direction, shot composition and cinematography rivals the best fashion magazines. The subject matter may not be our preference, but, dagnabit, seeing this film unfold on a big screen was a sensual experience filled with tension and dread. This art film dazzles the eyes and kicks the viscera.


We think, if you can take it, you would need to see it. We would recommend it over Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream or definitely any other slasher film from the 80’s – present.

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We don’t want children or even teens to see it. We don’t even want some adults to see it, ever.


This film, by directors BRUNO FORZANI and HELENE CATTET ( who previously directed the 2010ND/NF feature AMER and also contributed the “O” segment to the ABC’s OF DEATH anthology), is undeniably prize worthy (Prix Nocturne, Trieste Film festival 2013; Prix Cine + Frisson, Paris International Fantastic Film Festival 2013) and it serves as an Official Selection at the Museum of Modern Art as part of FSLC/MOMA’s New Directors/ New Films 2014 Festival. And, thus, it is beautiful but so twisted that it saddens you that such talent was not devoted to, say, a Godzilla film or a teen romance or well…anything. Let these two do the next Space Opera or Superhero Film and completely change the formula of a comic book film. All they have to do is maintain the surrealism and mute the hints of sadism.

But back to the film at hand. I don’t think a single female lasted through the entire screening.

“Your dark side is the most beautiful thing you possess and now it belongs to me. Sorry for your loss”. – a note given with flowers.

A locked room mystery: A man returns home to find his wife missing. He interviews the neighbors. A detective investigates. A widow in shadows relates the similar disappearance of her husband. A murderer on the loose may be near. The giallo tropes are there, but with an art director’s flourish. Ornate architecture, but the colors are bold. The sonic atmosphere, undeniably creepy, glides with unbearable silences.

Years from now, people will look to this film as a guide, but it now remains a brilliant perversity.

An artistic beneficiary of European tax shelters, L’ETRANGE COULEUR DES LARMES DE TON CORPS  was a co-production of Belgium, France and Luxembourg, so you may want to avoid the streets there.


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