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OPEN NYC AUDITIONS– DANCE — Sydnie Mosley Dances –3/30 RSVP strongly suggested

We follow this dance troupe because of the fierce choreography and insightful concepts. We recommend  all dancers  pay attention.

sydnie mosley dances audition call


Dance Collaborators


To RSVP, please send resume and headshot to ​​​​ with the subject “AUDITION.”

Sun, March 30, 2014

5:30-7PM, 5:15 Registration | Movement Audition | DANY Studios

Wed, April 2, 2014

10AM-12PM, 7-9PM | Prospective Dancer Interviews

Thu, April 3 – Thu, April 17, 2014

New Dancer Courtship

Sun, April 20, 2014

Final Dancer Decisions

​Artistic Director Sydnie L. Mosley seeks dancers who believe in and uphold our Core Values. Dancers must have strong technical foundation in a range of modern dance techniques including release and contact improvisation. Experience with some West African dance traditions a plus. Dancers also enjoy creating collaboratively, and are willing to take risks.

Compensation and benefits include: paid performances, company class at every rehearsal, professional development opportunities including teacher training and support for achieving personal goals, community building.

Commitment includes: Rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday 6-9pm. Occasional Sunday rehearsals as needed. Professional Development meetings first Sunday of the month 2-4pm.

Pre-season Contract: May-August 2014 (July OFF)*

Performance Contract: September 2014-April 2015

*mandatory for 2014/2015 performance season

​​Sydnie L. Mosley​ is an artist-activist who is interested in creative work that is both artistically sound and socially aware. She is most satisfied when immersed in dance, fulfilling her perpetual desire to move, know more about movement, and see the positive impact of movement on the lives of others. Sydnie earned her MFA in Dance with an emphasis on Choreography from the University of Iowa, not long after she received her BA in Dance and Africana Studies from Barnard College at Columbia University. Sydnie’s creative and research interests lie at the intersections of modern dance, movement in the African Diaspora, spirituality, feminism, and literature.​


​A versatile dancer, Sydnie performs modern dance professionally, most recently with ​INSPIRIT, a dance company, and Brooklyn Ballet. Jennifer Dunning of The New York Times writes of her performance in David Parker’s Nut/Cracked Redux, “I won’t soon forget… the woman who stood in the center of a sea of floor-bound bodies, allowing her arms to bloom up and open luxuriously in a gracious, centuries-old convention with radiant pride and pleasure.”

Her choreographic work seeks to actively engage audiences, and often reflects issues in black cultures and the experiences of women. Her evening length dance, The Window Sex Project, and its creative process, are a model for dance-activism. With it, she uses movement to respond to the sexual harassment of women in public places. ​​​Her dances have been performed extensively throughout New York City and in 2010, she was listed by as one of twenty-five “Up and Coming: Young Minority Artists and Entrepreneurs.”​

​ In addition, Sydnie is a dance educator who specializes in teaching modern, jazz and West African dance, amongst other styles.  She teaches babies (really!), K-12, undergraduates, non-dancers and professionals alike, with the motto: if you can move, you can dance!

While dancing, choreographing and teaching are​ Sydnie’s most immediate professional ventures, her skills extend beyond the creative. She is a writer and researcher who earned honors for her Barnard College senior thesis, “​Dancing Black Christianity: Revealing African American and Ghanaian Cultural Identity through Movement in Christian Worship.” Her most recent published article was in the June 2011 issue of Dance Magazine, “Teacher’s Wisdom: Djoniba Mouflet.” She is also an advocate for dance serving on the Dance/NYC Junior Committee which represents the interests of dance professionals in New York City ages 21-30.​​​


​”I won’t soon forget… the woman who stood in the center of a sea of floor-bound bodies, allowing her arms to bloom up and open luxuriously in a gracious, centuries-old convention with radiant pride and pleasure.”   Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times​



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