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6 episode Webseries SCOUT & MAGGIE

One of our favorite topics is entrepreneurship. Women out on the frontlines, fearlessly pioneering new trails.

One of our newest faves is web series creator Stephanie Dawson. Her latest series is SCOUT & MAGGIE.

Scout & Maggie is a buddy comedy. Kinda like Riggs and Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon with less guns, more dresses and equal bathroom scenes. Or, for the “bingo” crowd: it’s like watching Lucy and Ethel on a color tv.
These aren’t your typical ladies. 
Maggie’s open-hearted, easily distracted, and the kind of gal who will help you rob a liquor store provided you bring the snacks.
Wanna watch the playoffs? Call Scout. You need to escape a jail cell after you’ve robbed a liquor store? Call Scout. Wanna ask her how she did it? Tell your mom to start planning your funeral.
Together, Scout & Maggie know how to have a good time…but trouble always finds them (hint, hint: hilarity ensues). 
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Episodes :

EclectionMedia ® All Rights Reserved

Cast and Crew:

Jessica Vera (Scout) – Series Co-Creator, Co-Writer
Jessica is a native Ohioan, part-time Texan, and full-time New Yorker and is lucky to have graced stages in all three states. You may have seen her in the 10-part web series, Death’s Door (Jessica), or last year in a national ESPN College Football commercial. Her recent stage credits include leading roles in: The True History of the Tragic Life and Triumphant Death of Julia Pastrana (Amphibian Stage Productions), The Victim (Midtown Int’l Theatre Festival, Nominated for Outstanding Production of a Short Subject, as part of “The Reunion Plays”), Green River (New School Guest Artist, World Premiere), and The C Zone (Manhattan Rep). She produced and acted in A Year in the Life (Producer) and was a Unit Production Manager on the independent film, What Goes Around. When she’s not acting or avidly following her favorite contemporary playwrights, she likes to watch college football (Go Longhorns!), sample the Mexican cuisine in the city, dance with abandon on occasion and spend time catching up with her six brothers and sisters, who are themselves a lifelong, ever-unfolding story.
Amy Johnson (Maggie) – Series Co-Creator, Co-Writer
Amy hails from the great state of Texas. She got her start in theatre but found her heart in comedy. She became a member of the indie improv team, Baby Grenade through The Upright Citizens Brigade where they won the Indie Cage Match in 2008 and performed in the Del Close Marathon in 2008 and 2009. Amy can also be seen doing stand-up at the Really Great Enjoyable Hour in New York City. She wrote and starred in The Essie and Fonda Show (Lollapolooza, Houston, TX). Favorite roles include: A Winter’s Tale (The Hampton Shakespeare Festival), Trust (Seven Ages Theatre), Oleana (Texas State Black Box Theater), and Jake’s Women (Texas State Black Box Theater). Amy received her BFA in Acting from Texas State University.
Stephanie Dawson – Producer/Director, EclectionMedia
Stephanie hails from Cincinnati, OH where she earned a degree in Environmental Engineering and worked for several years as a computer consultant before pursuing filmmaking. She honed her film production skills at Full Sail University and relocated to New York City where she interned for several producers and directors. Stephanie has worked on many film and television productions including the feature film Happy Tears, the television series Mercy, and the reality show The Celebrity Apprentice. She line produced the short film “A Little Bit of More” (2010) written by Mecca Woods & Curtis John and directed by Curtis John. She produced two short films, “Not Another Heist Movie” (2010) and “Here Comes the Bribe” (2011), both written and directed by Joe Benedetto. She produced the experimental musically-driven short film “Skapes” with music by Chris Buck and direction by Morgan Goldin. She recently produced a 10-part web series Death’s Door (working title) which will premiere in the summer of 2011 and she is excited to help bring Scout & Maggie to viewers.
EclectionMedia ® All Rights Reserved
Amanda Johnson is KATE
Adam Swartz is DOC
Brian Waters is GREG
Dan Stern is DICK
Elann Danzinger is KAI
Griffin DuBois is MARK
Matt Barbot is DAVID
Josh Hartung is DON
Ann Marie Yoo is JUDY
Chris Davis is COLE
Nicholas Santsier is CHIP
Amanda Johnson is KATE
Adam Swartz is
Brian Waters is GREG
Dan Stern is
Elann Danziger is KAI
Matthew Barbot is
Griffin DuBois is
Josh Hartung is
Nicholas Santasier is
Chris Davis is
Ann Marie Yoo is
Lucy Sorlucco is
Brian is an actor living and working in Los Angeles. He started acting at Truman State University, where he obtained degrees in Theatre and French.
He moved to Los Angeles in September of 2012 after seven years in New York and five years abroad in France, Japan and Mexico. He has performed off Broadway and off-off Broadway, studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade, was a founding member of Dumpster Tequila Musical Improv and has directed and produced in addition to acting. Some of his favorite roles include: Albert Einstein in Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Orlando in The Conduct of Life, and Nick in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe? Check out all of his doings at
Ann Marie was born and raised in New York as a stereotypical and clichéd 1st-generation Korean American: she plays the violin and piano, she figure skates, and she earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia University. So her next inevitable step? Doctor? Lawyer? Wait…ACTOR??
Ann Marie loves performing! So chances are she’s proudly making a fool of herself somewhere in NYC. Some of her notable performance credits are NBC’s “30 Rock”, A&E/BIO’s “Celebrity Ghost Stories”, CBS’s “Blue Bloods” [TV] and “Edgar Allan Poe” at St. Luke’s Theatre [stage] as well as at UCB & PIT with her other sketch and improv teams.

Her training includes completion of the improv course at Upright Citizens Brigade, scene study and theatre performance work, music performance/academics at Columbia University, music performance at Mannes College of Music’s preparatory division. Please find her! | |

First read through with our lovely cast!
Jessica (Scout) and Matt (David) vamp for the camera.
Lining up the shot.
Our perfect genetically beautiful couple Brian Waters (Greg) and Amanda Johnson (Kate).
The cast likes toilet paper. A lot of toilet paper (Pictured: Brian Waters, Amanda Johnson, Anne Marie Yoo, and Josh Hartung).
Amy Johnson (Maggie) and Adam Swarz (Doc) prepare to shoot.
Jessica Vera (Scout) and Matt Barbot (David) .
We don't want to brag, but we have a pretty gorgeous wedding party (Pictured: Jessica Vera, Amy Johnson, Amanda Johnson, Brian Waters, Griffin DuBuois, and Dan Stern).
Amy Johnson (Maggie), Amanda Johnson (Kate) and Jessica Vera (Scout) .
Rehearsal before our shoot. Special thanks to Abingdon Theatre Company for use of their space. We love them!
Another super-supportive company, Rodeo Bar and Grill, lent us their space to shoot. We hear they also have some tasty margaritas (Pictured Nicholas Santasier as Chip and Jessica Vera as Scout)
Amy (Maggie) and Griffin (Mark) share a moment.
Adam (Don) looking good in his Rodeo shirt. Amanda Johnson (Kate) also pictured.

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