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Past/Forward 2014: Women at Work 2/ 28 / 8:00 NYU TISCH SCHOOL OF THE ARTS DEPARTMENT OF DANCE

dance The Dance Department of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts will present Past/Forward, 2014: Women at Work, highlighting the work of several generations of Tisch Dance women alumni choreographers.

“It’s unusual to go to an evening of dance featuring several different choreographers and companies and end up liking everything you saw, but that’s what happened this evening.” OBERONS GROVE

The event will feature the works of Charlotte Boye-Christensen, choreographing a work for the Second Avenue Dance Company – Tisch Dance’s Student Company, Suzanne Beahrs, Selina Chau, Rachel Hagan, Allison Schieler, Kristin Schwab, and Chihiro Shimizu. The featured alumni range from newly graduated and emerging choreographers who are beginning their careers to established choreographers who are presenting work nationally and internationally.

Past/Forward 2014:


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