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OPPORTUNITY! BOOKS – OPEN CALL for Proposals : 33 1/3 Books *proposal deadline 3/3/14

Of the 89 books released so far, the subject matter concerning women or groups which include women seem to number 15. Women authors  (we are guessing at some initials) seem to number only 9 authors.* They have already contracted their 100th book (see  the list of 88 of the 89 books thus far released,  infra), so the possibilities are staggering.

Deadline for proposals : MARCH 3, 2014. Start your Engines!


open call for proposals for the 33 1/3 series.

Proposals are due by Monday, March 3, 2014 (3.3.14) at 9:00 am EST. As of  January 31st, the submission period is open.

Things are a bit different this time. Please read carefully to ensure that your proposal will be considered. This open call is ONLY for those who are 100% positive that if their proposals are selected, they will be able to turn in FINAL manuscripts within 8-12 months of contract. That means the whole book (all 30,000 words of it) will be due between January and June 2015. Missed deadlines will result in cancellation of the contract. There will be other open calls for delivery dates beyond June 2015 within the next year.

If you are ready to go and have the time over the next year to write a full book, please submit your proposal by 9:00am EST on March 3, 2014.

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to submit a proposal for a 33 ⅓ volume, please submit ALL of the following to before 9:00am EST on March 3, 2014. No exceptions. The word/page counts below are not exact but should point you in the right direction of what I’m looking for. Proposals that do not include complete responses to the first 9 requirements below will not be considered.
Submit the content below in one single document as either .doc, .docx or .pdf. No .rtf files will be accepted. Please put your name, album and artist in the subject line of the email.

Proposal requirements:

1. Your professional CV/resume, including full contact details + a short biography (25-50 words).
2. A draft annotated table of contents for the book. This should include chapter titles and a brief 50-500 word summary of each chapter. If you plan on deviating from a chapter structure, please explain why in 500 words.
3. A draft introduction/opening chapter for the book, of around 2,000 words.
4. A concise description of the book (up to 250 words).   This needs to be clear, informative and persuasive. It should be suitable for use as the book’s blurb. It should be written so that people who are unfamiliar with the album will understand what this book is about.
5. Your analysis of the most relevant competing books already published (or forthcoming) about the artist in question or the scene surrounding that artist – and how your book will differ. Are there any films or film projects in the works? 500 words.
6. At least 500 words about yourself and why you are qualified to write this book. How you would help Bloomsbury Academic market your book? Please list websites/forums/listservs you’d contact directly; any artist involvement you might expect; any college-level courses on which you think your book could be used, and so on.
7. Which existing 33 1/3 books or other types of music writing you like or dislike. Why? 500-1000 words.
8. Describe the audience for your book. What are the fans like? Describe your target market. How large is this market?
9. Please list the firm date on which you will deliver your complete and final manuscript and why you have chosen this date (Must be between July 2014 and June 2015). Please indicate if you will grant us permission to publish your proposal online and if you would like to remain anonymous or if you would like us to print your name.
10. Do you have any feedback? How is the series doing so far? What could we do better?


Upon submission you will receive an auto-reply message and you will be notified by email in 2-4 months if your proposal is selected.

If you have questions please post them as a comment on this post and they will be answered quickly.
Just in case you need a refresher, here are the first 89 books in the series and here are the ones currently contracted to come out in the next 3 years.
The following projects were contracted at some point but for various reasons are now cancelled.

The following albums are now fair game:
Tori Amos- Boys for Pele
The Clash – London Calling
Wu Tang – Enter the Wu (36 Chambers)
Weezer- Pinkerton
Bjork- Biophilia
Pulp- This is Hardcore

The FAQ below will help and please ask additional questions in the comment form below this post.

Series Editor Ally Jane would like to preemptively thank all of you for taking the time to think about and draft these proposals.


Q: How many proposals can I submit?
A: Only one proposal on one album per person will be accepted.
Q: How much will I be paid for writing a 33 ⅓?
A: Writing a 33 ⅓ will not make you rich. But it will bring you fame, glory and bragging rights. We are able to offer small advances on a case-by-case basis and a 10% royalty rate on each contract.
Q: My computer crashed at 2am last night and I lost everything, I’ve been putting the proposal back together but I’m not going to make it by 9:00am, can I have just 1 extra hour?
A: No. Please back up your work. In order for this process to work, it has to be fair for everyone.  Not a single proposal will be considered after 9:00am EST on March 3rd.
Q: I submitted a proposal last time and it would be really helpful to hear some constructive criticism as to why it was rejected, can you quickly look at it and let me know what I can do better?
A: Very sorry but we just don’t have the time or resources to do that. While we carefully read every single proposal there are a multitude of reasons why many don’t get selected. This is not to discourage you from submitting again, but seriously consider extensive revisions.
Q: There is already a book in the series by the same artist as the one I’m proposing, will you consider two albums by the same artist?
A: Yes. There are two albums by the Beach Boys and two by The Rolling Stones in the series already.
Q: Why are so many of the books cancelled after they are signed up?
A: Because life gets in the way. There are many reasons some of the accepted proposals never become books. Some of the more common reasons: life change, health problems, artist refuses to cooperate/talk, there isn’t enough to say about the album. To try to circumvent this, 33 1/3 has a new publishing schedule in which contracts will be issued for books due within 12 months.

33 1/3 Series

Volume | Album Title | Artist | Year of Release | 33 1/3 author

Dusty in Memphis Dusty Springfield 1969 Warren Zanes

Forever Changes Love 1967 Andrew Hultkrans

Harvest Neil Young 1972 Sam Inglis

The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society The Kinks 1968 Andy Miller

Meat Is Murder The Smiths 1985 Joe Pernice

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn Pink Floyd 1967 John Cavanagh

ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits ABBA 1992 Elisabeth Vincentelli

Electric Ladyland The Jimi Hendrix Experience 1968 John Perry

Unknown Pleasures Joy Division 1979 Chris Ott

10 Sign “☮” the Times Prince 1987 Michaelangelo Matos

11 The Velvet Underground & Nico The Velvet Underground 1967 Joe Harvard

12 Let It Be The Beatles 1970 Steve Matteo

13 Live at the Apollo James Brown 1963 Douglas Wolk

14 Aqualung Jethro Tull 1971 Allan Moore

15 OK Computer Radiohead 1997 Dai Griffiths

16 Let It Be The Replacements 1984 Colin Meloy

17 Led Zeppelin IV Led Zeppelin 1971 Erik Davis

18 Exile on Main St. The Rolling Stones 1972 Bill Janovitz

19 Pet Sounds The Beach Boys 1966 Jim Fusilli

20 Ramones Ramones 1976 Nicholas Rombes

21 Armed Forces Elvis Costello 1979 Franklin Bruno

22 Murmur R.E.M. 1983 J. Niimi

23 Grace Jeff Buckley 1994 Daphne Brooks

24 Endtroducing….. DJ Shadow 1996 Eliot Wilder

25 Kick Out the Jams MC5 1969 Don McLeese

26 Low David Bowie 1977 Hugo Wilcken

27 Born in the U.S.A. Bruce Springsteen 1984 Geoffrey Himes

28 Music from Big Pink The Band 1968 John Niven

29 In the Aeroplane over the Sea Neutral Milk Hotel 1998 Kim Cooper

30 Paul’s Boutique Beastie Boys 1989 Dan Le Roy

31 Doolittle Pixies 1989 Ben Sisario

32 There’s a Riot Goin’ On Sly and the Family Stone 1971 Miles Marshall Lewis

33 The Stone Roses The Stone Roses 1989 Alex Green

34 In Utero Nirvana 1993 Gillian G. Gaar

35 Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan 1965 Mark Polizzotti

36 Loveless My Bloody Valentine 1991 Mike McGonigal

37 The Who Sell Out The Who 1967 John Dougan

38 Bee Thousand Guided by Voices 1994 Marc Woodworth

39 Daydream Nation Sonic Youth 1988 Matthew Stearns

40 Court and Spark Joni Mitchell 1974 Sean Nelson

41 Use Your Illusion I and II Guns N’ Roses 1991 Eric Weisbard

42 Songs in the Key of Life Stevie Wonder 1976 Zeth Lundy

43 The Notorious Byrd Brothers The Byrds 1968 Ric Menck

44 Trout Mask Replica Captain Beefheart 1969 Kevin Courrier

45 Double Nickels on the Dime Minutemen 1984 Michael T. Fournier

46 Aja Steely Dan 1977 Don Breithaupt

47 People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm A Tribe Called Quest 1990 Shawn Taylor

48 Rid of Me PJ Harvey 1993 Kate Schatz

49 Achtung Baby U2 1991 Stephen Catanzarite

50 If You’re Feeling Sinister Belle & Sebastian 1996 Scott Plagenhoef

51 Pink Moon Nick Drake 1972 Amanda Petrusich

52 Let’s Talk About Love Celine Dion 1997 Carl Wilson

53 Swordfishtrombones Tom Waits 1983 David Smay

54 20 Jazz Funk Greats Throbbing Gristle 1979 Drew Daniel

55 Horses Patti Smith 1975 Philip Shaw

56 Master of Reality Black Sabbath 1971 John Darnielle

57 Reign in Blood Slayer 1986 D.X. Ferris

58 Shoot Out the Lights Richard and Linda Thompson 1982 Hayden Childs

59 Gentlemen The Afghan Whigs 1993 Bob Gendron

60 Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash The Pogues 1985 Jeffery T. Roesgen

61 The Gilded Palace of Sin The Flying Burrito Brothers 1969 Bob Proehl

62 Pink Flag Wire 1977 Wilson Neate

63 XO Elliott Smith 1998 Mathew Lemay

64 Illmatic Nas 1994 Matthew Gasteier

65 Radio City Big Star 1974 Bruce Eaton

66 One Step Beyond… Madness 1979 Terry Edwards

67 Another Green World Brian Eno 1975 Geeta Dayal

68 Zaireeka The Flaming Lips 1997 Mark Richardson

69 69 Love Songs The Magnetic Fields 1999 LD Beghtol

70 Facing Future Israel Kamakawiwo’ole 1993 Dan Kois

71 It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back Public Enemy 1988 Christopher R. Weingarten

72 Wowee Zowee Pavement 1995 Bryan Charles

73 Highway to Hell AC/DC 1979 Joe Bonomo

74 Song Cycle Van Dyke Parks 1968 Richard Henderson

75 Spiderland Slint 1991 Scott Tennent

76 Kid A Radiohead 2000 Marvin Lin

77 Tusk Fleetwood Mac 1979 Rob Trucks

78 Pretty Hate Machine Nine Inch Nails 1989 Daphne Carr

79 Chocolate and Cheese Ween 1994 Hank Shteamer

80 American Recordings Johnny Cash 1994 Tony Tost

81 Some Girls The Rolling Stones 1978 Cyrus Patell

82 You’re Living All Over Me Dinosaur Jr. 1987 Nick Attfield

83 Marquee Moon Television 1977 Bryan Waterman

84 Amazing Grace Aretha Franklin 1972 Aaron Cohen

85 Dummy Portishead 1994 RJ Wheaton

86 Fear of Music Talking Heads 1979 Jonathan Lethem

87 Histoire de Melody Nelson Serge Gainsbourg 1971 Darran Anderson

88 Flood They Might Be Giants 1990 S. Alexander Reed and Philip Sandifer

*The publishers have identified the following list as either authored by a woman or about a woman artist/band:

Title Author ISBN Pub Date
My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless Mike McGonigal 9780826415486 01/10/2007
Throbbing Gristle’s Twenty Jazz Funk Greats Drew Daniel 9780826427939 01/01/2008
Abba’s Abba Gold Elisabeth Vincentelli 9780826415462 03/31/2004
Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine Daphne Carr 9780826427892 03/24/2011
Patti Smith’s Horses Philip Shaw 9780826427922 03/15/2008
Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation Matthew Stearns 9780826417404 03/20/2007
The Pixies’ Doolittle Ben Sisario 9780826417749 03/08/2006
The Velvet Underground’s The Velvet Underground and Nico Joe Harvard 9780826415509 03/31/2004
Jeff Buckley’s Grace Daphne A. Brooks 9780826416353 04/28/2005
Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville Gina Arnold 9781441162571 05/22/2014
Richard and Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out the Lights Hayden Childs 9780826427915 06/01/2008
PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me: A Story Kate Schatz 9780826427786 07/01/2007
Dusty Springfield’s Dusty in Memphis Warren Zanes 9780826414922 09/01/2003
Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Susan Fast 9781623566319 09/11/2014
Nirvana’s In Utero Gillian G. Gaar 9780826417763 09/01/2006
Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace Aaron Cohen 9781441148889 10/06/2011
Nick Drake’s Pink Moon Amanda Petrusich 9780826427908 10/15/2007
Portishead’s Dummy RJ Wheaton 9781441194497 10/06/2011
Brian Eno’s Another Green World Geeta Dayal 9780826427861 11/01/2009
Celine Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love Carl Wilson 9780826427885 11/23/2007
Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea Kim Cooper 9780826416902 11/16/2005
The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs LD Beghtol 9780826419255 11/03/2006
Bobbie Gentry’s Ode to Billie Joe Tara Murtha 9781623569648 12/04/2014
Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk Rob Trucks 9780826429025 12/16/2010
Hole’s Live Through This Anwyn Crawford 9781623563776 12/04/2014
Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark Sean Nelson 9780826417732 12/18/2006

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