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We Recommend : Dance Music Composer Kevin Keller

We just discovered, thanks to some friends, an absolutely wonderful composer, who has a style that reminds us of the lyrical side of Keith Jarrett.

His name is Kevin Keller. His latest CD is entitled Nocturnes.

But let us show you how good his work can sound in context : this wonderful dance performance by COMPLEXIONS Dance Company stems from a 2007 composition of this, PRECIOUS BLOOD. The following titled, “Precious Blood”, was performed by Carmen de Lavallade and Desmond Richardson at New York’s Joyce Theatre. Choreography by Dwight Rhoden. See for yourself:

( )

As well, the brilliant Elisa Monte  has used his works for staging : here is an excerpt from the remarkable Arrow’s Path, 

Elisa Monte premiered her work, performed by Rachel Holmes and Werner Figar, at the Joyce Theater.

( )

And this is why we love the CD, Nocturnes, as well.

We love Trinity, Hawi Moon, and November, for starters.

Samples of the audio are located and can be purchased here

kevin keller nocturnes

Taking his cues from Debussy and Chopin, composer Kevin Keller filters Impressionist- and Romantic-infused melodies through modern electronics to create beautifully lush, and decidedly contemporary, music for the piano on “Nocturnes”.The ten nocturnes were inspired by the work of San Francisco photographer Seth Dickerman, whose “metamorphic landscapes” were created in moonlight or under low-light conditions, capturing surreal images that were only revealed once he returned to the darkroom. Mirroring this creative process, Keller recorded improvisations at the piano and then “treated” them in his studio, using digital effects to change the sound of the piano into waves, wind, and clouds. About this album, Keller says “I think of this music as a continuation of the process that Seth began almost 20 years ago, when he stood out under the night sky with his camera and captured those fleeting moments in time.”Each of Dickerman’s ten images is included in a digital booklet, available with full album purchase.


released 15 October 2013
Kevin Keller: piano and treatments
Clarice Jensen: cello on “Sobrante”Recorded at Inwood Hill Studio, New York, NY, in February 2013 for the RPM ChallengeMastered in Nashville, TN, by Bob OlhssonPhotography by Seth Dickerman

videos of one of his rare performances :


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