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View Jonas Cuaron ‘s short film ANINGAAQ as a companion piece to the masterwork GRAVITY

Although the Press Office at Warner Brothers have been treating us as though they owned one of the 12 YEARS A SLAVE plantations, we nevertheless have championed GRAVITY as one of the best films of 2013.

We have consistently reiterated that you must see GRAVITY in as large a format as you can. With this in mind, we have requested the chance to give you the information on ANINGAAQ, the short companion piece to GRAVIITY written and directed by filmmaker Jonas Cuaron, co-screenwriter of GRAVITY and son of  GRAVITY director Alfonso Cuaron.

Now that the short film has been submitted for Academy Awards consideration, Warner Brothers has allowed audiences a chance to view the previously withheld short film in a non-Festival setting. Hopefully, you will have seen GRAVITY prior to viewing this short.

Sound Designer/Mixer Skip Lievsay has said that the sounds heard in GRAVITY were designed so that, other than in the capsules or through the helmets,, the only sounds you would hear were those that could have vibrated through Sandra Bullock’s suit as she was holding something (i.e.,  if she was holding onto a part of the ship and something hit the ship, she would hear the vibrations as sounds). Extremely clever were the sounds of voices — George Clooney’s character, Mission Control. The most intriguing voices are the subject of the companion piece / short.  WARNING –THERE ARE ABSOLUTE SPOILERS contained in the short if you have not  already seen GRAVITY.

Jonás Cuarón’s Oscar-Submitted ANINGAAQ (7 minutes 05 seconds) Answers Who Sandra Bullock’s On The Radio With In GRAVITY

the film can be viewed through this link courtesy of Ray Pride’s Blog and the fine folks at Movie City News:

[Via The Hollywood Reporter.]


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  1. View Jonas Cuaron ‘s short film ANINGAAQ as a companion piece to the masterwork GRAVITY « LuckyGirl MEDIA recommends

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