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The African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) is proud of its 20-year history of firsts in presenting, interpreting and educating about films from throughout the world that depict the lives of people from Africa and the African Diaspora. The festival features world and US premieres, recent popular titles, classic movies, foreign and independent releases. Post-screening question-and-answer sessions and panel discussions that include filmmakers, critics, academics, and audiences present the most current discourse on filmmaking in Africa and the African Diaspora.

Timing: The festival begins every year on the last Friday of the month of November during the Thanksgiving weekend and runs for eighteen days. ADIFF 20th anniversary will be celebrated from Friday, November 29 through Sunday, December 15, 2013.

Location: Various locations in Manhattan, NYC including  The Thalia Cinema at Symphony Space, Quad Cinema, The Cowin Center and Chapel at Teachers College, Columbia University and the Black Spectrum Theatre in Queens.

Traveling Festivals: ADIFF holds events at the Brooklyn Museum in February, At Facets Cinematheque in Chicago in June,  in Washington DC in July, and in Paris, France in September.

Download ADIFF 2013 Festival Schedule here (films, venues, tickets…): ScheduleADIFF2013Web


Chapel Fri Nov. 29 2pm Maestra & Grenada: Colonialism and Conflict – Q&A
Chapel Fri Nov. 29 4pm Borders
Symphony Space Fri Nov. 29 7:30pm OPENING – Q&A only
Symphony Space Fri Nov. 29 7:30pm OPENING – Q&A & VIP Reception
Chapel Sat Nov. 30 1:30pm Jews of Egypt – Q&A
Chapel Sat Nov. 30 4pm NY’s Dirty Laundry – Q&A
Chapel Sat Nov. 30 6:30pm Hill and Gully – Q&A & Reception
Thalia Sat Nov. 30 1pm The Glass Ceiling
Thalia Sat Nov. 30 3pm Blue Caprice – Q&A
Thalia Sat Nov. 30 5pm The Zero Hour
Thalia Sat Nov. 30 7pm Zabana!
Thalia Sat Nov. 30 9:10pm Amnesty & Mother of George-Q&A
Chapel Sun Dec. 1 2pm Objection 6 &Stateless
Chapel Sun Dec. 1 4pm The Stuart Hall Project
Chapel Sun Dec. 1 6pm Tula The Revolt
Thalia Sun Dec. 1 1pm Jews of Egypt – Q&A
Thalia Sun Dec. 1 3:30pm Prospect & Chasing Shakespeare– Q&A
Chapel Mon Dec. 2 11am Kirikou & The Sorceress
Chapel Mon Dec. 2 6pm The Miscreants
Chapel Mon Dec. 2 8pm TBA
Chapel Tue Dec. 3 11am Good-Bye Momo
Chapel Tue Dec. 3 6:00pm Reflections Unheard Black Women in Civil Rights – Q&A
Chapel Tue Dec. 3 8:30pm Zabana!
Thalia Tue Dec. 3 6pm The Irresistible Rise of Moise Katumbi – Q&A
Thalia Tue Dec. 3 8:30pm Sable Fable – Q&A
Chapel Wed Dec. 4 11am Good-Bye Momo
Chapel Wed Dec. 4 6pm Sable Fable – Q&A
179 GD Wed Dec. 4 6pm FUNDRAISER Reception
Chapel Wed Dec. 4 8pm Kampala Story & Sweet, Sweet
Chapel Thu Dec. 5 11am Kirikou & The Sorceress
179 GD Thu Dec. 5 7pm I Don’ Been Through The Snake’s Skin & Come Out Clean -Q&A
Chapel Fri Dec. 6 11am Filling the Gap
Cowin Fri Dec. 6 7:30pm The African Cypher – Q&A – Reception
Quad Fri Dec. 6 10pm La Playa D.C.
Quad Fri Dec. 6 1pm The Pirogue
Quad Fri Dec. 6 3pm Return to Goree
Quad Fri Dec. 6 5:10pm Dust &Scrapper
Quad Fri Dec. 6 7:30pm Papilio Buddha – Q&A
Black S. Sat Dec. 7 2pm Aluku Liba
Black S. Sat Dec. 7 4pm Catch a FireGrenada: Colonialism and Conflict
Chapel Sat. Dec. 7 1pm Looking for Life
Chapel Sat. Dec. 7 3pm Fatal Assistance
Chapel Sat. Dec. 7 5pm Ayiti Toma, The Land of the Living  – Q&A & Reception
Cowin Sat. Dec. 7 8:00pm GALA: Alice Walker Beauty in Truth
Quad Sat Dec. 7 1pm La Playa D.C.
Quad Sat Dec. 7 2:50pm Taste of Rain
Quad Sat Dec. 7 4:40pm Jews of Egypt
Quad Sat Dec. 7 6:35pm Prospect & Chasing Shakespeare
Quad Sat Dec. 7 9:30pm Chapter One & Love Triangle-Q&A
Cowin Sun Dec. 8 5pm CENTERPIECE  Youths of Shasha & Nishan
Quad Sun Dec. 8 1pm The Pirogue
Quad Sun Dec. 8 3pm The Last Song Before The War – Q&A
Quad Sun Dec. 8 5:30pm Legends of Madagascar – Q&A
Quad Sun Dec. 8 7:50pm Chikin Bizniz
Quad Sun Dec. 8 10pm La Playa D.C.
Thalia Sun Dec. 8 2pm Dust &Scrapper
Thalia Sun Dec. 8 4pm Raltat – Q&A
Thalia Sun Dec. 8 6:30pm Papilio Buddha – Q&A
Quad Mon Dec. 9 1pm La Playa D.C.
Quad Mon Dec. 9 2:50pm One People
Quad Mon Dec. 9 5pm Joy, it’s Nina & A Man’s Story
Quad Mon Dec. 9 7:30pm Raltat – Q&A
Quad Mon Dec. 9 9:40pm Zabana!
Chapel Tue Dec. 10 11am Masai: The Rain Warriors
Chapel Tue Dec. 10 6pm The New Public – Q&A
Chapel Tue Dec. 10 8:30pm The Last Song Before The War – Q&A
Quad Tue Dec. 10 1pm A Common Enemy
Quad Tue Dec. 10 2:35pm Objection 6 &Stateless
Quad Tue Dec. 10 4pm La Playa D.C.
Quad Tue Dec. 10 6pm TBA
Quad Tue Dec. 10 8:30pm Legends of Madagascar
Thalia Tue Dec. 10 6pm The Miscreants
Thalia Tue Dec. 10 8pm Blue Caprice – Q&A
Chapel Wed Dec. 11 11am Red, White, Black & Blue
Chapel Wed Dec. 11 6pm African Independence – Q&A
Chapel Wed Dec. 11 8:40pm The Zero Hour
Quad Wed Dec. 11 1pm La Playa D.C.
Quad Wed Dec. 11 3pm Borders
Quad Wed Dec. 11 5:15pm Tula The Revolt
Quad Wed Dec. 11 7:30pm A Common Enemy
Quad Wed Dec. 11 9:20pm Return to Goree
Chapel Thu Dec. 12 11am Red, White, Black & Blue
Chapel Thu Dec. 12 6pm Raltat
Chapel Thu Dec. 12 8pm Papilio Buddha – Q&A
Quad Thu Dec. 12 1pm The Journey of the Lion
Quad Thu Dec. 12 2:50pm The First Rasta
Quad Thu Dec. 12 4:40pm The Story of Lovers Rock
Quad Thu Dec. 12 7pm The Stuart Hall Project
Quad Thu Dec. 12 9pm Made in Jamaica
Chapel Fri Dec. 13 11am Filling the Gap
Chapel Fri Dec. 13 6pm Chikin Bizniz – Q&A
Cowin Fri Dec. 13 8:30pm AFRO-LATINO NIGHT
Tango Negro: The African Roots of Tango & Candombe
Black Spectrum Sat Dec. 14 2pm Return to Goree
Black Spectrum Sat Dec. 14 4:30pm The Pirogue
Chapel Sat Dec. 14 11am Abolicao
Chapel Sat Dec. 14 2pm Abdias do Nascimento
Chapel Sat Dec. 14 4pm Daughters of the Wind – Q&A
Chapel Sat Dec. 14 6pm Fan Do Brazil – Q&A
Cowin Sat Dec. 14 8pm GALA – Race
Chapel Sun Dec. 15 2pm Wooden Camera – Q&A
Chapel Sun Dec. 15 4pm Dina & Elelwani -Q&A & Reception
Thalia Sun Dec. 15 1:30pm Papa National Oye! & Kinshasa Mboka Te
Thalia Sun Dec. 15 3:30pm Tula The Revolt
Thalia Sun Dec. 15 5:30pm Amnesty & Mother of George-Q& A
Thalia Sun Dec. 15 8pm CLOSING – Spies of Mississippi


slider_AliceWalkerNY Premiere GALA SCREENING Sat, Dec. 7 @ 8PM – Cowin Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth is the compelling story of an extraordinary woman’s journey from her birth in a paper-thin shack in the cotton fields of Eatonton, Georgia to her recognition as a key writer of the 20th Century. Alice Walker made history as the […]

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slider_TangoNegroAFRO-LATINO NIGHT Friday, December 13 @ 8:30pm –  Cowin Center, Teachers College TANGO NEGRO, AFRICAN ROOTS OF TANGO US Premiere Tango Negro, African  Roots of Tango by Angolan filmmaker Dom Pedro explores the expression of Tango’s Africanness and the contribution of African cultures in the creation of the tango. Tango was a reflection of the social […]

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CLOSING NIGHT Sunday, December 15 @ 8PM – Thalia   SPIES OF MISSISSIPPI Directed by Dawn Porter, 2013, 53min, USA NY Premiere Spies of Mississippi tells the story of a secret spy agency formed by the state of Mississippi to preserve segregation and maintain white supremacy. The anti-civil rights organization was hidden in plain sight […]

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RacaADIFF GALA Saturday, December 14 @ 8PM – Teachers College, Cowin Center RACE / RAÇA Directed by Joel Zito Araújo and Megan Mylan, Brazil/USA/104 min, US Premiere In a country with the world’s second largest black population and a reputation for racial harmony, black Brazilians remain nearly absent in the halls of power and history […]

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tula_the_revoltNY Premiere Sun, Dec. 1 @ 6PM – Chapel  – Tickets Here Wed, Dec. 11 @ 5:15PM – Quad   – Tickets Here Sun, Dec. 15 @ 3:30PM – Thalia  –  Tickets  Here Starring Danny Glover, Tula, The Revolt is an international English spoken feature length movie about the leader of the big slave uprising on […]

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The highly anticipated film CHASING SHAKESPEARE by Norry Niven will open the 21sth edition of the African Diaspora International Film Festival on November 29th, as a New York Premiere at the Symphony Space. Chasing Shakespeare, starring Danny Glover and Graham Greene, is a “deeply layered, artistic story about love in a world governed by racial […]

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The New PublicTue, Dec. 10 @ 6PM – Chapel – Tickets Here In fall 2006, former DJ, point guard and teacher turned first-time principal, James O’Brien, opened a small public high school in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, where 1/3 of residents live below the poverty line and the graduation rate is 40%. With infectious optimism, O’Brien and his team […]

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reflections_imageTue, Dec. 3 @ 6PM – Chapel  – Tickets Here “Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights” focuses on black women activists and their marginalization within the Black Power and Feminist movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Filmmaker Nevline Nnaji looks at how each movement failed to fully recognize black women’s overlapping identities and include […]

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Red,BlackSCHOOL PROGRAM Wed, Dec. 11 @ 11AM – Chapel – Tickets Here Thu, Dec. 12 @ 11AM – Chapel – Tickets Here Students from South Los Angeles fly to New Zealand to play Rugby. A sport that is increasingly popular in the United States, the tour provides these students and the Kiwi teams they battle […]

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Filling the gap 1SCHOOL PROGRAM  Fri, Dec. 6 @ 11AM – Chapel  Fri, Dec. 13 @11AM – Chapel Conceived as an effort to alter the way African-American children see themselves and their ancestors, this docu-drama highlights the inventive and inspired contributions of African-Americans in the 1840s, the period leading to the Civil War in American History. Developed in […]

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Jews of EgyptNY Premiere Sat, Nov. 30 @ 1:30PM – Chapel – Q&A  Tickets Here Sun, Dec. 1 @ 1PM – Thalia – Q&A  Tickets Here Sat, Dec. 7 @ 4:40PM – Quad  Tickets Here A documentary that captures fragments of the lives of the Egyptian Jewish community in the first half of the twentieth century until […]

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Youth of Sasha 4US Premiere CENTERPIECE Sun, Dec. 8 @ 5PM – Cowin  –  Tickets Here This documentary talks about the situation of the music-talented youth in Shashamane, Ethiopia. This is a piece of land that Haile Selassie gave to all Rastafarian people who decided to come back to Africa. They do not have a studio or music […]

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A Common Enemy 1NY Premiere Tue, Dec 10 @ 1PM – Quad  –  Tickets here Wed, Dec. 11 @ 7:30PM – Quad  –  Tickets here A political documentary thriller based on the first ever free elections in Tunisia after the “Arab Spring” revolution, as seen through the eyes of the protagonists of this historical event. The revolution is […]

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Ayiti Toma 3Ayiti Toma. The Land of the Living / Ayiti Toma. Au Pays Des Vivants US Premiere SPOTLIGHT ON HAITI Sat, Dec. 7 @ 5PM – Chapel – TICKETS HERE Beyond Haiti, the country known for its natural disasters and humanitarian aid debacle, lies Ayiti Toma, “the country that is ours”. This documentary is an encounter […]

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The Journey of Lion 1  JAMAICANITY: THE RESONANCE OF JAMAICA Thu, Dec. 12 @ 1PM – Quad  –  Tickets Here Brother Howie is a Jamaican Rastafari who dreams of the land of his ancestors: Africa. On a journey in search of his roots and his identity he travels through three continents and – with great humor and sensitivity – […]

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madeJamaica-1JAMAICANITY: THE RESONANCE OF JAMAICA Thu, Dec. 12 @ 9PM – Quad  –  Tickets Here “Made in Jamaica” is a powerful portrait of the leaders of a Jamaican music movement that has become a worldwide phenomenon. The film tells the story of how artists on a small island nation in the Caribbean of only three […]

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1er rasta - max romeoJAMAICANITY: THE RESONANCE OF JAMAICA Thu, Dec. 12 @ 2:50 – Quad – Tickets Here Born in Jamaica in 1898 Percival Howell built the first Rasta community of the Pinnacle. The First Rasta is a film about the man and the movement he created. Directed by Helene Lee, 2010, 85 min, France/Jamaica, Documentary, English

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GrenadafishingNY Premiere Fri, Nov. 29 @ 2PM – Chapel Tickets Here Sat, Dec. 7 @ 4PM – Black Spectrum  Tickets Here A chronicle of the philosophical and sometimes bloody struggles Grenadians have waged against colonialism and its long-lasting psychological influences. Grenadian leaders fought against colonialism in different ways. Julian Fedon freed 100 slaves to fight […]

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MAESTRA Photo by Liborio Noval Untitled December 22, 1961NY Premiere Fri, Nov. 29 @ 2PM – Chapel  –  Tickets Here Thousands of teenage girls join the National Campaign for Literacy to help teach their country to read and write. Traveling to remote mountain regions, often against the will of their parents, they lived with their students for up to one year, teaching at […]

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plafond_de_verre  Sat, Nov. 30 @ 1PM – Thalia  –  Tickets Here Benguigui’s Le Plafond de Verre (Glass Ceiling) presents a series of sometimes very emotional first-hand accounts of discrimination against mostly black and North African Arab who are trying to find jobs. Directed by Yamina Benguigui, France, 90 min, 2004, Documentary, French/ English subt.

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A man's storyMon, Dec. 9 @ 5PM – Quad  –  Tickets Here Tailor to Hollywood’s A-list, and a superstar in his own right, Ozwald Boateng is a dynamic force of energy, passion and color. 1998: already celebrated as one of the most talented menswear designers in the world, Ozwald Boateng is about to go bankrupt and divorce […]

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The Story of Lovers Rock 1JAMAICANITY: THE RESONANCE OF JAMAICA Thu, Dec. 12 @ 4:40PM – Quad  –  Tickets Here Lovers Rock, often dubbed ‘romantic reggae’ is a uniquely black British sound that developed in the late 70s and 80s against a backdrop of riots, racial tension and sound systems. Live performance, comedy sketches, dance, interviews and archive shed light […]

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Abdias-Nascimento-12AFRO-BRAZIL CELEBRATION DAY Sat, Dec. 14 @ 2PM – Chapel – TICKETS HERE Loving and revealing documentary about Afro-Brazilian scholar/writer/activist /politician Abdias do Nascimento (1930-2011), a significant figure in and leader in Brazil’s Black movement who founded the Black Experimental Theater in 1964 and was very active in the international Pan-African Movement. Directed by Aida […]

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abolicao-da-escravatura-no-brasilAFRO-BRAZIL CELEBRATION DAY Sat, Dec. 14 @ 11AM – Chapel   –  TICKET HERE “Aboliçao” is a startling look at the racial situation of Black Brazilians in contemporary Brazil. The director asks the following question to Black Brazilians from diverse walks of life — musicians, politicians, activists, people in government, ambassadors, social workers, sport stars, actors, […]

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Congado(1)NY Premiere AFRO-BRAZIL CELEBRATION DAY Sat, Dec. 14 @ 6PM – Chapel  –  Tickets Here Rui Moreira, a famous Brazilian dancer, is also the artistic director of the FAN, Festival of Black Arts in Brazil. In a country where black people are still the victims of social injustice, this festival pays tribute to the contribution […]

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Stateless 1NY Premiere Sun, Dec. 1 @ 2PM – Chapel  –  Tickets Here Tue, Dec. 10 @ 2:35PM – Quad  –  Tickets Here The film draws attention to the impending cessation of status for Rwandan refugees, and the questionable conditions in which they would be forced to return to Rwanda.  The documentary features Hotel Rwanda’s Paul […]

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Return-to-goree 1Fri, Dec. 6 @ 3PM – Quad  –  Tickets Here Wed, Dec. 11 @ 9:20PM – Quad  –  Tickets Here Sat, Dec. 14 @ 2PM – Black Spectrum  –  Tickets Here A musical road movie, “Return to Gorée” follows Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour’s historical journey tracing the trail left by slaves and the jazz music […]

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The Last Song Before The War 1NY Premiere Sun, Dec. 8 @ 3PM – Quad  TICKETS HERE Tue, Dec. 10 @ 8:30PM – Chapel  TICKETS HERE The film captures the inspiring rise and uncertain future of Mali’s annual Festival in the Desert. The festival history is told from the perspective of the co-founder and festival director, Manny Ansar, the musicians who […]

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African Independence 2Wed, Dec. 11 @ 6PM – Chapel –  Tickets Here The film highlights the birth, realization, and problems confronted by the movement to win independence in Africa.  The story is told by channeling the voices of freedom fighters and leaders who achieved independence, liberty and justice for African people.  This film offers a unique presentation […]

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THE KAMPALA STORY – “Youth for Action & Arts for Change” FUNDRAISER

“Youth for Action & Arts for Change” FUNDRAISER Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013 – Teachers College RECEPTION & SCREENING (Room 179 Grace Dodge): 6:00–8:00 PM  –  Tickets Here SCREENING ONLY (Room The Chapel): 8:00 PM  –  Tickets Here This fundraiser for “ Youth for Action & Arts for Change”  will support two youth groups in the […]

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Kinshasa Mboka 1US Premiere RDC Yesterday & Today Program Sun, Dec. 15 @ 1:30PM – Thalia  –  Tickets Here Kinshasa mboka té…A city that exceeds the norm beyond anything we could imagine, it is a paradox and a spectacle, sometimes completely disjoined, with an approach to life and to survival that reinvents itself each day. Just when […]

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The African Cypher 3NY Premiere Fri, Dec. 6 @ 7:30PM Cowin Center (Broadway & 120th) –  Tickets Here This is the physicality of the dance; the awe of a body flowing through space, flipping, spinning, and snaking as if giving birth to a new means of self-expression. Across South African cities and townships, dance has long been a […]

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Aluku Liba 1Sat, Dec. 7 @ 2PM – Black Spectrum  –  Tickets Here Sun, Dec. 15 @ 5:30PM – Thalia  –  Tickets Here Loeti has spent years away from his village in French Guiana, working in extreme conditions. When the army cracks down on illegal gold mining in the Amazon forest, he is forced to flee and […]

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