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We Recommend LORI Ladies Owned Resource Index for iPhone or Android

LORI App Find Women Owned Businesses
LORI (Lady’s Owned Resource Index) is a mobile app which finds the closest woman owned businesses to your current location. Our app uses GPS to locate you and find the closest female owned businesses


Call Features

Call the woman owned business directly from LORI app.


LORI app has over 20 business categories to choose from.  From hotels to restaurants to web designers and more!

Yelp Reviews

Haven’t decided whether you want to use a listed business in LORI app?  Don’t worry, LORI app pulls in real time Yelp reviews to help with your decision […]

Real-Time Coupons

LORI App has partnered with 8Coupons to provide real-time coupons in the listings for chain establishments such as McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Subway and more.

LORI App provides directions to each business listing.

LORI app allows you to share your favorite business with your social networks.

About LORI App

LORI App About Us

LORI App (Lady’s Owned Resource Index) is a mobile app which finds the closest woman owned businesses to your current location.  Our app uses GPS to locate you and find the closest female owned businesses.

LORI-splash-final.jpg The mobile app startup, LORI announces the availability of its new geo-location mobile “find-it” services application called LORI (Ladies Owned Resource Index).

This newly available mobile application allows users to find the closest woman owned business in their vicinity with colorful maps and pinned locations.  Users can choose from 25 different categories of businesses to locate. These include but are not limited to: Barber/Beauty, Auto, Bakery/Cafe, Club/Lounge, Laundry/Cleaners, Lodging, Restaurant, Grocery and others.

LORI App will be partnering with local and national Women’s Chambers of Commerce with the goal of empowering women owned businesses by executing on the following 3 goals: (1) Encouraging users to download LORI app. (2) Encouraging users to patronize the businesses in LORI app. (3) Maintaining the integrity of the information on the women owned businesses in LORI app.

Mobile applications are transforming the face of commerce.  LORI‘s sole purpose is to empower women owned businesses by altering the point of purchase of potential consumers.LORI App Yelp Review

LORI’s VP of Engineering commented: “Most purchasing decisions made in U.S. homes are made by women thus U.S. women represent the most powerful purchasing demographic in the world.  It’s time that women leverage this purchasing power for the betterment of women”.

The iPhone version and the Google Android version are available now.

You can download LORI App by searching for “LORI” in the Apple app store and on Google Play.  For more information on LORI App, visit

About LORI App:

LORI App is a geo-location mobile application company in New York city.

To learn more, visit


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