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diy days ~ TORONTO 10/19 ; L.A. 11/15-18 ; free REGISTER NOW !

diy days are incredibly informative events on transformative technology and transmedia works.

Upcoming diy days events

diy days is a social sandbox that encourages experimentation across creative disciplines. Join storytellers, game designers, hackers, makers, educators, scientists and policy makers in an exciting collaborative design environment focused on social innovation.  Step into a “think & do” structure that combines creativity, fun, networking and collaborative design.

Registration is now open for Toronto & LA. Get your FREE ticket now while supplies last.


Toronto & LA are packed with talks, labs, workshops & hacks.

Reboot Stories, Ryerson Transmedia Centre & United Way Toronto present

diy days Toronto

Oct 19th

@ryerson university



More info:

Schedule for diy days Toronto – Saturday October 19th

*Schedule is subject to change

**Kids programming for ages 8-18 occurs from 1-6pm – in program, it’s highlighted in blue and tagged as [KIDS]. Ages 8-15 should have a chaperone.


9:15 to 9:55
Registration in Main Lobby

Signup for specific workshops

-10-min consultation with Kickstarter

9:55 – 10:00
Main Auditorium

10:00 to 10:10
Opening Remarks

Hear about the goals of the day and partnership with United Way.



10:10 to 10:30
Keynote – Lance Weiler

Storyteller, entrepreneur and thought leader (Pandemic, Lyka’s Adventure)

Empathy: Social entrepreneurship and catalyzing change in local neighborhoods – learnings from our Reboot Lab at the Village.

OPEN MIC – What are you working on? What do you need? What can you offer? – 60 second slots

10:40 to 11:00
Keynote – Elizabeth Radshaw

Elizabeth Radshaw: Hot Docs Forum and Market Director

Story: Hotdocs and Interactive – finding new audiences through shared goals

I’m eager to understand the importance of dirt/greenspace in our lives. This roots out of a desire to create balance between our digital lives and our physical ‘dirt based’ lives. How can we use our digital tools, worlds, connections and realities to better enrich our physical experience with nature – specifically around growing plants and cultivating food? How does our physical dirt based experiences affect our relationship with technology? What does this especially mean in our urban environment of Toronto?

OPEN MIC – What are you working on? What do you need? What can you offer? – 60 second slots

11:40 to 12:00
Keynote – Tom Rand

Tom Rand: Managing Partner at MaRS Cleantech Fund, Senior Advisor at MaRS Discovery District

Change: How to kick the fossil fuel habit

Climate change is no longer hypothetical but a real and present danger. Technological, financial and political solutions are at hand. But we remain paralyzed in the face of this existential threat. Why? More than mere bad or naive actors – like CAPP, Exxon, Bjorn Lomborg, Margaret Wente and the Koch Brothers – are at play. Systemic rules – both implicit and explicit – rig the game from the start. Psychology, economic models, market adulation, and a deep conservatism of our business leaders conspire against taking the kind of action we know is required.

OPEN MIC – What are you working on? What do you need? What can you offer? – 60 second slots

12:05 to 12:25
Keynote – Elisabeth Holm

Elisabeth Holm: Kickstarter Film Program Director

Change: how to Kickstart for social change

Now launching in Canada, Kickstarter is proud to share case studies of some amazing projects that are changing the world.

Special Message  Karen and Amos Shaw, Urban Design Guerrilaz

Our afternoon workshops will be a part of a game – Wish for the Future – which will culminate in a 24-hr flash mob-style collective action by the Urban Design Guerrilaz, United Way, and diy days participants.

12:30 to 1:30
diy Lunch – Click here for a list of great restaurants in the area!



The “Do” section of the day takes place throughout the building…


Main Auditorium


1:30 to 3:00

Workshop  Hive Toronto

Jennifer Chan and Kathryn Meisner

20-30 participants

Hive Toronto creates the time capsule with maker, tech, and storytelling workshops. Hive Toronto brings innovative tech education to youth by leading collaborative hack jams across the city. Youth ages 8-18 will be exposed to everything from 3D Printing to digital photo manipulation in their fun and engaging hack jams. [HACK] [KIDS]

1:30 to 5:00
Workshop Reboot Lab

Sue Biely and Trevor Haldenby

20-40 participants

If you’d like to be considered for this, please email our Project Manager Ashley Lewis at

Rebooting creative entrepreneurship with United Way

This customized Reboot Lab on creative entrepreneurship is the next chapter in a series of Labs that travel the world. In each Lab, an eclectic group of creatives, visionaries, designers and city planners meet to develop solutions for the future. In March the series was kicked of in New York at diy days, it then traveled to the Re:publica festival in Berlin and was then taken to the Amsterdam Urban Innovation Week, where ideas from the previous sessions resulted in the development of principles for a sustainable city design that fosters creativity. Now the series arrives in Toronto, where a prototyping Reboot Lab is hosted to develop solutions for Toronto inspired by the design question from United Way and the insights from New York, Berlin and Amsterdam. [DESIGN WORKSHOP] [CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP]

1:30 to 3:00 and 3:30 to 5:00
Workshop Design a Game with Beta

Errol King
Co-founder and Creative Director at Hidden Level Games, Co-author of CodePop

30 kids and parents

This workshop will focus on game development with Beta. Beta! is an arcade puzzle platformer designed to make learning how to code more fun. It uses codePop, a tweet-sized game programming language, to power the world. Players are given a great deal of control including the ability to create and customize every aspect of their game world. The workshop is designed to encourage self-organized learning, as participants think analytically, design, play and code in real-time together.   [GAME DESIGN] [PROGRAMMING] [KIDS]

1:30 to 3:00
Workshop Wish for the Future

Lance Weiler and Atley Loughrige

Inspired by a quote by Buckminster Fuller “How can you make the world work for 100% of humanity?” and the Voyager Golden Record, Wish for the Future is a project with a 100 year timeline. Come envision the future in a special challenge that mixes storytelling, game mechanics and design science.   [DESIGN] [KIDS]

3:30 to 5:00
Workshop Lyka’s Adventure

Lance Weiler and Atley Loughrige

Come step into Lyka’s world. This session is an exploration into purposeful storytelling and educational hacks. A chance to experiment with storytelling, gameplay and learning. Lyka’s Adventure centers on a little connected plush toy scientist from another planet. She’s come to earth to collect data in effort to save her ailing home planet. Her journey is powered by the imagination of students.   [OPEN DESIGN CHALLENGE] [KIDS]


1:30 to 3:00
Workshop  Designing Games for Emergence

Jeff Watson

Jeff guides a game design workshop focused on emergence.

3:30 to 5:00
Workshop  Immersive Storytelling with NFC

Evan Jones
Founder of Stitch Media

Evan guides a creative technology workshop. Use NFC sensors to design storyworlds in community gardens with United Way Toronto.

1:30 to 3:00
Workshop Stories and Places

Dr. Richard Lachman

Dr. Richard Lachman will lead a workshop in locative media: connecting stories to the places around us and the spaces in which they happened through easy-to-use technology.

3:30 to 5:00
Workshop Shifting Perspectives within Experience Designs

Ramona Pringle

Ramona will be leading a workshop on shifting perspectives inside of a meta narrative, understanding the role of empathy in experience, and seeing stories from different POV’s. This is both a hands on storytelling session and a brainstorming tool, where participants switch roles in collaborative problem solving exercises.

1:30 to 3:00
Open sessions – talks

Back by popular demand, we’ll be expanding this section of diy days. Those attending diy days will be able to sign up for 10-minute presentation slots. Interested parties will be able to sign up on the day. This is an un-conference-like session where speakers will be presenting to fellow attendees who are interested in the topic. Please note that it’s on a first come first serve basis. The only thing that we ask – please keep it to projects you’re working on. No company sales pitches. Audience share around what do you have / what do you need. Application will be open soon.

3:30 to 5:00
Kickstart your Project!

Elisabeth Holm

Elisabeth workshops participant projects on the go, using tried and true Kickstarter tools in order to maximize opportunities.


Throughout the building: Wish for the Future Game




5:00 to 6:00
Purposeful Storytelling

Youth present their design for the time capsule. Workshop participants present creations to place in the time capsule. The Reboot Labs present the collective action, which they will complete following the event with the Urban Design Guerrilaz, United Way and diy days participants. [KIDS] [ACTION]


6:15 to 8:00
After Party

Join us for a social mixer. Drinks, food and a small gallery to explore creations of the day. Location TBD

Reboot Stories, Skriball Culture Center, Hub LA,

LA Makerspace / Makercity LA & GOOD present

diy days LA

Nov 15 – 18th

@hubLA 11.15 & 11.18

@skirball culture center 11.16

@LA Makerspace / Makercity LA 11.17



More info:

The following is subject to change…

The overall theme for diy days LA is sustainable design

Reboot Lab @ Hub LA – Nov 14th & 15th

A creative exploration into problem solving using storytelling, game mechanics, technology, design thinking and collaboration.

Come join us for Reboot Lab, a special two-day “think and do” lab that mixes storytelling, game mechanics, technology, and design thinking to tackle wicked problems. The two-day session brings you together with an amazing group of storytellers, hackers, game designers, social workers, policy makers, activists, educators, and scientists along with stakeholders that are directly affected by the wicked problem.

These sessions have been run all over the world and recent collaborations include the UN, World Economic Forum and the Danish Government.

diy days LA @ Skirball – Nov 16th

diy days on Nov 16th will be split into a 3 act structure to learn, do and share.

LEARN – consisting of inspirational talks


Lance Weiler

How a poor section of Philadelphia is utilizing co-entrepreneurship, collaboration and design to revitalize their community. A look at how “designing with” can create new job growth and sustainability in a neighborhood that everyone has written off as being a lost cause.

CAINE’S ARCADE – building a sustainable model for education

Nirvan & Caine

Caine’s Arcade became an international sensation with close to 10 million views, 120 million press impressions, 250k raised for Caine’s scholarship and 250k raised to start a foundation to help foster creative entrepreneurship in kids. But where does the effort go from here? Join us for an open design session to look at the challenges of building a sustainable model for education.


Mick Ebeling

Mick shares his story about developing the Eye-writer that helped a paralyzed graffiti artist tag again. The success of the eye-writer has lead to the formation of Not Impossible Labs – a movement that looks at creating low-cost, DIY open-source solutions for real people with real needs.

HUB LA – a look at social innovation in LA

Co-founder of Hub LA, Elizabeth Stewart shares an overview of interesting projects and platforms that are working to make a difference locally and globally.


Join Tara Brown the founder of non-profit LA Makerspace as she shares her vision for a world where makers, tinkerers, and DIYers of all ages can create, collaborate and innovate while learning.

DO – participants roll up their sleeves

HABITAT 67 – now and then

This talk / collaborative workshop will connect with an exhibition at the Skirball on Moshe Safdie. DESCRIPTION COMING SOON.


LYKA’S ADVENTURE provides an opportunity to harness storytelling for social change – one that is rooted in designing with rather than designing for. That’s why Lyka travels the world hosting school workshops in which students become the teachers, designing ways for their fellow students to enrich Lyka’s storyworld. Join us for an exciting cross-generational learning experience.


In the future, storytellers and media producers will tap more collaborative ways to co-create their projects with others, be it through crowdsharing, collective entrepreneurship or navigating interdisciplinary teams. This session is an experimental storysprint for up to 50 people to develop a transmedia storyworld in just 60 minutes.  Join us for an intense, absurd and productive experiment. Expect to make new friends, rediscover playdough and have a ton of fun while learning how to harness collaboration and create a storyworld together.


Find collaborators, share skills and discover exciting new projects. 100 participants will take part in a knowledge and skills exchange. Connect with storytellers, hackers, game designers, musicians and more. Meet your future collaborators and help your creative goals grow. Learn, do and share with a group of passionate thinkers and doers.

CREATIVE SPARKS – 10 minutes / 10 slides share and inspire

10 participants compete for micro funds, mentorship and 30 days of free office space to turn an idea into something awesome.


Join the Not Impossible Lab team as they hack a solution centered on helping an individual in need.

SHARE – take what you’ve experienced and amplify it

Wish for the Future / LA2052 – designing an LA for the future

In this open design session all of the attendees of diy days at the Skirball will jointly craft a number of design questions for the future of LA. The design questions will then be passed to the hacker / maker community on Sunday Nov. 17th as wishes are granted and a time capsule is designed which will be buried at the end of the day.

Make with Purpose @ LA Makerspace – Nov 17th

Drawing from the design questions that we’re collectively developed at diy days a group of makers, tinkerers, and DIYers of all ages will collaborate to imagine the future of LA. Join us for a fun filled day of making with purpose. The day will conclude as wishes are granted and a time capsule is designed which will be buried for future generations.


diy days is made possible due to the time and talents of our volunteers. It is thanks to the volunteers that diy days can be a FREE event.

We’re looking for volunteers for Toronto and LA.  We need help with the following…


Speaker Liaison

Volunteer Coordinator

Technical Support


Folks to shoot video

Social media volunteers

Reboot Lab volunteers

Time Keepers

Interested? Email


Help write a manual for the future. diy days is all about discovery and collaboration. It’s a testing ground for participatory storytelling and design science. In an open experiment, we’ve decided to log the events of diy days and encourage attendees to help us curate the future. In order to do so, we’ve created a Book Sprint.

With our Book Sprint, we are going beyond the usual social media stream and embracing a social stream that is part curation and part reflection.

For more information visit


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