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Women Beyond Survival (, which helps women and children build better lives in conflict or post-conflict societies

Rebuilding and Revitalizing Communities Ravaged by Warfare

A Note from the President & Founder of  Women  Beyond   Survival:

(Safiyya) Marcia Sarkin

The early years of the 21st century offer us much opportunity to shape the future of the world in unprecedented ways. The last century, despite its many advances, has made us aware of the devastation that we are capable of inflicting on each other. There is much to be thankful for and there is hope and considerable resources available to affect the life circumstances of women. It is this backdrop in which Women Beyond Survival (WBS) was founded with a commitment to providing a global resource to women in war-torn and post-conflict societies.

WBS reaffirms the fundamental principle set forth in the Vienna Declaration and Program Action adopted by the World Conference on Human Rights, that the human rights of the woman and the girl child are an inalienable and indivisible part of universal human rights. In the course of conflict, WBS will work with its partners and networks to provide women and children with basic elements of human security. In post-conflict environment, WBS contributes to supporting the redevelopment of affected regions by providing resources to women to participate fully in community renewal and redevelopment, including opportunities for literacy and knowledge based on human rights perspective, and workforce and survival skills training.

WBS recognizes wide evidence of discrimination and violence against girls at the earliest stages of life that continue unabated throughout their lives. They often have less access to nutrition, physical and mental health care and education and enjoy fewer rights, opportunity and benefits of childhood and adolescence than do boys. They are often subjected to various forms of sexual and economic exploitation.

WBS recognizes that the girl child of today is the woman of tomorrow.
The skills, ideas and energy of the girl child are vital for full attainment of the goals of equality, development and peace. For the girl child to develop her full potential she needs to be nurtured in an enabling environment, where her spiritual, intellectual, and material needs for survival, protection and development are met and her equal rights safeguarded.

Women Beyond Survival         WBS (A 501c3 non profit organization)
Seeks to help women and children build better lives in conflict and post-conflict societies.

WBS recognizes that women play vital roles as caregivers, laborers, activists, and intellectuals in communities around the globe. WBS also recognizes that all too often women are made the victims of abuse, sexual violence, and gender discrimination and that such injustice frequently prevents women from attaining the respect they deserve and fulfilling their potential as active contributing members of society. Recent global conflicts have shown that warfare and violence disproportionately affect women and tend to exacerbate their victimization and marginalization.


Based upon the principles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, we strive to give women a better tomorrow and a brighter future that is free of violence and discrimination. WBS is a nongovernmental nonprofit global humanitarian organization that seeks to prevent and eliminate violence against women, children and adolescents in areas affected by conflict or war. Our programs provide security, medical and psychological care, medicines and health supplies, social services and education to support and strengthen the critical role that women play in rebuilding and revitalizing communities ravaged by warfare.


WBS seeks to help women in areas affected by war and violence to rebuild their lives and promotes a society that respects, protects, and widely includes women. Our work is organized under the following goals:

Ensuring Security

WBS works with international and local agencies to provide shelter to women and children displaced or fleeing war and conflict. It considers safety, collective and individual security, protection, and safe access to food, water, and firewood as a fundamental right and basic need for recovery. WBS offers training programs on self-protection and survival skills which are particularly critical in war and conflict zones.

Educating the Child on the Human Rights Perspective

WBS believes that the education of the girl child as well the boy child is a crucial element in affecting societal growth and attitudinal change towards the girl child. Helping to bridge the gap towards gender disparity, WBS works with parents, educators, religious and tribal leaders in rearing the boy child to have greater respect for girls and women. WBS will also work with government, local agencies, educators and other members of civil society to establish schools in the United States and other parts of the world.

Providing Health Resources

WBS partners with national, local government officials, international agencies, and other civil society organizations to bring health experts, physicians, psychological counselors, physical therapists, and other professionals to conflict zones to help treat the disabled. WBS facilitates the delivery of materials and in-kind donations to establish and implement health-related policies and infrastructure investments. Doctors and health care professionals travel from around the world to assist and train medical professionals in developing nations. HIV/AIDS rapid testing, counseling, and ongoing care will be made available to refugee camps, IDP camps, and other remote areas. WBS will also supply ARVs, nutritional packets, and clean drinking water to those living with HIV/AIDS. WBS deploys medical professionals into conflict regions to provide immediate counseling and testing to rape victims.

Rehabilitating and Repatriating into Families and Communities

WBS seeks to protect victims of rape, disabilities, HIV/AIDS and other diseases and their dignity as human beings. WBS and its trained psychologist/psychiatrist partners work to provide psychological counseling, education and outreach to families, community leaders, civil society, tribal and religious leaders. Administered in local languages, these programs will be initiated in the various areas where the victims had once resided and were once able to call home. WBS will ensure the safety of these victims even before they are repatriated into their society. WBS will aim to avoid further trauma, and decrease additional harm or deaths.

Addressing the Needs of Orphans

Conflicts around the world have produced orphans in staggering numbers. In order for an orphan to have a normal childhood he/she must be given proper shelter, food, clean drinking water, clothing, access to education and health care, as well as emotional, psychological, medical and physical needs. WBS works with existing orphanages and helps with the building or the conversion of facilities to increase the services available, hiring professional personnel, as well as incorporating health care and educational facilities as an all inclusive community. These efforts are accomplished through the combined effort of WBS, local governments, civil society, religious, tribal, community organizations and donor nations to ensure that these orphans are not subjected to human trafficking, armed conflict, gangs, forced conscription into militias, drugs and sexual exploitation.

Developing Skills for Sustainability

WBS empowers women and gives them the skills necessary to survive in post-conflict societies. It achieves this through assessing specific skills that each woman possesses and seeks to capitalize on them through the availability of microfinance. This will enable her to access financial avenues to insure the support of her family. Additional financial resources will enable the family to send the girl child to school, preventing her from staying at home.

Empowering Personal Growth and Leadership

WBS aims to give women affected by conflict the tools to voice and pursue their dreams. It seeks to give women a right to self determination through education, training, and psychological care.  To achieve this goal, WBS sponsors activities that offer women the opportunity to express their thoughts, beliefs, and dreams in various artistic, intellectual, and professional areas, such as public speaking, journalism, literary publication, the performing arts, legal and scientific fields. WBS trains women not only to be advocates for their rights, but also to serve in local government and parliamentary positions and decision-making processes in policymaking and legislation.

Photo Credits: Darfur Rehabilitation Project & The Mission of Palestine to The UN
Drawing by Alvaro
Website Design & Construction by Artist Smith Georges (
Sandy Storm Relief – Coney Island and Staten Island: NY

Safiyya giving necessities to a young child in Coney Island
Safiyya giving necessities to a young child in Coney Island
Safiyya and Marie-France preparing the supplies for the victims in Coney Island
Safiyya and Marie-France preparing the supplies for the victims in Coney Island
Long line waiting for survival necessities in Coney Island
Long line waiting for survival necessities in Coney Island
Safiyya Sarkin, Executive Director of Women Beyond Survival partnered with Marie-France Guilloux, Executive Director of Kids Care of Bethel for Hurricane Sandy relief. We distributed food and other necessities to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. They had no power, running water and what was left for them was utter devastation. There are no borders or boundaries to natural disasters. It can hit anyone at any given moment. Many lost homes and others lost their lives in a storm that hit the East Coast on September 29, 2012 that has not been seen in 108 years.
We must always reach out and give. You never know when you will be in the same situation. We went to the most hard hit areas such as Coney Island and Staten Island. Many people living in these particular locations are still without power. The suffering, especially for the elderly and the young children are immense. The lines are long with victims waiting for hot meals; and in other lines, frustrated cold victims were waiting for their survival
necessities. This was heart rendering.  Lines to get gas went on for infinitum.
Women Beyond Survival and Kids Care of Bethel would like to thank the below listed companies and individuals for their most generous contribution and support:
and we would like also to thank the volunteers who came with us and help to distribute the supplies along with us: FABIOLA NORMIL, SMITH GEORGES and JEFFERY GEORGES for the videography and the photography and giving of their time.
We thank you all with love for helping those in dire need.
Partners and volunteers - from left to right: Jefrrey Georges, photographer; Safiyya Sarkin, Executive Director of Woemen Beyond Survival; Marie-France Guilloux, Executive Director of Kids Care of Bethel; Smith Georges, Executive Producer/Host of TV show "The World aand Democracy"; Fabiola Normil, Artist/Poet/Fashion Designer.
Partners and volunteers – from left to right: Jefrrey Georges, photographer; Safiyya Sarkin, Executive Director of Woemen Beyond Survival; Marie-France Guilloux, Executive Director of Kids Care of Bethel; Smith Georges, Executive Producer/Host of TV show “The World aand Democracy”; Fabiola Normil, Artist/Poet/Fashion Designer.
Debra Devin and Tony Rogell
Debra Devin and Tony Rogell
Our Mission in Staten Island
Safiyya distributing food to devastated victims in Staten Island
Safiyya distributing food to devastated victims in Staten Island
Safiyya and Marie-France distributing food to survivors in Staten Island
Safiyya and Marie-France distributing food to survivors in Staten Island
Safiyya giving necessities to survivors in Staten Island
Safiyya giving necessities to survivors in Staten Island
Mushana Collaborates with Women Beyond Survival Concerning Micro finance and Ugandan Women of War

WBS Collaborates with Mushana in micro finance in assisting Mushana sell the necklaces that these courageous Ugandan women of war have worked tirelessly to make.  The proceeds from the sale of these necklaces go to these women in order for them to be self-sustained.  WBS is honored to be a part of this incredible project.
A NOTE FROM ANGELA ROBINSON (U.S. Representative for Mushana)

Women in Uganda and international designers work together under
one sun to produce products exclusive to Mushana.
Beads, fashion items, home accessories, art and jewelry are hand-crafted
by villagers from Uganda using recycled and local materials.
Recycled paper and glass, hand-woven bark cloth, and hand-painted cotton
fabrics are lovingly crafted into stunning home and fashion products.
Natural vegetable dyes, create a full color palette from soft neutrals to
rich, vibrant hues.
These women from Uganda are all survivors and have found their way to
making a better life through the work and passion of Mushana. These up
cycled materials mean up cycled lives which empowers and sustains their
daily lives. I am happy to be a friend of Women Beyond Survival which
makes a difference in the lives of women all over the world.Best to you
Angela Robinson
Please contact Angela Robinson at (914) 500-1733 in order to purchase these magnificient necklaces
 The Persistence of Hope: Darfur Refugee Camps and IDP’s in Eastern Chad from WBS
Live Simply so People Can Simply Live”
“Tears of the Mother Are the Same”
“It is not the words of our enemies that we remember, but the silence of our friends”
 -Martin Luther King Jr.- 
The Persistence of Hope: Darfur Refugee Camps and IDP’s in Eastern Chad from WBS

The nights in the refugee camps continue to be filled with cries of pain, anguish, and suffering.  The women and children of Darfur constitute some 70% of the 200,000 + Darfurians who have fled their homeland to neighboring  eastern Chad – nearly all living in 12 refugee camps in a territory that typically provides one physician for every 10,000 people.  The brutality is heaped on refugee population on both sides of the border with Darfurian refugees, not to mention the little known 170,000 displaced Chadians.  Yes, hope, a word cautiously used in this part of the world.  The women and children need security and stability so that they can begin to manage beyond survival, that they don’t fear repeated rape and attack when they gather firewood, or in unprotected camps.  Counseling is needed in order to begin to repair the psychological damage of self and loved ones, that they can be tested for HIV/AIDS and have access to medications, nutrients and to clean drinking water, without which are killers in the dysfunction of survival in conflict areas.  The future of this war torn region eventually rests with the women who will recover, nurture communities, revive a culture, and begin to raise the next generation in hope that it will not repeat or be drawn into murderous ways of the current one.  Indeed, today’s voiceless victims – the women and children – are tomorrow’s protectors, healers, and safeguards.  Tell their story…so that they can show their will to the world.          

Central African Republic (C.A.R.)
March 2009, Safiyya Sarkin went to a remote village in Central African Republic outside of Bangui to find many victims of war who were raped, the mothers as well as their daughters.  There was a makeshift community center, sparse with no medicine, supplies or food.  Electricity would come and go.  The area was very poor.  WBS has established an NGO in C.A.R. in partnership with the Prime Minister’s wife.  We will collaborate with the Minister of Cultural Affairs, who, herself, was raped along with her children.  Her husband was shot and killed in front of her.  She dedicated her life inspiring rape victims to believe in themselves and to have the self-esteem that was taken away from them after they were violated.A community center is greatly needed, which will include a clinic, school, art, music and recreational center, which will help in the healing process, and a women’s center that deals with post traumatic stress disorder.      
Image: 10/10
Click on this picture to listen to the song "We Will Rise"
Click on the picture above to listen to the song “We Will Rise”
Please Make a Donation
You can make your tax deductible donation online by clicking
on the “Donate” icon on your right
or you can mail your tax deductible donation to the address below
Make your check payable to:
Women Beyond Survival/Central African Republic
Thank you
.. Our address: Women Beyond Survival
115 East 34th Street Suite 15E ….
.. New York, NY 10016

Phone: (212) 447-5076
Fax : (208) 248-5858

Women Beyond Survival is a non profit organization – Status: 501(c)3
(Safiyya) Marcia Sarkin, President & Founder

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