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Immersive Multidevice Classroom Connectivity from BenQ

BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, announced the launch of BenQ Classroom iQ — a suite of next-generation products designed to future-proof classrooms while bringing simplicity, interactivity, and efficiency to instructors, IT managers, and administrators. Classroom iQ solutions will introduce versatile new ways of both teaching and learning via today ‘s handheld devices using products that are simple to set up, easy to operate, and cost effective to maintain.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): A New Way to Connect and Engage
Today ‘s students are using a wide range of devices to facilitate their schoolwork. As a result, schools have already begun integrating smartphones, tablets, and laptops within the classroom environment. To support this trend, BenQ has developed the following tools to enable multidevice classroom instruction and management:

QDraw3 Interactive Software and App enables teachers to present and annotate directly onto teaching materials such as Microsoft ® Word ® files, PowerPoint ® slides, PDFs, and HTML documents. Using the new Presenter Mode, teachers can now teach from anywhere in the room with access and control directly from their tablet. A new Collaboration Mode enables collaborative learning by connecting every device in the classroom, allowing students and teachers to share annotations, view each other ‘s screens, and share control of classroom content. QDraw3 works across all platforms and devices, including Windows ® 8, Mac ®, and Linux ®. It is available as a free download from the Apple ® App StoreSM and the Google Play ™ Store.

QPresenter 2.0 Software and App is an alternative for teachers and students to share different types of photos and documents directly from their tablets via iTunes ®, Dropbox, or email. The new version also features simple virtual keypad control from tablets and allows built-in cameras on both smartphones and tablets to project images directly onto the classroom ‘s projection screen.

USB Reader and Office Viewer make PC-less presentations possible by allowing teachers and students to use USB drives for seamless plug-and-play simplicity.

Interactivity: Taking Connected Learning to the Next Level
Interactive learning combines device connectedness with the practice of active participation to create engaging experiences that facilitate the student learning process. To encourage interactive learning, BenQ has upgraded its PointDraw ™ remote control technology, created the PointWrite ™ device, and introduced a new line of interactive projectors and interactive flat panel (IFP) displays.

 PointDraw 3.0 offers an even smoother writing experience. Teachers and students can now collaborate simultaneously using the Dual Pen feature that lasts up to 20 hours on a full charge. A charging stand is also included in the optional package.  

 PointWrite comes with an 80fps sensor attached to the projector lens to detect IR beams emitted from the PointWrite pen. Similar to PointDraw 3.0, PointWrite supports auto-calibration and rapid writing response time. It also enables multiwriting of up to four pens, allowing groups of students to write on the screen.

 MW821ST and MX822ST interactive projectors create stunning visual arrangements to suit the context of any classroom content. With WXGA and XGA resolutions, contrast ratios of 13000:1, and more than 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness, classrooms will never need to turn off the lights again. The projectors also feature PointDraw technology, built-in speakers for immersive multimedia experiences, and short-throw projection capabilities for easy installations in rooms of all sizes. The duo also features advanced technology to eliminate shadows of presenters in front of the screen and HDMI ® connectivity to enable teachers to integrate 3D content easily from Blu-ray ™ players or PCs to their lesson plans.

BenQ ‘s IFPs bring highly accurate touch technology, pristine image quality, and complete multimedia connectivity to the classroom. With 42-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch displays, the panels feature tile-friendly Windows 8 compatibility, full HD resolution, and integrated speakers to transform lessons into engaging learning experiences. Ambient light sensors also automatically adjust displays to simplify performance settings while picture-in-picture (PIP) enhances productivity and content control. In addition, optical sensing touch technology allows teachers and students to pan, zoom, and scroll through documents and websites easily.

BenQ SmartEco ™ Technology: Lowering Total Cost of Ownership
BenQ ‘s world-leading SmartEco ™ technology brings the most advanced features and solutions to the classroom at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) without compromising brightness, picture quality, or lamp performance. The following energy saving-features are embedded in BenQ ‘s classroom products:  

 SmartEco Mode allows a projector to adjust its lamp power between 100 percent and 30 percent automatically based on the amount of brightness required. By using just the right amount the lamp power, schools can reduce their total cost of ownership by extending lamp life and reducing power consumption.

 SmartEco Advanced Mode, the advanced version of SmartEco Mode, is available through BenQ ‘s BlueCore ™ laser projector models. This feature reduces power consumption by up to 90 percent, saving even more power and significantly extending lamp life.

 Eco Blank Mode allows teachers to blank out the projection screen whenever the projector is not in use. When activated, the Eco Blank Mode automatically dims the lamp power and will cut 70 percent of the device’s total power consumption.

Investing in Education: BenQ Solutions in Schools
To increase its role in the classroom, BenQ will participate in several education trade shows and events alongside its distribution partners. In early 2013, the company joined education leaders and technology experts at FETC in Orlando, Fla. on Jan. 28-31. BenQ also exhibited its products and supported its education partners at TECA in Austin, Texas on Feb. 2-8. A number of BenQ ‘s Classroom iQ Solutions, including the company ‘s forward-thinking IFP displays will be demonstrated at the events.  

“BenQ is very excited to be providing the most advanced classroom technologies to teachers, students, and schools,” said Lars Yoder, President of BenQ America Corp. “Our Classroom iQ Solutions are specifically designed to satisfy the need for more interactive and immersive experiences by integrating the world of connected devices with solutions that are innovative, affordable, and easy to use. Schools can now create connected classrooms using future-proof technology that will both protect their investment and enrich the overall learning experience.”  

BenQ Classroom iQ Solutions have been made available now. More information on the full line of BenQ products is available at



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